Tuesday, July 19, 2005


A very YOUTHFUL looking great Lady and my Senator!

I don't agree with a great deal of the votes and such that my Senator makes. She and I are not the same. But then, I don't have her responibilities and I don't have to build a base of support before taking a position, free as a bird, I can do whatever.

Her vote for war ticked me off. But then, many Democrats were rushed into voting for war and let us not forget, they didn't vote for declaring war but for pressuring Saddam. Bush and Bush alone wanted a war itself and pushed hard for it, even lying to the UN to get what he wanted and when he didn't get that, without consulting with Congress even, he just invaded anyway.

Rash, he is!

But in general, compared to the others in the Senate (yoiks!) even though Hillary can't hold a candle to my beloved Mo Udall, at least she is on my side, in general. And I do say, I admire her moxie, I really admire her steadfastness...she really did stand by her man. I admire her skill at handling the garbage she must wade through. Few humans could tolerate what she had to tolerate daily!

When her husband was under fire because Starr leaked the information of the blue dress, the firestorm around her husband was huge and her anger at him, very great and understandably great. I wrote a small editorial the NY Times published and she sent me a personal letter, thanking me for explaining what to do and why, namely, the nobility of standing by her man.

I was stunned when the letter arrived. I fell in love with her because of that. When the firemen and police at the 9/11 ceremony booed her and drunkenly acted like louts (have the conservatives no sense of shame? No dignity?) she took it "like a man" unlike Bush who is a tremulous mouse if anyone is indisposed with him.

From the Washington Post:
Speaking on the grandest stage of the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights organization yesterday in Philadelphia, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) made no mention of presidential ambitions, but many said her message and delivery had the aura of a campaign speech.

Clinton touched on nearly every issue that was important to Hispanics, the nation's largest ethnic group and a crucial voting bloc. She said she wanted to make sure Hispanic children got a fair education, and that families had medical insurance to ward off health problems such as asthma and lead poisoning that affect kids. She also talked of supporting legislation that would make it easier for immigrants to send money back home, which Hispanics do at a rate of about $200 per month.
It is really pathetic that southern white women are terrified of Hillary. They hate her. They want her punished because she "stood by her man" which puzzles me since this is what they supposedly admire. Every time a GOP jerk is caught with his toy misbehaving, the GOP Stepford wife dutifully backs him up and forgives him.

But Hillary!

Oh, the bitch. How dare she!

This bizarre double standard annoys me more than pratically anything. It should annoy anyone. But then, the GOP has a double standard for nearly everything, don't they?
A thunderous ovation followed, the first of many rounds of applause.

"To me it sounded like a campaign speech," said Nellie Moreno of Phoenix, who said she was surprised that Clinton did not talk about immigration, temporary-worker programs and the border with Mexico. "I was hoping to hear something," she said. America Jones of El Paso said she heard what she wanted. "I hope that she will run, whether it sounded like a campaign speech or not," she said.

Clinton's remarks followed those of Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, who also pitched to Hispanic parents, doing her part in the tug of war between the Republican and Democratic parties for Hispanic hearts and minds.
A hint to politicians in Texas: there are a lot of Hispanics there. They have borne the brunt of the casualties in our misbegotten war. They now are beginning to organize and vote. They won the mayorship of Los Angeles recently. Anyone in the Democratic Party of Texas should be absolutely delighted to invite my Senator, the Honorable Hillary Clinton to come to Texas and the entire Democratic delegation, the top people and all candidates should STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH HILLARY CLINTON.

Spit in the eye of the demented right wingers of Texas. Seriously. The good people who are American citizens who live in weird places like New York will really appreciate this greatly. We will even admire you guys down in the even weirder state of Texas if only you guys do this for us, for America, for you own good, your own souls. Forget the angry, frightened, irritable, annoying voters who support Senators who refuse to apologize for lynchings, who are corrupt as corrupt can be, who don't give a fig about America or whatever.

If you lead, they will follow, if you take them to a better place. But the Hispanics need a leader and they seem to approve of Hillary Clinton!

This action will fix many things. It will please the Northern states greatly to see that the Democratic Party of Texas ain't going to be a Party of One. It will reassure us after our Democratic President Kennedy was murdered in Texas that we can go to that state and be a liberal and a NYer and not be attacked physically.

And it will heal the rift that is growing ever wider here in what is supposed to be One Nation. The Lone Star state is going to be very lonely if we NYers and others take a hike.

Viva, Hillary!

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