Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Paul Hackett with his family at home.
Paul Hackett, all business.
by Elaine Meinel Supkis

Just in from Atrios! Seems there is a snap election in Ohio for a seat in Congress! We have a good chance of nibbling away at the edges of the Republican machine. The Democratic candidate is Paul Hackett and he needs all our help! Already, money is coming in from the web. Yeah!

He is a Marine who just came back home a bare few months ago. He was in Fallujah and other hot spots. He is committed and he knows what goes, he is no chicken hawk or even a hawk but is, like in the long line of patriotic men and women who fought but also understood war is hell, he knows what he is doing and will do the right thing! From his campaign website
By 1992 Paul had met and married Suzi, become a part of the Select Marine Corps Reserve and founded his own law firm, Hackett Law Offices.

As an active member of his neighborhood, a husband, and a small business owner, Paul became acutely aware of his community. He was disgusted by many of the things he saw in his own city council meetings and, feeling the need to do his part serving his community, chose to take a more active role by running for, and becoming a member of the Milford City Council, taking charge, and restoring order.

Then and now, Paul is a strong proponent for using our tax dollars responsibly, most notably to provide affordable healthcare, ensuring that our children are delivered a better America. That includes spending less on corporate welfare, and more support for small businesses that are primed to take the next step up the ladder.

Last year, Paul heard the call to service again. As his Marine Corps brothers fought a half world away, Paul could not sit in the comfort of his home and let others do the work he was prepared to do. After a serious discussion with his wife and children, Paul re-upped and joined his marines for a seven month tour with the 1st Marine Division and served as a Civil Affairs officer in Ramadi, took part in the Fallujah campaign and subsequent reconstruction.

When Paul returned only a few weeks ago, he learned of Rob Portman's decision to vacate his congressional seat. Paul Hackett is continuing his service to his country by running for the United State Congress.

As a candidate for the United States Congress, Paul Hackett is fighting for the people of Southern Ohio. Not for the red. Not for the blue. For the red, white and blue.
He seems to be just the sort of candidate we dream about. Energetic, smart, thoughtful and a man who one can trust for he is good for his word, not an empty promise front for someone else!


He is up against the "let's invest in rare coins and then lose all the pocket change" GOP of Ohio. These are the "I own Diebold and I will make sure Bush wins" GOP of Ohio. These people need to be replaced and this will directly affect all of us, even on my far away mountain which is nearly half way across the country, his victory will make my day, too.

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