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Almost four long years ago, we were attacked and in response, declared war on "terror." A few voices did point out that fighting terror is police work, not a military operation but they were drowned out by cries for blood and fury of war. War feels first. We invaded a country without an army, a navy or airforce or even much of a government. The nearest thing to anarcy outside of Somalia, a place that drove us out. Actually, this was a bad omen and a bad strategy, come to think of it.

We were told, we don't need to understand bin Laden or understand why he is fighting us or understand anything. Blind fury was supposed to overawe the Arab world and then the luscious fruits of victory would fall into our laps.

When going to war, this requires serious thinking as well as some plans. Hitting the wrong place, attacking bystanders, going bezerk are all doomed. This is why cool minds thinking clearly matters. Alas, the war on bin Laden's crusade turned immediately into a colonial adventure that not only has been at odds with our pretended goal, stopping terrorism, it was exactly what bin Laden wanted us to do: attack innocent Muslims and thus, radicalize them.

From the Associated Press:
Those responsible for the London attacks may have been British citizens with no formal terrorism training or direct links to al-Qaida commanders, Standish said.

"I suspect that this is a low-level, possibly locally recruited al-Qaida cell," he said.

"Al-Qaida is now an ideology. It's moved beyond being a structural organization," he said. "All one has to do to form an al-Qaida cell is to get together with a group of like-minded individuals and say, 'We are going to start an al-Qaida cell.' ... If one is prepared to carry out an attack in the name of al-Qaida, one becomes an al-Qaida operative."

That kind of loose grouping is far harder to battle than a more tightly knit group, Standish said.

He said the bombers' choice of targets reflected a lack of knowledge about the mechanics of explosions that suggests they were not highly trained or experienced.
They said that about the fighters in Iraq. I will note, they got much better and more professional as each day passes as will these people. Motivation and desire to learn can do wonders. Unlike the Americans who seem determined to learn nothing about anything.

For example, Bush pretended to want to protect his home base,like a supposedly intrested leader, a top priority when engaging in a war. You don't empty out your troops without securing the castles, first. When asking for money and defenders, they made a big deal about protecting NYC, the top American city. They made a flourish of this. Then behind the scenes, began to cut and trim and then ruthlessly destroy all protections.

But evidently, the real enemy for Bush and his minions was NYC. This is why just this last month, Bush sent his nearest and dearest flunky, Karl Rove, to NYC to boast about how he was a hero and the people on NYC are zeros or even traitors! After this open attack, the terrorists in the Republican party in DC proceeded to undermine NYC in every way possible. From the Associated Press:
Three weeks before London's bus and subway bombings, a Senate committee voted to slash spending on mass transit security in the United States, a decision sure to be reversed when Congress returns next week.

At a minimum, the Senate will restore the $50 million cut, G. William Hoagland, top budget aide to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said Friday.

There is pressure for a lot more, though adding to rail and transit security programs means cutting elsewhere in the Homeland Security Department's $32 billion budget for next year. That places severe limits on what Congress can do — at least if it plays by its budget rules.

Despite the March 2004 bombing of Madrid's subway system, U.S. officials have been consumed with preventing a repeat of the airliner hijackings that produced the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

In a stroke of bad timing, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted last month to slash money for rail and transit security grants to state and local government by a third from the $150 million devoted to them this year. As of May, none of the money had been distributed by the Homeland Security Department.
They gave money to Texas for security which was spent in bizarre ways like buying equipment for lawn tractor races, just for one example.

Protecting the subways is virtually impossible. But at least the war leader, Bush, should pretend he is slightly interested in this. He wasn't and isn't and won't. He allowed his party flunkies to actively endanger NYC's many residents because he really hates NYC.

From the NYT:

Concerned about a "copycat attack," federal officials elevated the alert for the nation's rail, subway and bus systems on Thursday, prompting more police patrols, searches by bomb-sniffing dogs and inspections of packages across the country.

While Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff acknowledged that there was no specific evidence of a threat against the United States, he said the bombings in London necessitated tighter security here.

"Obviously, we're concerned about the possibility of a copycat attack," Mr. Chertoff said at a news conference.
There will be no attack...yet. No need for one. The people jerking us around got what they wanted. We are granted another breathing space to do something intelligent. This is why gathering information about enemies and using it wisely is called "intelligence" and not "bone stupid".
Even in announcing the warning - which applies only to mass transit systems, unlike the broader security alerts the agency typically issued in the past - Mr. Chertoff tried to reassure the public that it is safe to take subway, bus or light rail lines to work.

"We are not suggesting that people avoid public transportation systems," Mr. Chertoff said in his eight-minute appearance, in which he largely stuck carefully to a prepared text. "Rather we are asking that they use those systems, but with an increased awareness of their surroundings."
Use the subways! Just be paranoid. We know they will switch gears yet again and attack some other vulnerable point in our huge, bulging, soft underbelly.
As a result of the heightened alert, reports of suspicious items skyrocketed in some cities. A transit employee in Washington reported a suspicious package at the Medical Center station along the crowded Red line this morning, forcing a shutdown of trains in Maryland for about an hour.

But again and again, public officials urged calm.

"We're not raising the red flag and saying they're coming to get us," Gov. Bill Owens of Colorado said at a news conference in Denver. "We're just being prudent."

Mayor Anthony Williams of Washington said, "Live your lives, go to work, spend time with your families, stand up to these terrorists."
Um, hate to tell you this, Gov. Owens, but they are out to get us. Of course, Owens won't say who "they" are and why "they" seem addicted to using magical number attack days and what this means and why our leaders refuse to fight "them". We know "they" were not Saddam or anyone connected with Saddam. We know "they" were not villagers in Afghanistan, either. Not even one of "them" were Afghanis!

We know that "they" know us very well and "they" are incredibly patient, always taking their time and spacing attacks apart by at least three years to ten years. The next, inevitable attack on America will come on a day that has the right numbers.

Here is a medieval magic square. Combinations of the numbers here are used in alchemy and other arcane sports. And evidently, "they" enjoy this sport immensely. Even going so far as to choose flight numbers on 9/11 that were on the magic square.

Indivisible numbers are favored. Knowing this, we can guess when the future attacks will happen.
"It is vital that the civilized world unite in the effort to hunt down all of the perpetrators who are still living," said Representative Christopher Cox, a California Republican and chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. "They are as much a threat to Europe, to America, and to the civilized world as they are to London."

Mr. Chertoff said that he was convinced the nation's transit system was safer today than it was before September 2001, and that it had improved even since the March 2004 bombings in Madrid. "I think we have a very safe system," he said. "But the fact remains, we've had an incident in London."
Didn't Bush say last year, bin Laden didn't matter? "Caves with doors open or caves with doors closed, he doesn't matter"? No, yet again, we relaunch manhunts which are hopeless because now we have alienated everyone who could help us.

Also, the arrogance of Americans! As if the Brits who have tons more experience with bombings thanks to the IRA, are lax in security? Unlike us? This is to not only laugh but to worry the gods will enjoy knocking us down for excessive hubris!
Some politicians and frequent administration critics agreed Thursday that the federal response to the London attacks demonstrated that the administration was getting more adept at handling threats. In President Bush's first term, various officials sometimes appeared to be competing for the spotlight when threat levels were raised. On Thursday, there was never any ambiguity that Mr. Chertoff would be the lead spokesman for the administration.
Hahaha. We are so good now! We now can react by putting the right puppet upon the stage to say nearly nothing except the same bizarre line---go shopping, go to work, pay no attention, spend money, change nothing.

Great advice (sarcam alert). But we mustn't forget: we are the front lines in this war. It is being waged here.

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