Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Fleeing from minorities, uppity women, gays and the French looks like this.
by Elaine Meinel Supkis

Then LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, a huge body of American voters who just couldn't stand the idea of minorities having the right to vote, to go to school, to buy homes or run businesses as equals, they picked up and moved out of the Democratic party and moved next door to the New World Order White Republican party.

To triangulate, the Bushes have pushed forwards individual minorities, these servants of theirs are always carefully detached from their own people and will betray them at every turn. But they make a great false front! This bothers the lower levels of the New World Order who put up with this because they are allowed to make fun of the top Bush minority aids. Note how much of the Iraq war mess was dumped onto Powell and when he was dismissed, he went off silent, his reputation in tatters, the laughing stock of the left and the right, both.

The Democratic party gropes for a base. Progressives and liberals desperately want the party to appeal to us all. We would really like to be loved and held dear. We want to be petted, too. We want people to fight on our behalf. This is why we love Dean, we love Clarke, now that he has had time to court us in all seriousness. He is doing a splendid job of courting us and I respect him for this and will talk more about him in the future.

Minorities, gays, uppity women who want to protect their right to their own bodies, retired people, unions, immigrants, there are many people we can build as a base. If white voters in the south would rather have no health care, bad schools, crummy infrastructure, no public transportation, pollution, etc. well, god bless them! Let them suffer. Even if they can gang up on us all and force us to live in their puny, ugly, dank, stinking world, we can band together to fight them off. Even if we lose every fight, we must fight them for their vision of the world resembles my vision of what hell looks like!

Let's take pollution. These people, because they hate and fear their fellow humans, their fellow Americans, gleefully spew toxic chemicals into the environment and despite years of us all fighting to pass pollution laws, they are gleefully undoing all this hard work and this ticks me off.

Look at this news! From the Scotsman

Seriously hazardous chemicals can be found in the tissue of nearly every person alive. It is a frightening thought, but exposure to such toxic substances has been linked to a higher incidence in several cancers, reproductive complications, a continuing decline in fertility rates and birth defects.

Like the majority of people, I was unaware of the levels of these chemicals circulating in my bloodstream, so when the opportunity to find out about them came along, I seized it.

Along with 150 others, from politicians and journalists to leaders of environmental NGOs and lobby groups, I volunteered to have my blood tested for three groups of dangerous chemicals, including PCBs, organochlorine pesticides and PBDEs, or flame-retardants.

The biomonitoring survey, which is the largest exercise the UK has seen in biomonitoring in over two decades, is part of a chemicals and health campaign set up by the environmental organization WWF.
I shudder to see what soup my children swam in when I was innocently carrying them!
My test results came back last week, detailing my exposure to 77 chemicals, along with the collective minimum, maximum and median of the other volunteers.

When the full results are published in full later this month, they will reveal that not one of the 150 participants had clean blood.
Pollution kills. Air pollution kills. We know this. It is detailed over and over again by zillions of health studies. So what happens?

The right wing in America spits in the eye of the world, going from forum to forum like Bush did just last month and telling everyone, we don't give a rat's ass about the environment. Mo Udall cared. I care. We should all care. This is literally life and death. As the fine lady in this study says, "I ate carefully all my life and lived carefully and I had an astonishing number of industrial chemicals in my blood!"

This is what I call a "transendental issue". All those white women and men love fetuses?

Well, we must go to them and talk about pollution. Pollution destroys fetuses, destroys babies, destroys adults, destroys our planet! If they don't care, we tell them loudly to shut up, you are all fakers. You all don't really love fetuses, you hate them. Fetus abusers! Fie!

Corporate America has no need for controlling the messes they make, it interfers with them stuffing their pockets with loot and then carefully keeping family and home far from the maddening crowds. Despite the bad news of these studies showing there is no safe haven anymore, they figure, any messes can be fixed by doctors so pollute away! Whoooeee!

The GOP had a hammerlock on a subset of the Hispanic vote: Cubans. But that is fading fast as Hispanics from all over the place emigrate to America. They work hard and have a very fun culture, I grew up around Hispanics and I love the music, the lilt of the language, many good things there. And the food!

Heh. I adore it. As much as I adore Chinese and Japanese food.

The Democratic party has a perfectly fine base sitting right here, we can take this party all the way back to the Liberal Oasis which is what our Founding Fathers wanted America to be! They wanted a place of intelligence, philosophy, science, freedom of thought and great deeds! They were Revolutionaries, not mice. They knew that leadership strides forth, not dilly dallies at the rear!

We got to buck up and buck back! Viva the Democratic Party!

Hooray for Liberals! We are coming and coming fast!

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