Thursday, July 21, 2005


by Elaine Meinel Supkis

I had to work this morning so I stuck the headline story, "London Mayor critisizes western Middle East policy for bombings" and lo and behold, I come home after all that backhoe work to see another spate of bombs going off in, you guessed it, London.

Like with the doleful IRA bombings, these will continue until something is done to fix it and fixing never means going after the people that are fighting a guerilla war but making things work out sensibly so there is no reason to have a war in the first place. Invading, of course, and then oppressing someone, leads to all sorts of side effects.

When fighting stone age people, they tend to be fairly easy to disarm and destroy but when one goes after other former empires then there is a problem since we are dealing with often very sophisticated people who are also educated and motivated. And know our weak points.

When Blair and Bush conspired to attack a nearly totally innocent third party after 9/11, Iraq. They had to forge about with fake data and fake paper work and fake photos but in the end, they convinced a bare majority of Americans and not even that many Brits, to do this despicable deed.

We citizens of Planet Earth held huge demonstrations warning the two war conspiritors that they were making a huge mistake. We warned them that Iraq was a dangerous cul de sac and that this could start the proverbial dominoes falling and it would fuel further war and besides, the history of starting wars has a very dark side, namely, many such wars ended up causing massive wars that killed millions of people but they didn't listen to us.

Now we are reaping the whirlwind we sowed.

This isn't over yet, it is just beginning. I have detailed here how China has secured not only all its borders but has formed some pretty dangerous alliances. When Condi went off to Japan six months ago after the Japanese Finance minister blurted out that China talked about the looming American bankruptcy and he wondered if Japan ought to sell off its dollars soon, Japan has sided with America in drawing some lines in very dangerous quick sand.

Yesterday, I didn't have a chance to post this, but China signed yet more treaties with Vietnam, to wit, a mutual resource exploration treaty that includes the Philippines. Triangulating, they are securing the back side of Taiwan as well as their own lower flank.

The knife in the chest, Taiwan, is still a knife but it is much blunted now. If we were playing the ancient war board game of Asia, "Go", I would say that our white stone, Taiwan, is now nearly surrounded by black stones. It is now pretty much out of play. It can sit there for however long until the Chinese 9 dan Go masters decide to pluck it up and drop it onto the lid of their stone jar. Japan remains a power but it is a very vulnerable power. Any Asian nation with nukes can polish off Japan in a literal flash.

Here is yet another example: as Britain and American thrash about in extreme fear and pain, bellowing, China is a busy little bee, building yet more alliances, a daily parade of alliances and deals! From Xinhuanet:
fChinese Premier Wen Jiabao (L) holds a ceremony to welcome Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing July 21, 2005. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero arrived in Beijing Thursday morning for a three-day official visit to China. (Xinhua Photo)
China and Spain here Thursday inked a dozen agreements to cement their cooperation in justice, industry, tourism, finance, seismological study, railway and civil aviation.

Visiting Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who arrived in Beijing Thursday on a three-day official visit to China, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao witnessed the signing of the agreements following their hour-long meeting. The two sides will strengthen political dialogue through a mechanism between foreign ministries of the two countries, according to an agreement. The two sides will each establish a cultural center in the other country. China will buy 20 Airbus A330 jetliners, according to a framework agreement signed by the two sides.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said the two sides reached wide-range consensus on developing bilateral relations between China and Spain as well as on regional and international issues of mutual concern.

Wen Jiabao highly praised the Spanish government's plan to strengthen relationship with China and other Asian-Pacific nations, adding that China attaches equal importance to its relationship with Spain.

The Chinese premier proposed that the two countries should step up their cooperation in areas of politics, economy, science and technology as well as culture.
Spain is an interesting country. The Maine blew up in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, and we used that as our belligerent excuse to invade Spain's last colonies and take them for our own. We then proceeded to kill lots of natives, securing our new colonies. Spain was once a world girdling empire that rivaled all previous empires that merely spanned acres on land, the Spanish empire was the first global, sea faring one.

It went bankrupt after too many disasterous wars and industry died in Spain as loot and gold and easy living took over. A familiar story, no?

Notice how China deftly uses civil aviation as a diplomatic tool. Everyone peddling aircraft should realize by now that the contracts for planes are being carefully spread out in strategic ways. The one with Boeing is really funny because the Chinese are already positioning themselves to tell Boeing to relocate their factories in China to take advantage of cheap labor and other thingies.

Now for the other big breaking news: the Chinese leadership have decided it is time to start moving their currency around. Why today?

Heh. Well, read the diplomatic bulletins! They are pretty nearly done with the preparations for the beginning of the new struggle: tanking America's currency. You see, they made a bid for Unocal and it was rebuffed just yesterday so today they said, we won't add more money (instead we will make business more expensive for Americans here in China). The amount change won't give us any advantages in trade vis a vis China. But it will change their currency value vis a vis all other currencies as they begin to dominate our currency just as they now dominate our trade.

From the BBC:
In talks marred by scuffles between US and Sudanese staff, she told Mr Bashir he must end the crisis in Darfur.

Ms Rice later flew to Israel, where she is due to hold talks on its planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

In her meeting with Mr Bashir, Ms Rice stressed that the US would hold him to account if he failed to act, particularly in stopping violence to women.

Ms Rice told reporters: "I said to the Sudanese government that they had a credibility problem with the international community... I have said, 'actions not words'."
Instead of making big deals with other nations, Condi went to a dry well in Africa to do a photo-op in Dafur where the government officials jostled her and intimidated the reporters and caused her to stamp her feet and bark orders in a way that probably had the Chinese laughing like crazy at home. Why did she do this? Most of the world has spent many hours ignoring Dafur despite all the media attempts to make us interested.

I will note that one article today noted that many "refugees" there are not refugees at all but have come into the area in great numbers for the free food and free schooling. I can't blame them. It is just a big mess, as always in many dessicated third world countries.

Meanwhile, our futile and useless gulag in Cuba continues to fester and ooze puss onto the public stage of the rest of the world even if our Supreme Court nominee, Roberts, thinks this prison is just handy dandy fine and constitutionally correct. From the BBC news:
Fifty-two detainees at the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba are staging a hunger strike, US military officials say.
So far, the men have refused nine meals over three days, the US military said in a statement.

The detainees are being monitored by medical professionals and their vital signs are being checked daily.

More than 500 inmates are currently being held at Guantanamo. Only four have been charged.

"Indications are that this is a temporary effort by some detainees to protest their continued detention," the statement said.

On Wednesday, an Afghan man released from the camp after three years said that more than 100 prisoners had been on hunger strike for two weeks.The former Taleban soldier said the protest was aimed at highlighting "inhuman" conditions at the camp.
This is how we will stop the subway bombers who will most likely hit here too, soon enough: set up prisons that make them into martyrs and abuse them in interesting ways guaranteed to rouse more bombers into attacking us.

Oh, and to make this article come back full circle: two top Algerian diplomats were kidnapped in Iraq today and are being held hostage. It just keeps on blowing up in everyone's faces, doesn't it? This is going to end badly.

Time for America to go to China and ask for more loans!

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