Wednesday, July 27, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I can remember all the way back to last month. As I recall, America's scolding diplomats were running around the planet telling all and sundry that dictators were evil and it was wrong to oppress people and China and North Korea are evil and so is Russia and everyone should imitate us.

We then praised "revolutions" like the Tulip Revolution in Kyzgystan. This revolution was started by demands of the people for better economic conditions. They held an election and what a surprise.

The President was forced to flee the country to Russia and was replaced by a vote of nearly 90% support for the former Prime Minister, Bakiyev. Sort of like Bush fleeing to Beijiing and Cheney taking over, no? From
Bakiyev had served as prime minister under Akayev in 2000-02, but had resigned after police fired on opposition protesters. He then moved over to the opposition, leading protests in March that culminated in an opposition takeover of government buildings in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, and Akayev's flight to Moscow. Bakiyev took over as interim prime minister, pending the new presidential elections.

At a July 18, news conference, his first after winning the election, Bakiyev told reporters: “This election can be called a convincing victory of the popular revolution.” He then went on to say that Kyrgyzstan intended to review the presence of US troops on its soil. He made no mention of the presence of Russian troops.
This revolution was no revolution but merely a changing of the guard and the old "new" leader knew Americn troops fighting their fellow Muslims are very unpopular so he had to promise them he would remove them.

Alas, they didn't get their wish. Overriding the desires of his own voters, today, he betrays them.
“The game the Americans are playing has some of the highest stakes going. What they are attempting is nothing less than the biggest carve-out of a new US sphere of influence since the US became engaged in the Mideast 50 years ago.
“The result could be a commitment of decades that exposes America to the threat of countless wars and dangers. But this huge venture — call it an Accidental Empire — could also stabilise the fault line between the West and the Muslim world and reap fabulous energy wealth for the companies rich enough and determined enough to get it.”

“From incidental sums fewer than five years ago”, the report added, “the amount of US investment in the region has jumped to $20 billion... Major investors include ChevronTexaco Corp, Exxon Mobil Corp., BP PLC, and Halliburton.”

The BusinessWeek article explained that key to these companies exploiting the oil and gas wealth of Central Asia is the construction of pipelines that lead south to the Persian Gulf or the Indian Ocean, where it can be shipped by tanks to the energy-hungry Japan and China. However, Washington wants pipelines “that will help its friends in the region and freeze out its enemies — especially the Iranians”.
Just before 9/11, Cheney had a series of secret meetings which he refuses to divulge even today despite many attempts of others to make him cough it up, concerning this region and how we can militarily occupy it and run it for our own profit, or rather, the profit of a clique of powerful men (the Queen of England benefits, too, but she doesn't run it).

From the Chicago Tribune:
Facing pressure from Russia and China to end America's military presence in two Central Asian states, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld won assurances Tuesday from Kyrgyzstan's new leaders that they would not shut down a U.S. base on Kyrgyz soil used for combat and humanitarian missions in Afghanistan.

The U.S. air base at Manas in Kyrgyzstan and its air base at Karshi-Khanabad in southern Uzbekistan have become vital cogs in American anti-terrorism operations in Central Asia.

Serving as important conduits for humanitarian aid and military equipment sent to Afghanistan, they also are seen as part of a shift in Pentagon strategy that establishes within the world's hot spots small, rapid response outposts that can be quickly ramped up during crises. Central Asia, home to numerous Islamic extremist and terrorist groups, is one of those hot spots.

The continued use of those bases was put in doubt by a declaration July 5 by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a security coalition made up of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The group called on the United States to fix a date for its pullout from its Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan bases.
What humanitarian stuff? Huh? I suppose blowing up peasants has been elevated into one of the seven virtues now? Let us be frank: our empire isn't "humanitarianing" anyone. Indeed, since my own childhood, if you want to rile a right winger or neo-con or old-con, just say, "humanitarian". They go bananas!

I put out a leaflet in highschool back in 1967 mocking this. The John Birch Society was deriding "creeping humanism in our schools" so my leaflet urged fellow students to seek out and report anyone seen creeping along the school halls. And to call the authorities if they spotted any creepy people. We took rather a great joy spotting the creepy people starting with my right wing Principal.

Well, the old new ruler of Kyzgystan has been bribed to keep our troops in his country. We will up the millions we pay him for this privilage. We intend to collect a profit by collecting money for oil. Of course, this profit is strictly for Halliburton and other oil soaked entities that are buddies of Bush.

We won't see a penny. Indeed, the great profits they will collect will be coming from us!

Note that once again, world oil prices have gone up. Note how the Texan and Saudi oil barons are weeping for us.

As a footnote---From Xinhuanet:
S Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld urged Iraqis to finish drafting a new constitution without delay as he arrived in Baghdad on a surprise visit on Wednesday.

"We don't want any delays," Rumsfeld told reporters on the flight to Iraq from Tajikistan. "Now's the time to get on with it."

The constitution drafters can call a six month extension on Aug.1 if they can not complete the charter before an Aug. 15 deadline.
OK. After a secret bribing session with a man who you can bet will become an unpopular dictator since he was part of a dictatorial duo just four months ago, now Rumsfeld has to secretly sneak into our province that is in full revolt to snap orders to the Quislings running the place for us, sort of, when we let them which is about as often as we let Karzai run things in Afghanistan.

Imagine the French going to our own Constitutional Convention and at gun point, ordering our Founding Fathers to "finish is quickly or else".

We are so amazingly f*cked.

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