Monday, July 18, 2005



At Eschaton, aka, Atrios: via Desi of Great Scat: comes this delightful picture of a cute Texan lass who is unafraid of picketing the private home of a quiet, unobtrusive gay couple. Oh, the tremendous bravery of this woman!

Will politicians arise and go forth and protect this gay couple who have to have this terribly rude and rather vicious in a petty way, female who is making a spectacle of herself? Think about how terrible it is to live in your own home with this floozy hanging about the entrance, mocking you, laughing at you, bullying you?

According to Desi's great blog, she belongs to a Baptist Church.

I always wonder about these sorts of people. Has it ever occured to them that what they are doing is terribly rude, crude, low class, stupid and whatever other negative things I can think of? Why do these sorts want to interfer with people's private lives? Who made it their business? Do you think she would be smiling if I stood in front of her and made fun of her poor choice of clothing and crude hat? Her silly face? Her sex choices? If her boyfriend comes up, should I laugh at him and tell him his pants are hanging down too low and he looks like a lout?

Of course, seeing that I am a woman, she and her buddies would become violent...unless I come armed, for example. For they are bullies and boy, there seems no end to these in Texas. I know from my own life that when people stand up to bullies, they collapse.

Of course, the bullies won't picket the homes of minorities who belong to gangs, that you can bet. Bet also, they roll up the windows and slither past such neighborhoods, shaking in their cowboy boots. Or they hire armed people to go in and fight real battles with people who shoot back.

Certainly, no chick would stand in front of the homes of dangerous people with signs telling them they will burn in hell.

After the last "election" we were all solemnly told that the Christians are in the driving seat and we should court them and respect them and...well...I will quote from this fine specimen of Southern Ladyhood: "God hates you."

Until some church drives up to this home and protects this couple, until a church rallys their people to get them to be civilized rather than vicious savages, I say, to heck with them all.

I remember once trying to get some churches to rally together to stop a local bully who happened to have some power, the family owning a nearby big business. They all chickened out. They thought it was OK for the kids to bully other children in school.

You get what you pay for in this world. And bullies love to think they are great. And alas, they get away with this. Too bad this chick ain't fighting a real war. Several Marine women were blown up the other day. Two of them were about her age.

Heh. Like in a rat's *ss.


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