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With the news about O'Connor retiring, the Nuclear Option now is in play. We know that Bush will select someone wildly inappropriate for the Supreme Court. This is a given. He will make no attempt at centralism. He doesn't want unity, he has worked all these years to divide America as much as possible and he certainly isn't going to stop.

Even and other first world nations liberalize America goes backwards. Or rather, half goes backwards while half marches along with progressives across the planet. The fundamentalists across the planet want to fight each other and spread hate and dissention while progressives want to get along and be left alone. The UN's foundation is based on a progressive ideology, it is a civilizing force that often fails in the face of determined savagery. This is why right wingers hate the UN. Nothing irritates them more than getting along. They want to be in your face and number one and be the only ones god loves.

So expect the stupidest possible choices for judge.

The Democrats, when they gave up on 12/12/00, thought this was a minor set back. They misunderstood the conspiracy set against them. They actually wanted to be part of this conspiracy. To retire and become a lobbyist working for their real pay masters was a pot of gold for them. But the GOP cut them out of that, out of passing laws, holding hearings, conducting business. The Democrats couldn't access TV unless they were on to attack only Democrats. The bribes were handed out and the system began the Great Collapse.

The media assisted in this collapse by funnelling propaganda and attacking any Democrat that defied this conspiracy. Everyone ran for cover after Gore was totally trashed by the media after he cheerfully said he wanted to unite America behind Bush.

So here we are: a right wing Supreme Court stinks. America will continue to slide into the abyss and only attract the most desperate of immigrants. During the twenties when the KKK triumphed and America turned right wing, creative people fled and it was only when Nazis did the same in Europe, did they flee back here, reluctantly.

One interesting thing here. When the grip of McCarthyism was loosened, we blossomed into the sixties. The same thing will come of all of this. Note how unserious the Young Republicans really are. They are liberals who don't understand the trap they are setting for themselves. Once inside, they will be screaming to be let out. Right now, they can all be hypocrites because America is liberal and their conservativism is fake.

But if they set laws confining themselves, they will be hoist by their own pertards.

The rest of America? State's rights. Yes, I have said this before. Cut them loose. Force them to swim on their own. No more Federalism. Cut DC out, cut out all national participation as much as possible. Personally, there is no choice. We are not one nation, undivided. After all, the red state people aren't signing up to fight wars for the Feds. And they are on a tax strike, too. Patriotism is officially dead.

We are at war, as Rove and Bush keep reminding us. Here is a letter I got from the Mayor of NYC who sat next to Rove as he attacked us NYers trying to pretend only conservatives were good guys on 9/11 and we are all traitors. I and many others wrote to him in outrage and got this in reply:
Dear Ms. Supkis:

Thank you for your recent letter. I share your belief that the
tragedy of September 11, 2001 should never be used for partisan
purposes. The events of that day were an attack on all of America.
In the hard days and weeks that followed, we came together as a
City and as a country, united in our resolve not only to defeat
terrorism but also to rebuild Lower Manhattan. Ever since, we
have tried to keep politics out of the discussion.

In all of the conversations I have had with the families and
survivors of the attacks, and with the families of those service
personnel lost in the war on terror, no one has ever raised issues of
ideology or partisanship. We owe it to those we lost to keep
partisan politics out of the discussion and keep alive the united
spirit that came out of 9/11.

I appreciate your taking the time to share with me your views and

Michael R. Bloomberg
Bloomberg only reacted when we became very angry with him. He didn't care if we are divided...until he saw the downside for himself. Everyone has to choose sides now. No one can sit on the fence.

The enemy is us. Happy 4th of July, everyone.

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