Monday, July 11, 2005



A thousand years ago, give or take a few, an angry king, down in his cups, cried the famous words, "Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?" From Eyewitness to history:
The king's exact words have been lost to history but his outrage inspired four knights to sail to England to rid the realm of this annoying prelate. They arrived at Canterbury during the afternoon of December 29 and immediately searched for the Archbishop. Becket fled to the Cathedral where a service was in progress. The knights found him at the altar, drew their swords and began hacking at their victim finally splitting his skull.

The death of Becket unnerved the king. The knights who did the deed to curry the king's favor, fell into disgrace. Several miracles were said to occur at the tomb of the martyr and he was soon canonized. Hordes of pilgrims transformed Canterbury Cathedral into a shrine. Four years later, in an act of penance, the king donned a sack-cloth walking barefoot through the streets of Canterbury while eighty monks flogged him with branches. Henry capped his atonement by spending the night in the martyr's crypt. St. Thomas continued as a popular cultist figure for the remainder of the Middle Ages.
Rove is a good servant. Like all the Bush courtiers, he guides his stumblebum dumb master like a good Jeeves and leads the drunken twat around, in between running over the soldiers guarding him.

When Bush, in his usual drunken state, said, "Remember the anthrax attacks? Hehehehe. They worked. Shut up that Wilson guy, he is messing with my war!" This was just before the disasterous siege of Bagdad that irks us even today. Rubbing his fat hands, Rove must have said, "Can I attack anyone in this too, master?" and Bush waved him out of the room with a "Whatever." Backing out, he turned and ran to the phone.

"Find whatever on Wilson," he said to...Cheney, the head of the knights of the bar shaped table. Cheney hunched his way over to the Spies Nest and made inquiries. It seemed, Maid Plame hung out in Sherwood forest. True, she worked for Lackland Bush himself. But this was a hard business so Rove decided to tell all the terrorists haunting the kingdom that the fair lady was not one of them but in the King's employ!

True, her job was to stop assassins from attacking DC Town! But that didn't matter to king Bush!

So Rove told the scribes to post her name and picture about the city streets so the Burgesses doth chatter about her but they all swore an oath to not reveal to the Sheriff who did this. Of course, the king saw what was happening and did nothing.

King Henry II paid dearly for killing Beckett. He had to do absolutions. His protests that he didn't sign an authorization for this murder didn't go far with medieval thinkers who still blamed him.

Unlike today with our freckless king. The scribes ran around literally for nearly three years, pretending they couldn't reveal the fat courtier who betrayed the kingdom. Nor did the king show the slightest interest in ridding himself of this troublesome courtier.



Rove knows a great deal. His silence must be total or many schemes and plots and plans for world domination and criminal acts will be open to examination, no?

Sir Fitzgerald sharpens his sword and urges his hounds onwards in the hunt.

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