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The great empires are like trumpeting mastodons, struggling to pull free of a deep tar pit. The saber tooth tigers occasionally fling themselves upon the thrashing giant, tearing at the thick hide and the imperial mastodon swings its huge head, slashing with the great tusks, black oily muck splattering all over the nearby brush.

Thousands of years from now, scientists will disinter the bones and wonder how such a large creature could have gotten into such a fix. Tar pits, you see, look like shiny ponds of clear, clean water. Just stomp right through!

Just before the 7/7/5 attacks...isn't it odd, ahem, that the bombs went off at roughly the same times as the WTC and Pentagon attacks on 9/11? ...Britain, stuck up to the belly in the Iraq tar pits, was desperately trumpeting to former prison colony, Australia, to hoist them out and go into the pit for them. Australia made some sympathetic noises and then watched.

From the London Times:
BRITAIN is negotiating with Australia to hand over military command of southern Iraq to free up British troops for redeployment to the front line in Afghanistan.
An announcement is expected within weeks that several thousand British soldiers are to be sent to Afghanistan.

The prospect of Australia taking command at the Basra headquarters will be a key item in talks that John Howard, the Australian prime minister, will be holding next weekend with Tony Blair and President George W Bush.

Howard, who is also considering sending a few hundred troops to Afghanistan, insisted last week that Australia would remain in Iraq “until the job is finished”.
The crusaders have to somehow make things work. For two years, they have insisted that Afghanistan was a shining star and victory was won there and who cares about all that tar covering us! Victory slipped away even as we sink deeper. When Karzai came to America to warn us and to talk us into doing things his way, he was sharply rebuffed by his owner, Bush, and slunk home to nurse his new grudges.

Since Bush's great diplomatic success, things in Afghanistan have slid utterly out of control. From Yahoo:
Suspected Taliban gunmen ambushed an Afghani government border patrol in the desert near the frontier with Pakistan, killing 10 soldiers and beheading their bodies, a provincial governor said Sunday.

The victims served on a 25-member patrol in southern Helmand province that was attacked late Saturday by militants driving four pickup trucks, said provincial Gov. Sher Mohammed Aghunzada. The remaining 15 soldiers escaped.

"The Taliban cut the heads off all the soldiers who were killed," he said. Aghunzada said the dead soldiers' bodies had been recovered.

The news comes a day after a purported Taliban spokesman, Mullah Latif Hakimi, claimed that the rebels had beheaded a U.S. Navy SEAL commando missing since June 28 in mountains in eastern Kunar province, also near the border with Pakistan.
As always, we misunderstand the society we invade and thus, we fail. When we recruit people to fight for a puppet government, they are nearly always outcasts or disconnected people, the riff raff. The tribal people, the real fighters, the ones who are proud and would die if you put them in a uniform and yell orders at them...they give orders!...are our opponents. Our recruits fear death the insurrectionists love death as a Great Mistress, she who is embraced.

The Taliban are now on the warpath and they are winning their war.

From the NYT:
The Taliban said Saturday that they had beheaded a Navy Seal commando whom it had claimed to be holding for several days. The United States military said it could not confirm the claim and said the search continued for the missing commando.
A Taliban spokesman, Abdul Latif Hakimi, said by telephone that the commando, had been taken prisoner nine days ago in Kunar Province, where a four-man Navy Seal team was reported missing in a firefight with Taliban guerrillas on June 28. One of the commandos was rescued on July 2, a spokeswoman for the United States Command in Afghanistan said. Two others were confirmed dead, and the fourth remained missing.
These fighters, armed with antique weapons, carrying only a cloak for a blanket, wearing sandals, bested our best, heavily armed, scientifically trained, technology empowered SEALS. This should give us all pause. In this war, intelligence must be applied. This means, figuring out what to do and why do it and where to do it and if it is wise to do anything, frankly. Also note the ancient Mongol practice: using swords to behead those they capture, letting some flee so they can spread the story about the tough, brutal methods. This isn't modern warfare.
Delusional plans abound. From Xinhaunews:
Britain, which heads a foreign force in south Iraq, wants to hand over to Iraqi control of Al-Muthanna and Maysan provinces in October 2005 and the other two provinces, Dhi Qar and Basra, in April 2006, the memo was reported to have said.

"This should lead to a reduction in the total level of UK commitment in Iraq to around 3,000 personnel," the document said. It said the planned withdrawal of British troops would save about 1 billion pounds (1.74 billion US dollars) a year.

The memo also said Washington plans to hand over control of security to Iraqi forces in 14 out of 18 Iraqi provinces by early 2006. This means that US troops in the country will be slashed to 66,000 from about 140,000.

But a British Defense Ministry spokeswoman said Sunday that the two countries' military withdrawal from Iraq is only under consideration as one of many options and that no decision has been made.

Reid, in response to the Mail on Sunday report, said in a statement, "We have made it absolutely plain we will stay in Iraq for as long as is needed. No decision on the future force posture of UK forces has been taken."
Seems just a few weeks ago, the Brits were hoping to yank themselves out of the tar pit and save money. They just promised more aid to Africa and know the natives at home are restive about this expensive colonial expedition gone mad but now they will simply lurch out of the tar pit into a much worse pit, Afghanistan, the land that professionally eats imperial pretensions.

The natural human reaction to being struck by yet anothesaberre toothed terrorist is causing the British people to rally around their leader who got them stuck in the tar pit. But as they thrash about, swinging the tusks, more than one is thinking that it is really insane to be in this place in the first place. Alas, there is no leader out. All political parties are filled with the lusts of empire and the Queen herself lives in the glory of luxury thanks to imperialism and she is most eager to ride the American elephant as far as she can, glorying in hedisintegratingng situation as her own wretched, spoiled clan falls apart under their own amoracontradictionsns.

Like any leech, bleeding the host dry, they are challenged with the task of pretending to be normal. They dearly want to go utterly insane like so many previous despots, pretending to be a normal, middle class family is collapsing yet again.

The Bush twins have gone insane just like many of their own family members including their besotted father.

Our opponent is resolute and considers these people to be fitting opponents in this moral battle of wills. They know nearly all of their opponents are brave only in the most cowardly way, fearful for themselves, willing to cast their populations into hell so long as they, themselves, remain untouched.

Now for the scary stuff: do note that never, ever do our "attackers" at home attack our rulers. They wait until they are out of town. Blair is in Scotland when London is hit. Bush was in Florida when DC was hit and none of the attacks were aimed at the White House, anyway.

No government office in Britain was attacked.

Like in Russia, only bizarre civilian targets are chosen. One wonders about this. Certainly, this permits the rulers to pause in their drunken, besotted games and put various controls upon their own populations. The tactics of the terrorists certainly coincide with the desires of our rulers who take great glee in these attacks.

"I won the trifecta!" Bush announced several times, to the roar of laughter of his friends and allies. When he stood on the smoking ruins of the WTC, he was laughing. His sheer joy at this wonderful opportunity to enchain the free people of America is obvious on his face. He knew people would run to him and give him power if only they were attacked. This is why he asked the GOP to cut funds to protect NYC last month. He needed another event and needed NYC vulnerable.

He and his people still haven't explained why they sat idle after getting the Aug. 6, 2001 memo about the impending attacks. Nor has he explained why Ashcroft was warned to not fly domestic flights before 9/11. Or a host of other things. Or the oddity of the anthrax attacks which were aimed directly at only people on his enemy list.

The average imperial resident wants all of this to end. Just kill everyone in the tar pit and then stomp off, with the oil, of course. The itch to do this grows as the knowledge that we blew this war on terror utterly sets in.

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