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King Fahd (took over after relative murdered King Faisal) King Gyanendra (mysterious mass murder of brother's entire family) and King Richard III (murdered his nephews who were to be crowned before he).

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I vividly remember when the Nepal Royal family was machinegunned down while dining. It was on the BBC news. I immediately said, "Did they kill the evil uncle? If not, he did it." When the details came out, it confirmed my fears. Seems all the family members of the evil uncle suddenly had to either leave the room or had urgent business elsewhere and only the king, queen and their children and attendants were in the hall when all were gunned down.

From the BBC news:
The king and queen of Nepal have been killed in a massacre of royal family members by the heir to the throne.

Eleven people - including several members of the royal family - were shot dead late on Friday evening, apparently after a dinner table dispute about a bride for the heir to the throne.

King Birendra's 29-year-old son, Crown Prince Dipendra, opened fire on his parents and other family members before turning his sub-machine gun on himself. Some reports say he is on life support in hospital.
The evil uncle put out a story that the eldest son did it in retaliation for not being able to marry the woman he loved. Oh, how romantic. Yeah, right.

My family happened to know the king and queen and the others My parents spent many years going in and out of Nepal. They talked science and technology with the young king when he ascended the throne many years ago. They talked about opening schools, building universities, creating observatories! Dreams, oh so many dreams. What passed for roads when my parents came bouncing into Katmandu in a WWII jeep looks like the pictures of the same sort of jeep we used to ride up the "old road" at Kitt Peak: steep and nearly impassable with cliffs and ruts and many a flat tire.

This family was very charming. I was so upset about this, I went off to the nearest Buddhist temple to chant and pray all day. The nuns and priests were already in full white and yellow cloth mourning, incense burning. Everyone suspected the evil uncle did the bloody deed.

When the king of Bhutan married an American woman, Hope, my parents were at that wedding. The possibility of a son marrying outside the old clans wasn't really a problem for the royals in the Himalayan kingdoms for the sons ruled and so long as they became Buddhists, which is easy, then all was well. In this day and age, I could not imagine the dotting king and queen of Nepal being excessively cruel to their beloved son. And he certainly, just look at his face!--look like a murderer.

Look at my gallery of faces here. The foul deed marks their faces with deep grooves, every crime etched deeply, the frightened, cold eyes. The same mouth, turned down in disgust, one can see the invisible claws of the Furies not far off. These men fear death for they know they will be judged and judged harshly!

From the BBC news:
Former US Senator Tom Daschle has launched a scathing attack on Nepal's king, who seized power in February.
Speaking in Kathmandu after talks with King Gyanendra, Mr Daschle called for the release of ousted former PM Sher Bahadur Deuba, jailed for corruption.

Mr Daschle said all political prisoners must be freed and urged the king to scrap a controversial corruption body.

As he made his statement, security forces re-arrested a prominent student leader, Gagan Thapa.
Bush and Cheney and our Shadow Government were elated when the prince murdered his family who were liberals and were in intense talks with the Maoist rebels and with the Chinese, dealing with their country's status, and they happily applauded the new king. The bizarre details of all this, like committing suicide with a sub machine gun? Huh? Killing his siblings too? Eh? His mom? No.

The fake story impressed few Nepalese. The king, who promptly attacked the rebels and started heavy handed military operations against the peasants, is wildly unpopular. Demonstrations against his rule only caused him to conspire with Americans to overthrow the tattered remains of the monarchal democracy which my parents worked so hard to help into life.

Now he is the Mussolini of the Himalayas. The Sheik of Mount Everest.

The Fool on the Hill.

Na Nu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo (drumming)

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