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Now to turn to Americans. We live in a fantasy bubble. When German subs prowled the seas in WWI, America stayed aloof and merrily sailed about, gradually usurping the British control of the seas which was an illusion since we didn't control it, we were being permitted to sail because Germany wanted us neutral.

But when we began to ship not food or other goods to England but armaments, the Germans sank our ships which forced us into WWI directly. After that war, we let the British pretend they were a global empire, we even let them expand into Asia Minor and let them create, along with the French, a crazy quilt of pretend countries that were really provinces of the dying European giant empires.

This, along with other measures, triggered Germany and Japan into yet another world war.

This pretty much killed all four empires. The USA took over all four, militarily occupying two of them, making a tight alliance over a slow period of 50 years with the British one and failing to take over the French one after the Vietnam adventure ended with nearly destroying the American empire.

We are the holders of the Monkey's Paw. Our wish is very simple: we want all the money and resources of the planet and we want to be 100% safe while getting the lion's share of the world's bounty. All children, when thinking about "wishes" know that the generic wish, "I want everything!" is the best wish.

All smart alecks know that this wish is the fatal wish. The story of Midas, wishing that all he touch become gold, is instructive. The Chinese curse, "May your wishes come true," spring to mind. People in America want to be safe and go around doing as we please and also to travel all over the world and be safe and happy. We murder hundreds of thousands of humans in this quest. We torture them, we harrass them, we invade their homes and shower contempt upon them and then are puzzled when they strike our home base. Like the Nazi Germans, raining death all over the place, they felt nothing but fury when planes flew over Berlin, dropping bombs on them.

From the New York Times:

"It's like we live in two parallel existences," said Peter King, a Republican congressman from Long Island who is chairman of a House subcommittee on emergency preparedness. "You know something could happen, and yet you don't want to alarm people constantly, or get too specific in your recommendations."

Indeed, some law enforcement officials, including those in New York, have admitted for years to being stumped about why terrorists, clearly capable of the spectacular attack, have so far not tried to hit the vulnerable transportation systems of this country's major cities.

There are, of course, some protections in place. But, said one high-ranking New York law enforcement official, "If you absolutely wanted to, you could do it. My feeling is, it's a matter of time."

Why such a time has not come may be a matter of good police work or good luck on the part of Americans. But many of the latter made it clear they would prefer something more solid to bank on.

"They should give us guidelines, offer some solutions," said Catherine Crawford, a nursing student interviewed on the subway. "It's unnerving."
Drip, drip, drip. Any smart leader of a rebellion against an empire knows, you put out too much too fast, the empire can crush you since it is big and any rebellion is little. So they goad the empire into making many mistakes and try to make life as miserable as possible, mentally, for the placid dwellers who live in the imperial centers.

The cost and trouble of protecting the soft underbelly of an empire drives it into bankruptcy and despair. For you can't do it. Unless you unleash the forces that created the Soviet Union and then if fails in the end! Anyway!

So what does one do?
But Americans yesterday voiced some concerns about terror preparedness at the micro-level. "You know, I feel most vulnerable probably in my home drinking my water from my tap, or something like that," said Nicole Hardesty, 31, a grade school teacher from Evanston, Ill. "If something's going to happen, I'm thinking it's going to happen like that.
Fear of poisoning wells is very old. There are stories from the deepest parts of the Middle Ages concerning this fear. Many Jewish people died in progroms over this issue. This is even older than that! When wells were first dug, the fear of poisoning via magic spells arose. Many wells are considered to be inhabited by goddesses and such and are dangerous unless sacrifices are made to them. So when Americans feel unease about their water, this is a primative force at work. And the impulse to deal with it will be equally magic driven.

Speaking of which, once again, the terrorist attacks on the empire are filled with magical significance. The European magician number generator seems to be something the terrorists are plugged into. This is continues to interest me since the number game play seems to be not very Muslim-mystical but is very charged with European magic.
Denis Peters, 43, a real estate developer in Miami, said he never used public transportation. Olivia Suchman, 30, an urban planner in San Francisco, said she kept herself focused on "how life is precious," and avoided thinking about the ruthless brutality of some people in the world.

"I don't even let my mind go there," she said.
She is like the madame who sits like Kali at the head of the Bush household: Barbara Bush Sr. famously remarked about her beautiful mind not being troubled by tearing little children limb from limb. Ho hum.f

The beneficiaries of imperial brutality never want to see it up close except in ersatz form. This is why we love CSI and Reality TV and other fakes. We want blood and gore and suffering...for fun. But not for real. How many children died thanks to American planes bombing peasant villages this last month? I don't know, no one knows. We are not allowed to know.

Israel has cut back on bombing attempts by building a huge wall using American taxpayer's money which came from the Chinese empire which the Chinese intend to make us repay in spades. This is protecting them in the short run. They are going bankrupt thanks to their security but they have successfully transfered their bankruptcy to the empire which now is the sole bankroller of Israel's security. Just this week, they arrogantly announced they want another billion so they can bribe their own illegal settlers to move to better quarters and they figure, make the other chump pay.

And of course, this increases our insecurity at home for the Muslims, if it is them, will make us pay in blood for this. And the game will roll on until our empire, bankrupt and in chaos, collapses under its own contridictions.

Or the Chinese stop us.

In either case, more of us will die in this little war.

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