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We had a very recent Presidential election where we debated the futile Vietnam war all over again. Evidently, the lesson drawn from all of that was, it was better to not volunteer and to even go AWOL than to serve! And mindless patriotism is better than thinking through problems and resolving them.

The newsmedia has worked hard to hid casualties from the news. There is near zero coverage of injuries requiring hospitalization and news about American fatalities is buried often after news about other deaths. As the death toll climbs, the reluctance to talk about it in the media rises.

So what is going on?

Everyone is running away or going AWOL! Because everyone is talking about the deaths! That aren't being reported! Now how about this latest news:
Mothers and fathers around the country said they were terrified that their children would have to be killed - or kill - in a war that many see as unnecessary and without end.

Around the dinner table, many parents said, they are discouraging their children from serving.

At schools, they are insisting that recruiters be kept away, incensed at the access that they have to adolescents easily dazzled by incentive packages and flashy equipment.

A Department of Defense survey last November, the latest, shows that only 25 percent of parents would recommend military service to their children, down from 42 percent in August 2003.
All right, who are the clowns who voted for Bush? According to the USA media, slightly more than half of America endorsed his war and wanted to wage it and think it is hunky dory so where the hell are they? Why are they unable to sign up? They claim they are pro-family so they must be hiding a parcel of children of fighting age around the house somewhere. They better cough up these human sacrifices, pronto!
Some of that opportunity was provoked by the very law that was supposed to make it easier for recruiters to reach students more directly. No Child Left Behind, which was passed by Congress in 2001, requires schools to turn over students' home phone numbers and addresses unless parents opt out. That is often the spark that ignites parental resistance.

Recruiters, in interviews over the past six months, said that opposition can be fierce. Three years ago, perhaps 1 or 2 of 10 parents would hang up immediately on a cold call to a potential recruit's home, said a recruiter in New York who, like most others interviewed, insisted on anonymity to protect his career. "Now," he said, "in the past year or two, people hang up all the time. "

Several recruiters said they had even been threatened with violence.
OK. I remember the election. Many Americans said they couldn't vote for Kerry because after he volunteered to fight in Vietnam, he came home and said he was against the war because it was futile and wrong. These clowns thought Kerry was bad to do this. Bush and Cheney supported the Vietnam war during that same time and never said a peep about stopping the war and they both absolutely refused to volunteer to fight it and this is why people voted for them!

It takes a hypocrite to know a hypocrite. Birds of a feather act cowardly together.

This rampant cowardice infects everything. Everyone wants to sneer and threaten and puff up the chest but when the 99 lb weakling strikes back, the big boasters suddenly collapse into a heap of crying and cringing. The war in Iraq is now quite ferocious. The 40,000 troops attacking Bagdad seem to have melted away. Since the attacks escalated after the announced shut down of Bagdad, one suspects the 40,000 troops are fighting for the insurgency, no?

Back to the 50,000,000 Bush voters: if only 25% of them support the war and Bush, why can't they fill the ranks? 25% of 50 million=12,500,000. If just 10% of them volunteer, that makes a pool of about 1,250,000. No recruitment should be necessary. No goodies offered like breast implants. The people who supported Bush especially the Young Republicans and the internet hot heads all are still available and to a man, still chickenhearted. They could all sign up and go fight.

These horrible, self centered people will force my son to be drafted. This is their plan. They know they can beat the odds just like all the GOP leaders scuttled away from volunteering or fighting. They want to have the satisfaction of watching liberals be forced into battle while they sip drinks and cheerlead behind the lines.

This happens with every war.

Maybe Americans will learn something this time around.

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