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Two people have been killed and scores have been injured after at least seven blasts on the Underground network and a double-decker bus in London.
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was "reasonably clear" there had been a series of terrorist attacks.

He said it was "particularly barbaric" that it was timed to coincide with the G8 summit. He is returning to London. An Islamist website has posted a statement - purportedly from al-Qaeda - claiming it was behind the attacks.

A mere six months ago, bin Missing Laden sent out a message to the Christian Crusader duo, Bush and Blair, exhaulting in his great success in luring them into various traps, their joint work of alienating Muslims world wide and virtually ordering Americans to put Bush back into office because this would be a great victory for the Jihad. When this tape appeared, I thought we would all be discussing this man, his tactics and why he was so wildly successful and maybe do something about the stupidity of our crusade which is a total failure.

Alas, the main stream media all united behind Bush telling us, Bush would save us from terrorists and that monkey king then "won" the election in a squeaker. Immediately, he launched a Nazi style attack on a Muslim city, brutally killing many civilians using WMD and napalm. The city was reduced to rubble just like Syria did to a rebellious city 20 years ago which we called "a crime against humanity."

Bin Laden told us rather gleefully in the past that his loose, self contained network of Jihadists will take their time as they probe our underbelly for strikes directly at the heart of our greatest cities, and he made it clear, his focus is on our financial hearts so we will go bankrupt.

He isn't going to bomb race tracks or stadiums or leisure points, his focus is entirely upon our banking and trade systems. Like a smart general, and one has to give him a lot of credit for his tactics and strategy, he knows not to waste his resources on the wrong target.

Of course, bin Laden isn't fighting me or you, he is fighting some of the stupidest right wing people on earth. Very few of these people fought in any wars at all, indeed, the vast majority of them chickened out of wars of their own making! Since they are all confirmed cowards, they choose the wrong path every time. Rumsfeld, for example, never felt the withering fire of battle. He was a pretend soldier. The rest either never served or like Bush, weasled out or went AWOL.

The rest of our military thinkers, the ones who did go into battle, cannot understand rebellions or revolutions because they are all reactionaries. This mindset means much of what is political activity is terror incognito to them. They forget about strike/counterstrike battles ranging over centuries. Always, the underground forces wait patiently in the dark until the oppressors get distracted and let their guard down and then strike out.

It is sad that fencing no longer is required of all soldiers and students like in the old German empire. The Panzer commander I lived with once fenced at his university and had the classic cheek scar they all got as an initiation. I became a tolerably good sword fighter, myself. In a Japanese sword duel, both parties pose with alert stance, the waiting can stretch out a long time. Each focuses inward while waiting for the moment of flowing water, a stillness radiates outwards then it all uncoils in a sudden strike. It is a mind game.

I once won a fight against a very formidable foe by slowly dropping my guard. To show off, he did the same. Only he really dropped his guard, I was luring him into a trap. As soon as his sword dropped the point to where it was aimed at my ankles, I sprang at him and "killed" him.

Bin Laden had a fondness for sword work.

The ever naive Blair and Bush twins crowed after 9/11 that our super state empires were going to destroy terrorism and make us all safer. Of course, the only way to end terrorism is to address the root causes of it. And then to creatively change the breeding grounds of terrorism. This is why eliminating discrimination against the Irish Catholics and addressing their very real complaints about abuse lay at the heart of stopping terrorist attacks in England. Putting people in prison increased the attacks.

Giving them civil rights and more power stopped the attacks.

We warned everyone that bin Laden takes his time. He knows when to wait while his opponents ran off to fight people utterly unconnected with bin Laden. We took over Afghanistan and Iraq. Both are now in full rebellion against us and the armies of terrorists we are raising will rain down upon our foolish heads for years and years. For political reasons, Bush ordered a full scale war on the borders of Pakistan. We are fighting alone there, Karazai has pretty much barricaded himself inside his palace after he begged Bush to give him authority over our military assaults which Bush refused. Right after that disasterous visit to the USA, we launched a new hunt for the Desert Fox. This fight has been lost. The villagers there now hate our guts and are ambusing our top troops and successfully killing them off, rapidly.

Mao noted that revolutionaries swim in a sea of peasants. And the fact that not one person has betrayed bin Laden despite the huge price on his head should alert us to the fact that he is popular and important to them and his death will only galvanize them further.

Indeed, Christians misunderstanding what a religious leader is all about is amazing since their religion is based on a man persecuted by an alien empire and then executed very much in the public eye. Crown of thorns and all that. Why can't our Christian soldiers understand even killing bin Laden means we are in for a lot of trouble?

This is why I was against the Afghanistan invasion. Even the idea of suddenly striking his redoubts and capturing him had me on edge for he would still be a martyr. This is why I called for understanding bin Laden's appeal and dealing with the underlying problems that were the well spring of terrorism.

But we cannot for that lies in the Holy Lands and that is where the Apocalypse Beast crouches, waiting for us to drop our guard.

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