Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Just this week there was a big flap in LA because cops shot dead a toddler who was being used as a human shield. Her mother was screaming at the cops to not shoot but when the tot's dad shot at them, they riddled him and his hostage with bullets, killing both.

Well, back in our own hostage standoff, our little adventure to steal us some oil, in Iraq from the BBC:
Children die in Baghdad car bomb

At least 26 Iraqis, almost all of them children, have been killed by a car bomb in south-eastern Baghdad.
A US soldier is also said to have died in the blast. Another three US soldiers are reported to have been injured.

A car laden with explosives drove past a US army vehicle and blew up as troops handed out sweets, a witness said.
Sorry, I literally screamed when this came across my computer screen as I was finishing up the story about Strauss and how he and his buddies have sold America to the real rulers of our planet, ie, people with tons of money. This story infuriates me on many levels.

&spades Iraq is a fricking war zone

&spades Past photo ops of soldiers handing out candy have ended in hideous carnage

&spades During WWII, soldiers would give away their chocolate rations to starving children because they were filled with pity and love. This happy icon is being cynically used by Pentagon propagandists who want to paper over our neo-fascist invasion. Using children in this fashion is a war crime. They set them into danger knowing it is dangerous and still they do it so they can generate propaganda.


Why don't we just tie these tots onto our vehicles? Seriously. The mess in Afghanistan, I wrote about how the military sent in helicopters to pass out medicine and candy to the natives and then try to gather information so they can win their war against the peasants there. This backfired badly as I predicted and many Americans died. These dead soldiers all thought they were fighting for something.

What, I cannot guess. But in their own minds, they must have believed in something. Maybe the vision of a flag flapping from some SUV, who knows? Maybe they just wanted a paycheck and ended up in Afghanistan.

Oh, American soldiers died in this blast today. These seemingly disposable units don't even make the headlines. I have noticed this for months. "Fifty Iraqis blown up today" will be the daily headline. Scanning the article, one finds the number of American dead buried deep inside just as they will be sneakily buried in the ground when their pitiful, blasted, burned remains are boxed and shipped in the dead of night to America.

Mr. Strauss is a very rich man. He has a great deal of seeming power as he hobnobs with the communist Chinese and the Saudi Royals and the Queen of England. He schemes with others so he can run things in Asia Minor. He is a very happy man right now for everyone is clamoring for his services. He needs photo ops of smiling children eating candy handed out by GIs pretending this is WWII.

He got his photo op. The Pentagon, splattered with blood, got yet another propaganda piece: "Oh my, these Muslim rebels are inhuman! Let's murder the whole lot and be finished!"

Then we can do what we did to Japan at the bitter end of WWII: blow up a whole boatload of babies and small children and mothers and elderly in on nuclear holocaust.

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