Thursday, July 07, 2005


Symbols matter.

Today's terrorist attacks on London highlights the urgent need to understand the nature of rebellions since this is what our joint empire is undergoing. We are waging war on a determined people who are angry with us on a great number of levels.

The nature of a clever empire is to insinuate itself in distant lands by luring others into cooperation. Any empire that decides to gain success rapidly at the point of the sword ends up going bankrupt from a thousand small wounds as power hemorrhages away. Usually, bankruptcy sinks the imperial ships. Many empires have fallen into this trap. Sometimes, it is outright war of empire vs empire and the one that gains the most allies wins in the end but still goes bankrupt.

England's spectacular fall is such a case. They had to put the heart of the empire on rations for years after WWII to recover financially. The empire shrank to a tiny core. To recover, they had to be absorbed into a former colony.

Remember Vietnam? We were supposed to learn lessons from that bloody encounter that nearly bankrupted our empire. We studied it and wrote reams of books about it and then our leaders and military proceeded to learn exactly nothing from it. Here is an example of propaganda and bad tactics combining to show the world how clueless and stupid we are: From the Washington Post:
Rebels attacked a U.S. military medical team as it was helping villagers in the same region of eastern Afghanistan where a U.S. airstrike last week killed as many as 17 civilians, the U.S. military said Wednesday.

No one was wounded in the assault on the medical team, which took place Tuesday near the town of Asadabad in Konar province, a military statement said. U.S. forces responded to the attack with mortar fire, causing the insurgents to flee.

"It's incredible to us that the enemy would attack our forces while we are providing innocent Afghans with health care," said Lt. Col. Jerry O'Hara, a U.S. military spokesman.
Geeze. We used to do this all the time in Vietnam. We would go in, kill lots of peasants. If they shot back, we sent in the airforce to bomb villages killing women and children. We would then go in, kidnap the young men, demand they tell us where the leaders of the rebellion were hiding, torture them, and then to "fix" things and "make friends" we would helicopter into villages and provide medical care, toys for tots, candy and food. And then ask them to betray their native leaders!

And they shoot at us! Geeze, all we are doing is bribing them. Why can't they just cooperate with our imperial troopers who simply want them to all obey us and bow to us and beg for scraps from our table? How dare these brave, proud peasants defy us! We are there to paint schools, provide services and to enslave them to our will so we can loot their country nice and quiet.

Ahem. From the Guardian"
Al-Qaida in Iraq threatened to kill a kidnapped Egyptian envoy yesterday and posted pictures of his identification cards on the internet to prove he was in its custody.
The group, headed by the Jordanian-born militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, said there would be no mercy for Ihab al-Sherif, 51, who was snatched in Baghdad last Saturday.

"The sharia court of al-Qaida organisation in Iraq has decided to hand over the apostate, the ambassador of Egypt which is allied to Jews and Christians, to the mujahideen to carry out the punishment of the apostate ... and to kill him," said a web statement attributed to the group.
Al Qaeda hated Saddam. They rejoiced when their successful attack succeeded in pushing America and Britain into a war with their oldest and most hated foe. The bin Laden clan is very close to the Bush clan. They have interacted with each other financially and socially for 30 years. The bin Ladens know the Bush minds and their weak points very intimately and note how old bin Laden plays Bush like Nero's fiddle!

Step by bloody step, he dances Bush into his corner.

Back to the Washington Post:
The airstrike Friday also was in Konar and targeted a known terrorist base, the U.S. military said. But an Afghan government spokesman said the deaths of the civilians, including women and children, could not be justified.

The comments marked unusual criticism from the government of President Hamid Karzai, often derided by critics as an American puppet. The United States provides security for the president as well as hundreds of millions of dollars a year in aid to Afghanistan.

The reprimand also highlighted the Afghan government's concern that deadly mistakes could erode public support for the U.S. presence here.
There is no excuse for our bad tactics. Karzai sighs and explains to our generals and our stupid President how we should conduct our war in "his" country and we tell him to jump into a fiery lake. He tells us the obvious. Our little sub war in the mountains has hit the hornet's nest and now no American dares enter for any reason or they will be killed. This won't stop by killing more peasants. It will only get worse.

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