Thursday, July 28, 2005


Reagan's true nature

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The USA would dearly love to penetrate deep into the Chinese leadership and like they did in Iraq before our misbegotten war, bribe people to betray their own countries. We, of course, supposedly frown on others doing this to us.

The Chinese remain pretty untouchable. There is a reason for this. From Xinhuanet:
Ma De, former secretary of the municipal committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve for accepting bribes on Thursday.

The Beijing No.2 Intermediate People's Court on Thursday made the first-instance trial.

According to the court verdict, from October 1993 to February 2002, the defendant Ma took advantage of his posts as deputy mayor of Mudanjiang City, northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, prefectural commissioner of Suihua area, Heilongjiang Province and secretary of the municipal committee of the CPC in Suihua City to seek gains for others after accepting bribes.
They aren't kidding, either. They have famously shot officials accused of betraying the communist party in public, in stadiums.
Ma, himself or together with his wife Tian Yazhi who will be handled in a separate case, accepted and extorted bribes worth of 6.03 million yuan (about 743,500 US dollars), including 5.586 million yuan and 55,000 US dollars. By now, all the illicit money has been recovered.

The court verdict said Ma committed the crime of bribery. The sum of bribery was big and the misdeed was very serious. But considering that Ma has confessed some bribery facts which the prosecuting bodies had not discovered and exposed the clues of other official's bribery behaviors, Ma was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve and was deprived political rights all his life with the confiscation of all his personal assets.

Wang Shenyi, former deputy secretary of the municipal committee of the CPC in Suihua City, was sentenced on Thursday 15 years in prison for taking bribe at the first-instance trial by the Beijing No.2 Intermediate People's Court.

The court verdict showed that from May 2000 to August 2002, the accused Wang took advantage of the posts as the deputy secretary of the municipal committee of the CPC in Suihua City andthe Mayor of Suihua City to reduce or exempt tax and fees for others, and allocate public funds to others, after accepting bribes totally worth 1.889 million yuan (about 232,900 US dollars).
Just look at the darn energy bill! It is a potpourie of corruption. Lobbyists poured money into all sorts of creepy politicians especially the Texas gang and got tax cuts and subsidies. Geeze, sounds similar, doesn't it?

The slush funds of the lobbyists in America surge back and forth. The politicians give them huge benefits and a percentage of this returns to the politicians in the form of "campaign donations" which can be pocketed, by the way, if not spent on cheesy attack commercials.

If we had the death penalty for this, we would need to bring in the guillotine and a host of trumbrels to haul the many thousands of politicians and lobbyists and industrialists who have brought our system down into the gutter and are rapidly bankrupting our country, spending wildly while giving each other goodies at our collective expense.

But it is much more dangerous than this!

From the Weekender:
n 1989 (September of 1989 — some dates I do remember) we returned from Santa Barbara where we had helped our daughter get settled at the University of California. Ronald Reagan’s ranch was up the hill from the campus, but I decided not to drop in on him.

Three or four days later, we were at a reception hosted by Ambassador Mike Armacost at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, and who do you suppose was there? You guessed it. And he was still tall, tan and handsome.

Ex-president Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy were in Japan. Reagan made a series of speeches here for more money than he earned in eight years at the White House. Good for him.
OK. I didn't find a zillion Google hits for this speech that earned Reagan an absolute fortune. It is as if it fell into a black hole but I did glean this entry. Note the comment of the author. Upon noting that the President of the fricking USA went to Japan and was paid more than his entire eight year's salary! This is greeted with a hearty "Good for him!"

Well, it certainly was good for...him. But not you and I. You see, Reagan was negotiating with the Japanese over currency issues and trade issues and military issues all of which were vital to our survival...and he was double dealing the USA from under the table!

Worse, this was greeted as good news! I will assure you that if any retired Chinese politician runs off to America to collect a huge fee, he would stay because he would be shot as a traitor if he came back to China. They feel very strongly about this matter. Very strongly.

Reagan's betrayal was successful. Next to China, Japan has run the biggest trade deficits vis a vis the USA for umpteen years. They purchase our leaders who don't worry about the money since it is given to them after leaving office. Ask Bush Sr.

The la-de-dah attitude of Americans, "Oh, look, they are getting rich!" is most peculiar but not surprising. When we learned Bush Sr's dad made a fortune helping Hitler even after he invaded Poland and began to bomb England, we thought the nation would recoil from this man.

But it didn't happen. Even the Jewish organizations shut up. Why?

Well, ask Israel. Bush Sr opened the spigots for them and they now suck down a huge amount of money from America. This bribe keeps the peace. And then back to Iraq: the people fighting us there are angry because the guys "running" the place are rank quislings willing to sell their services to a foreign government. I know that these people will all be shot, in the end. This is what happens in most places when one betrays one's people.

Just not here, that is all.

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