Saturday, July 02, 2005



Now we know why Bush is in a rush to send someone to Mars! Seems his boss, Karl Rove, is going to be in very hot water very soon. He is being fingered as the man who broke Federal laws, revealing the identity of a secret CIA agent, Valery Plame!

In the run up to the illegal invasion of Iraq, Ambassador Wilson revealed that some of the information being used for this scheme were forgeries. We all knew this if we read foreign news but he is the one who forced the American Pravda machine to put this on the front pages. So the White House decided to punish him and his family. So they sneakily called top reporters and tried to get them involved in a conspiracy to terrorize the Wilson household.

Once again, terrorists spread fear!

Now, today, with Time magazine finally allowing the information out, Karl Rove was one of two high up people to break the law and now Rove, who lied to the Grand Jury, will be taken testify. Who told him about Mr. Wilson's wife's job? This was top secret. And it came from someone in the CIA. And this someone was given a Medal of Freedom by another someone who is the person who demanded the CIA hand over to his top aide this information so the ambassador could be punished!

For this is the bitter end of it all: who are the co-conspiritors of Rove and what did they say and when did they say it?

And this looks more and more like the Summer of Watergate.

Well! The trail is hot and growing hotter. No longer is Congress or even the press intimidated by Bush and his buddy boy, bin Laden. They saw the Zogby poll showing 45% of us patriots want to impeach Bush! This is no minor matter. This isn't a milquetoastian "do you disapprove" number, this is a "put the bum in jail!" number. We are very divided and now we will be fighting over a Supreme Court Justice just in time to fight over writing new charges of impeachment.

The Downing Street memos are a dozen nails in this impeachment coffin. The other crimes surrounding this war will get aired at last. More: the war is a failure. It is hard to punish victors. It is easy to punish losers. Nixon lost the war in Nam, thanks to his followers refusing to fight, look at how many of them chickened out! Ask Rove! Ask Bush! Ask Cheney! The cowards on the right wouldn't fight and this time, ditto.

So we lost the war and Bush will lose his head.

Happy 4th of July!!! Booooom!

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