Friday, July 01, 2005



The Catholic Church tried to stop this but failed. The Spanish Parliament granted gays full civil rights including the right to pledge troth to each other formally and legally. Canada is on the verge of finishing passage of a nearly identical law. These two countries under liberal leadership are joining the Netherlands and Holland in finally recognizing gay life long commitment.

From the Mercury News:
The Spanish parliament voted Thursday to legalize gay marriage, giving final approval to a bill that would make Spain, a predominantly Roman Catholic country, the first nation to eliminate all legal distinctions between same-sex and heterosexual unions, according to supporters of the measure.

The bill, which passed 187-147, says couples will have the same rights, including the freedom to marry and to adopt children, regardless of gender.

Three other countries, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada, have voted to legalize gay marriage. But only Canada's laws, which do not yet apply to all of the country, contain language as liberal as Spain's, according to advocates of the law
.Spain is particularily interesting. During the Spanish Inquisition, the hunt for gays was deep and ferocious. Many were put to the torch and even today, a favorite insult hurled at gay men is to call them "fags" referring to the faggots thrown on many bonfires during that terrible episode in religious insanity and bigotry.

The tension concerning gay love has existed for a long time. It is passingly strange that many religious leaders tend to surround themselves with only their own sex, a prime example being Jesus himself, for example, but no less for Buddha or Mohammed. These men seemed to spend a very disordinate time only in the company of other men. The present Pope who has set his will against gay men and women surrounded himself with men and spent as little time as possible with women.

One hopes these religious leaders including the many in America who focus with rising hysteria, the reality that gay men and women are humans deserving of full civil rights including the right to marry within their own choices, that these hysterics get psychiatric help. Why they are so fearful baffles me.

I can only guess they are afraid they will ditch their own marriages? Seeing how they conduct themselves, this idea isn't so far fetched. They really don't seem to like each other very much. I know from my own experience, watching fundies in my own family, the divorce rate is ferocious. Maybe having Jesus in the marriage bed is one man too many? Maybe the belief that Jesus loves ME is killing other forms of attachment? I know of many people whose families love Jesus and hate each other with a passion.

Congratulations, Spain and Canada! Three cheers for you both! May America enter the 21st century, too!

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