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From100 Years of Bicycle Posters by Darien House books

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush's popularity is down to the hard core right wing End of the World fantasists and a handful of rich people who are destroying our economy. NPR noted today that he is as popular as Nixon was on the eve of resigning.

Time to impeach the chimp, no?

Today, the Pentagon said they will send 1,500 more troops to help with the latest corner being turned in the Iraq Labyrinth. More soldiers were blown up today along with so many other people. The Israelis removed the illegal settlers in Gaza only to openly steal even more Palestinian lands around Jerusalem. Jerusalem's name had to be a source of irony for the gods that inhabit that place. It is probably one of the least peaceful places on earth.

Robertson's call to send out crazed assassins to murder democratically elected Presidents caused a bit of a flame out for him and the very last person to suggest this was a naughty thing for the leader of a large group of Republicans to do, was Mr. Bush himself.

Mr. Bubble Boy who is more terrified of assassins than anything but Cindy Sheehan who has this to say to him today:From
"President Bush charged Tuesday that anti-war protesters like Cindy Sheehan who want troops brought home immediately do not represent the views of most U.S. military families and are 'advocating a policy that would weaken the United States.'"

Bringing our troops home from the quagmire that he has gotten us into will be weakening the United States? George: even if you pretend you didn't know that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction and Iraq was not threat to the USA before you invaded -- Americans know differently. We have read the reports and the Downing Street Memos. We know you had to "fit the intelligence around the policy" of invading Iraq. I want to know what your real reasons were.

"In brief remarks outside the resort where he is vacationing, Bush gave no indication that he would change his mind and meet with Sheehan after he returns to his Texas ranch Wednesday evening. Sheehan lost a son in Iraq and has emerged as a harsh critic of the war."

I will be back in Crawford George: Even closer to you now in Camp Casey II. Why don't you channel some courage from my son and come down and face me. Face the truth. Your house of cards built on smoke and mirrors is crumbling and you know it.
Go read the whole letter. My, she is good. She hits so many nails on the head, she built a house. Bush builds a house of cards by reciting "9/11" and "Iraq" over and over again, like a child telling the same lie so many times he no longer has to even pause before blurting it out. If he had Pinnochio's nose, it would be poking all the way across America.

Being a creep, he crept off to visit far right wing co-conspiritors who infest the American Legion, odd how nearly all of them at the conventions are whites when so many blacks fought Vietnam for us!--and here, thanks to Atrios via Billmon
"The American Legion will stand against anyone and any group that would demoralize our troops, or worse, endanger their lives by encouraging terrorists to continue their cowardly attacks against freedom-loving peoples," Thomas Cadmus, national commander, told delegates at the group's national convention in Honolulu" . . . "We had hoped that the lessons learned from the Vietnam War would be clear to our fellow citizens. Public protests against the war here at home while our young men and women are in harm's way on the other side of the globe only provide aid and comfort to our enemies."
Editor & Publisher
American Legion Declares War on Protestors
August 24, 2005

(via Atrios)

Dear Mr. President:
The American Legion, a wartime veterans organization of nearly three-million members, urges the immediate withdrawal of American troops participating in "Operation Allied Force.''

The National Executive Committee of The American Legion, meeting in Indianapolis today, adopted Resolution 44, titled "The American Legion's Statement on Yugoslavia.'' This resolution was debated and adopted unanimously.

Mr. President, the United States Armed Forces should never be committed to wartime operations unless the following conditions are fulfilled:

That there be a clear statement by the President of why it is in our vital national interests to be engaged in hostilities;
Guidelines be established for the mission, including a clear exit strategy;
That there be support of the mission by the U.S. Congress and the American people; and
That it be made clear that U.S. Forces will be commanded only by U.S. officers whom we acknowledge are superior military leaders.
It is the opinion of The American Legion, which I am sure is shared by the majority of Americans, that three of the above listed conditions have not been met in the current joint operation with NATO ("Operation Allied Force'').

In no case should America commit its Armed Forces in the absence of clearly defined objectives agreed upon by the U.S. Congress in accordance with Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution of the United States.

Harold L. "Butch'' Miller,
National Commander

American Legion
Stunning, isn't it? I remember vividly how the howls on the right rang out like the shrieks of shrikes shredding mice back then! The cries of grief over the Blackhawk Down drowned out everything but Monica which was a screamaton to end all screamation!

They yelled that to support the troops, one had to attack the President. And they attacked. Many an assassin tried, too, flying planes into the White House for example which reminds me. The Republicans pretended that no one ever thought of anyone using planes to attack the White House before 9/11.

Shows us how brain dead people operate. They need memory pills. And a spanking with a brush and no dessert, either.

From the Sunday Mirror, England:
TONY Blair is expected to join one of the most exclusive groups of businessmen in the world after he leaves Downing Street.

The PM is being lined up for a highly lucrative position with the Carlyle Group - an American-based investment giant with strong links to the White House and the defence industry.

The firm has been nicknamed "The Ex-Presidents Club" because it has had a host of former world leaders on its books including George Bush Senior, his former secretary of state James Baker and former British PM John Major. There a also a large number of former US Army top brass.

Mr Blair has been keeping quiet about his plans after his departure from Number 10 - which could be as early as 2007 according to some Labour insiders.

But sources in the City have revealed that he is "seriously considering" a high-profile role with Carlyle - which manages $30billion (£20million) of investments worldwide.

The job could net Mr Blair up to £500,000 a year for only a few days work a month giving speeches and making "networking" trips on behalf of the company.

The move comes after it emerged that the premier's financial affairs are in an increasingly perilous state His dream home has crashed in value by £700,000 in just seven months and he and Cherie have to find £13,000 a month for the mortgage.
Hahaha. I predicted this five years ago! And as always, was right on the nose. The Japanese purchased Reagan, the Chineses and Saudis own the Bushes and the American elite own the British Prime Ministers. This is why Blair was Bush's poodle. He went to visit in the beginning and Bush showed him how Major betrayed England and got away with it.

So Blair betrayed the English people! See? Everyone owns everyone elses' leaders. This is called "globalization" and this is why, even if Diebold has no machines, no matter who anyone elects, they will be bribed or coerced or murdered. Like Robertson said about Chavez.

Remember: the big demonstration is in Sept in DC on the 24th. Be there. Impeach Bush! Arrest the traitors of America!

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