Tuesday, August 30, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

And now, hold on to your hat and canoe and paddle---the Washington Post talks to our very own bizarre chimpanzee at the golf resort he is swinging from the trees pretending to play golf: Bush babbles:
"In August 1992, after Hurricane Andrew flattened parts of South Florida, President George H.W. Bush swiftly visited the scene. But his gesture seemed hollow to many when it took several days for emergency supplies to arrive. . . ."

Flash forward to last summer, when four hurricanes ripped through Florida.

"The president responded with a massive outpouring of federal aid. The response by the Federal Emergency Management Agency initially was seen as robust and aggressive. Only later would FEMA be criticized for writing taxpayer-backed checks to those with dubious claims of damage."

Jennifer Loven writes for the Associated Press: "President Bush, urging prayer for Gulf Coast communities 'hit hard' Monday by Hurricane Katrina, weighed whether to release oil from petroleum reserves to help refiners, administration officials said. . . .
"Administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, said Bush seemed likely to authorize a loan of some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But details remained in flux and no decision was imminent, they said.

"The expected move would be designed to give refineries in the area a temporary supply of crude oil to take the place of interrupted shipments from tankers or offshore oil platforms affected by the storm. It would not be intended to keep a lid on soaring gasoline prices."
OK, the chimp used the usual unnamed semi nude pool party dudes to do the off the record junk. Obviously, this asshole thinks reaming us all out is business as usual. Why do po' white folk vote for this clown? Poverty rates have gone up every year he has swung from the chandeliers. The uninsured have gone up, too. 50% of the people who will be sick or hurt down South this summer can't go to a doctor!
What does Bush have to say about gas prices?

Here's a preview, from his Arizona speech: "I wish I could just snap my fingers and lower the price of gasoline for you. The markets don't work that way. I'd be snapping if I could do it. (Laughter.) But we've got a strategy and a plan to help you."
So, as people can't go to work or can but can't afford to put food on their families as gas soars past $3 a gallon, Bush won't snap his fingers but will...laugh...yes. Mr. Compassion thinks this is funny. All the fixed income people who will freeze to death next winter and the Farmer's Almanac says it will be very cold this winter!---are humor to him.

Florida was special but the WP won't point this out. Bush threw tons of money at the state because he was making a purchase: he got the votes for the election and helped his stupid brother out and we, the tax payers, foot the bill which was given to the Chinese.

Also from the WP:
China is willing to buy more U.S. goods to reduce its trade surplus and is eyeing energy deals despite Congressional opposition to state-run CNOOC's bid for U.S. oil firm Unocal, officials said on Tuesday, days before President Hu Jintao's U.S. visit.

But Chinese Foreign Ministry officials urged the United States to stop selling advanced weapons to China's rival, Taiwan, and not to play politics with its human rights record.

President George W. Bush will host Hu on September 5-8, a visit that caps months of rising trade friction as well as growing cooperation on stopping North Korea's nuclear arms ambitions.

China revalued its currency by 2.1 percent last month, but U.S. lawmakers have said they want more of a revaluation to address a trade deficit with China that is on track to surpass last year's record $162 billion.

"We are willing to import more U.S. goods," He Yafei, director-general of the ministry's Department of North American Affairs, told a news conference.

"We hope the United States will ease curbs on exports to China, especially curbs on high-tech goods," He said. The restrictions were imposed after the Chinese army crushed the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests on June 4, 1989.

He described the U.S. trade deficit as "complementary," saying cheap Chinese goods saved American consumers $20 billion each year and rein in U.S. inflation.
Time to learn Mandarin (ahem). They want weapon systems and oil. And we will be forced to sell both to them, won't we, gang? After all, who owns our President?

Ain't us!

Richard Morin writes on washingtonpost.com: "Slightly more than half of the country says President Bush should meet with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed last year in Iraq, who is leading a protest against the war outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, Tex., according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

"The survey found that 52 percent of the public says Bush should talk to Sheehan, who has repeatedly asked for a meeting with the president, while 46 percent said he should not. Fifty-three percent support what she is doing while 42 percent oppose her actions, according to the poll."
I am betting in one year that the only people who will want to meet with Bush will be his lawyers.

Schwarzenegger's poll numbers are lower than his buddy. Isn't this funny.

One last note about our chimp in chief: remember his press pool pool party? They pretended to have fun with this rotted beast. The pretend nondrinker? Well, it seems he wanted everyone but himself to be dressed in suits and ties! Some "pool party!"
In his pool report to colleagues yesterday, The Washington Post's Peter Baker noted the following: "Karl Rove was with POTUS and evidently unimpressed with your pooler's wardrobe, obtained at the all-night Wal-Mart in Waco last night thanks to American Airlines' impeccable talent for losing luggage. 'Wear a tie or at least a coat!' the deputy chief of staff admonished from his van as the pool ran by. No time to ask if he had an extra to spare."
Now, did the reporter spit in Rove's fat face and tell him he is a fat pig? Go to hell? What pool parties have this sort of poop running them?

Eh? What ails these people? If I went to a pool party and was told it was a formal with stiff manners I would think the person is Idi Amin or Baby Doc of Haiti! Or Saddam forcing one into a pool filled with shit which is what Bush does with these dumb cows called "reporters." I better warn Cindy that she doesn't want to hang out with this clown.

He is obviously deranged.

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