Tuesday, July 12, 2005



The press gaggle is no longer gagged. They have begun to pester the Petulant Childe in the White House. During a photo-op, they pestered him so much he phased out the photos and phlipped them the phinger and phlung them out.

While working in the garden outside today, in between thunderstorms, I moved a rock and saw a nice, fat little toad with pert bulbous eyes. We photographed him and stuck him here on this page for all to admire. This set me to thinking, a dangerous thing to do, thinking.

From the Girl Scouts of America, no less!
(to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree)

Oh, KARL the toad, Oh, KARL the toad,
Why are you lying on the road?
Oh, KARL the toad, Oh, KARL the toad,
Why are you lying on the road?
You did not see the car ahead;
Now you're all marked with tire tread.
Oh, KARL the toad, Oh, KARL the toad,
Why are you lying on the road?
The picture of McClelland looking like he smells a dead skunk on said road, was in Reuters today so he got the top billing here. But the subject is Karl the Toad. He hopped into the middle of the Yellow Cake controversy and now is being run over by the Sheriff.

Earlier today, Bush decided the Nixonian "hang tough" method. He said nothing and did nothing. This comes natural to him, of course. From the NYT:
President Bush offered only a stony silence today when he was asked if he planned to fire Karl Rove, a senior aide at the center of an investigation over the unmasking of an undercover C.I.A. officer.

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
Karl Rove, center, and other officials in the Rose Garden on July 1 for remarks by President Bush.
But the war of words over Mr. Rove went on for a second straight day, with Mr. Bush's spokesman declaring that the president has confidence in Mr. Rove, the Republican national chairman joining in the defense - and a prominent Democrat saying that Mr. Rove should be fired. "Are you going to fire him?" the president was asked twice in a brief Oval Office appearance with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore. Both times, the president ignored the questions.

Then a White House aide signaled that the session was over. "Out those doors, please," the aide told journalists. "Thank you very much."
Uppity servants. Demanding the master fire his top flunky! How dare they!

Alas, poor Rovick! He and his boss told the press a year ago that if the leaks were traced to whoever, that person would be summarily fired! Pronto! Now that we know it is Rove, this is so yesterday. What promise? "We don't make promises," says Bush. So instead, Bush and Rove play Frogger to see how many reporter's questions they can dodge without being turned into an "x".

From Reuters tonight:
The White House broke its silence and said on Tuesday that President Bush continued to have confidence in his top political adviser, Karl Rove, despite his involvement in a scandal over the leak of the identity of a CIA agent.

But Bush and White House spokesman Scott McClellan balked at answering key questions about the case, as some Democrats stepped up calls for Rove to be fired.

McClellan said the White House was asked to remain silent by prosecutors investigating who leaked the identity of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame, an act Plame's husband said was meant to discredit him for criticizing Bush's Iraq policy in 2003.

"Any individual who works here at the White House has the president's confidence. They wouldn't be working here if they didn't have the president's confidence," McClellan told reporters in answer to a question.
Limited hangout modified plan. Bush pretends our interests are his interests. That we are worried Bush doesn't trust Karl with the silver spoons in Bush's mouth. So he assures us, he has full faith in this criminal who breaks the law.

I do say, Rove hasn't been arrested as many times as Bush, and this is the scrubbed records. The stuff Daddy hid...heaven only knows.

All I know is...Karl the toad was in the road...

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