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Fukuyama famously said history had ended with the great victory of the USA/Brit empires over the Soviet empire. Of course, history ignored his deluded lies and marched relentlessly forward. The USA/Brit empire over expanded hugely in the void and now is encountering the classic problems all over extended empires hit: it is so big, it is bankrupting the system due to grossly excessive military costs, diplomacy collapses due entirely to hubris and lastly, all empires drive all others to create alliances or to trianglate like crazy.

Everyone is doing this little game. Fooling empires into believing one is an ally while forming counteralliances behind that empire's back is classic. When WWI broke out, the scaffolding of so many triangular alliances was suddenly uncovered as everyone had to choose sides, the whole mess just slid off the cliff into destruction.

A couple of days ago, former dire enemies, Russia and China, held a series of interesting meetings and are now forming a very strong alliance. Together, they reeled in yet another partner, Uzbekistan. From the NYT:
Uzbekistan on Thursday threatened to evict the United States military from an important air base near the border with Afghanistan.

The United States was allowed to use the Soviet-era base, in Karshi-Khanabad after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States and continues to use it to support the continuing military efforts in Afghanistan.

The statement on Thursday from Uzbekistan's Foreign Ministry said it had allowed the base, where 800 American troops are stationed, to be established for the sole purpose of ousting Taliban rulers from Afghanistan.

"Any other prospects for a U.S. military presence in Uzbekistan were not considered by the Uzbek side," The Associated Press quoted the statement as saying.

The statement was released two days after a meeting of the Russia- and China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which called for the United States to set a timeline for withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan and Central Asia.
Ritualistically, the USA and Britain both condemned Uzbekistan for what we do routinely to Iraqis or Afghanis. When any of these unhappy people defy our authority, we send in bombers and troops and butcher anyone we can. Right now, today, we are seeing "Operation Scimitcar". From Yahoo:

About 600 U.S. Marines and Iraqi soldiers have launched a fourth offensive against insurgents in less than a month in a volatile western province in Iraq, the military said Saturday.

Operation Scimitar started Thursday with targeted raids in the village of Zaidan, 20 miles southeast of Fallujah. So far, 22 suspected insurgents had been detained. Fallujah was a major insurgent bastion until U.S. forces overran the city in November.

A U.S. Air Force Predator also conducted a strike Friday against militants near Qaim, an Anbar province town on the Syrian border, the military said. The Predator fired a Hellfire missile at a truck carrying rocket-propelled grenades and suspected insurgents.
Every few days, a new offensive is launched. We haven't the faintest idea how many civilians, how many children, are killed in these battles for they are not filmed, no one goes in to see the blown up houses or interview survivors.

They are the undead, the unseen. As outrage fuels fury in the empire's captitals, indifference blankets our own bloody deeds. We demand the world drop everything and soothe us and pet us while we slug near helpless peasants. When Uzbekistan imitated us, we tore off our bloody uniform and wrapped ourselves in the banner of human rights and condemned them.

Understandably, the ruler there is unhappy he is being singled out like this. Obviously, our rank double standards tick him off and tickle the former KGB officer, Putin, and the Chinese who don't hesitate to use the tools we use but pretend we don't use.

Back to the Uzbekis:
The relationship between the Bush administration and Uzbekistan, an autocratic and corrupt state with a poor human rights record, has become even more uncomfortable, though, since the May 13 events in Andijon, which human rights observers say left 750 people dead.

The United States leases the base at no cost, but pays the Uzbek authorities for jet fuel and base security. Uzbekistan contends that agreed-upon landing fees have not been paid in full and has sought more compensation for rebuilding infrastructure, environmental degradation, and inconveniences posed by the base.
Our empire will be forced to cough up tribute to this troublesome province. The fact that other empires can force us to do this is part of the "bankrupt the top empire" plans that all opponents to all past empires indulge in.

From Xinhaunet news:
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived here Saturday evening for her second China visit in four months since she took office in January.

During her stay, Rice is expected to confer with Chinese President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, and State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, while holding talks with Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, according to sources with the Foreign Ministry.

Both sides would discuss China-US relations, the Korean Peninsular nuclear issue and other issues of common concern.

China is the first leg of Rice's four-nation Asian tour, aimed primarily at finding ways to resume the stalled six-party talks on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.
Let me translate this into modern English: Condi is going to China to beg. She desperately needs to fix the North Korean leg of the Axis of Evil that Bush blabbered about back at his famous State of Disunion several years ago. Our surrender to the NK evil is not about finished. We will paint it as a great victory of our empire, of course, and the media and etc will pat Condi and Bush, the world's most inept diplomats, bar none, as great wheeler-dealers.

I wonder if Condi will attack the Chinese hosts for being torturers? Then we can talk about putting the present, pro-torture Att. Gen into the Supreme Court? I suppose the plan to make the Chinese drop their guard and laugh to death is still operative.

Bush thought his personal diplomacy in Scotland this week was great. He gave virtually nothing. He managed to sneer at the entire planet and tell everyone to literally drop dead and is winging home in triumph just in time to preside over another disasterous hurricane season. The Space Shuttle, which was supposed to wing into space had to be mothballed again due to global warming events. Oh well.

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