Sunday, July 31, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The propaganda machine in America whirls on. From the Washington Post:
Now six months on the job, Rice has clearly wrested control of U.S. foreign policy. The once heavy-handed Defense Department still weighs in, but Rice wins most battles -- in strong contrast to her predecessor, Colin L. Powell. White House staff is consulted, but Rice designed the distinctive framework for the administration's second-term foreign policy.

In short order, she has demonstrated a willingness to bend on tactics to accommodate the concerns of allies without ceding on broad principles, what she calls "practical idealism." She also conducts a more aggressive personal diplomacy, breaking State Department records for foreign travel and setting up diplomatic tag teams with top staff on urgent issues.

U.S. foreign policy has always had "a streak of idealism, which means that we care about values, we care about principle," Rice said in an interview last week. "The responsibility, then, of all of us is to take policies that are rooted in those values and make them work on a day-to-day basis so that you're always moving forward toward a goal."
Our "streak of idealism" seems to be pretty bloody, no? And the "goal"? What is this goal?

To any outsider, it looks like the diplomatic/domestic political goal is to put America deeply into hock vis a vis Japan and China and to bankrupt the government so they can no longer provide any social services to Americans, thus reducing them to serfhood?
On North Korea, Rice got the prickly Pyongyang government back to six-nation talks last week on nuclear disarmament by publicly recognizing it as a "sovereign state," then empowering her top aide on East Asia to repeatedly meet privately with the North Koreans -- extended contact forbidden during Powell's era.
OK. I will explain: Powell wanted to continue the Clinton NK iniatives. Bush didn't let him. Now Condi is doing this and it is OK. OK? Geeze.

What a victory for the lady. I wonder how she did this? Since she called him her "husband" not too long ago, I suppose it was the post cloital pillow talk.

But much worse, as I detailed last night, Mr. Tang of the Chinese Central Committee, did all the real work here, getting NK set up, going of to give Bush Sr. his marching orders, then going to Condi and explaining to her what she must do next, then running back to Beijing to alert the other committee members and then back to NK to draw up the treaty of surrender so that it is worded carefully to look as if the USA itself surrendered because we really wanted to surrender. Isn't raw diplomacy fun?
On Iran, Rice agreed to offer incentives -- allowing the Islamic republic to apply for eventual membership in the World Trade Organization and buy badly needed spare parts for aging passenger aircraft -- in exchange for a European pledge to support U.N. Security Council action if talks fail. Powell had trouble just getting the White House to drop language including Iran in an "axis of evil," which implied eventual confrontation.
Powell couldn't get Bush to change his language but a few sessions at night from Condi and voila! Bush drops the Axis of Evil and even the entire War on Terror! What a magician she is! How very amazing. She sure is talented and skilled!


My cats have greater skills at manipulating minds.
With India, she brokered a deal to sell peaceful nuclear technology that will cement U.S.-India relations, but which may also risk undermining the treaty to halt nuclear weapons proliferation.
An absolute genius. India makes a nuke and shows it off, we then punish India, India runs off to....China and signs a series of important treaties. Then we go to India and...surrender! Wow.

Surrendering is very easy to do. You sign the dotted line and give up. This is what Condi means by "ideals". The ideal diplomacy is to OK everything and obey one's masters, the Chinese, in this case.
On Sudan, Rice found middle ground between the administration's rejection of the International Criminal Court and U.N. efforts to launch a war crimes investigation into violence in the Darfur region. The State Department helped draft a U.N. resolution supporting an international probe that would pass -- but on which Washington could abstain.
Gads. This is part of the "make them laugh to death" scheme. The ever clever Condi helps draft a UN resolution for war trials and then doesn't vote for it. Oh, how amazed the world's diplomats were at this awful, hypocritical act. Great follow up for Gitmo!
In the interview, Rice said she discovered on her first European trip that, particularly on the Iran issue, "somehow we'd gotten into a position where it was the United States that was the problem . . . that was not a good place to be." So she formulated action that put the onus back on Iran and, later, North Korea.
If Condi doesn't understand how the war criminal President managed to alienate all our allies, then she is a lot dumber than even I thought. What were her actions that "put the onus back on Iran and, later, North Korea"? Well.

She twisted arms in Europe. Every time the Europeans tried to do business with Iran, she interfered. So they went back to jawboning Iran who went to the Chinese and got everything they wanted from the Chinese. The Chinese wanted Iran to go to them and this little scheme worked.

Remember, Mr. Tang is a very busy man and his visits to the Bush clan and with Condi are very important to him and they all listen very carefully to him!

The Chinese are worried about the political climate in America. They have been exposed by various media operations and are worried that American workers will get restive. They will try to assauge this as much as possible while not changing the great plans. This is why we see our rules snapping and snarling at the Chinese, then going off quietly to a restaraunt to eat a hearty meal and toast each other merrily.
Rice has worked hard -- at a pace that sometimes seems like a campaign -- to overcome her image during Bush's first term as a weak national security adviser who struggled to mediate among the strong-willed personalities vying to shape foreign policy. As secretary of state, she has surprised allies with her blunt use of diplomatic tools to make a point.

Rice cancelled a visit to Egypt and temporarily suspended $200 million in aid to signal displeasure with the arrest of a pro-reform politician. She also scrubbed a visit to Canada when it nixed participation in U.S. missile defense, a trip still not rescheduled. During a stop in Saudi Arabia, she publicly told the desert kingdom to enfranchise women. And after a trip through the rocky hills of the West Bank, where she noted new Jewish settlement construction, she cautioned Israel that more building might violate an agreement it made with Bush a year earlier.
Rice is blunt. Hahaha. Great thing for a diplomat. To be blunt. She cautioned Israel. Note how that flew. Note that Sharon continued to not only build but demanded a couple billion more from American taxpayers. Boy, was he impressed! Like the Chinese.

She did and continues to snub Canada. Not that takes great bravery. We all know how belligerent the Canadians are! They have to be kept at bay or they might clock us with a hockey puck or attack us with French only signs!

She also cut funds temporarily that support one of our Middle Eastern dictators. Great. Didn't last long, this obviously half-hearted propaganda gesture. And Saudi Arabia: oh, the women got civil rights there? Huh? Must have slipped under my "civil rights radar." More: in Iraq, women are losing their civil rights that Saddam granted them! And in Afghanistan, they had many more rights under the Soviet Russians than they do under the Americans who really don't like women's rights.
Colleagues have dubbed Rice the "velvet hammer." Philip Zelikow, State Department counselor and a close adviser, said that "one of her gifts is that she knows how to say very direct things to foreign governments in a way that is not confrontational. She is very assertive, very firm, but doesn't leave them feeling sullen and resentful."
Oh, that is why we are so very unpopular. She doesn't make "them" feel sullen and resentful? Who is "them"?

Our puppets? Our nominal allies who greatly resent the way things are being run but are too diplomatic and polite to say so in public? Is this why our popularity in the world is about the same level as North Korea?

The gist of this article is that the world's peoples are once again following America happily and the diplomacy of Rice is responsible for all this. This childish view can be reassuring if one never reads other people's papers or news media and if one ignores tons if existing information. The world has seriously realighned itself and not in our favor at all. At any level. The borders of the USA are so insecure, we had to close our consulate there. From the Associated Press
The United States will close its consulate for one week to assess the security of its employees and consulate visitors in this Mexican border town after a shootout between drug gangs using machine guns, grenades and a rocket launcher.
In a statement from Mexico City late Friday, U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza said "in light of this alarming incident and continued violence along the border, I have decided to suspend all operations except for emergency services for American citizens,'' for one week, beginning Aug. 1.
While the consulate is closed, "we will be gauging what should be a swift and certain response from the government of Mexico, to bring this situation under control,'' Garza said.
We can't secure our own borders. The Mexican government, which is firmly under our thumb, won't secure their own border with us for political reasons. American corporations don't want secure borders any more than they want unionized workers.

Why isn't Condi Rice in Mexico City?

She is too busy going back and forth for the Chinese. She has hard work to do for the Saudis. She knows perfectly well who her real bosses are.

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