Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Home Sweet Home in Houston for hurricane victims?

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Govenor or Louisiana just announced they will remove everyone from the city starting with the shelters like the now infamous Super Dome. Living conditions are deteriorating so rapidly, they must remove all 30,000 victims of the hurricane as fast as possible, she said within 48 hours.

The interm plan is to move them to the Astrodome in Texas, of all places. Bush's backyard! This isn't a home or a hotel and it has no hope to hold people for more than a few days since there are no real rooms or beds or whatever people need, privacy, for crying out loud.

What are they going to do? Lock everyone inside? Or let them go where they will? Into Texas? This is going to be a real test, you know. The Govenor said people will not be allowed back for...get this: 16 weeks! This is the optimistic numbers! Namely, around New Years!

Like the other Great Mississippi Flood, it takes months to recover, actually years and years. It isn't an overnight thing like earthquakes where you shovel the rubble into the new foundations and immediately begin rebuilding. This is much messier and the underlying problem remains the basic unihabitability of the entire set-up for New Orleans. It is an illogical city with the same problems of Venice due to global warming only much worse since global warming is creating one massive hurricane after another aiming themselves at this fragile city. This wasn't even a direct hit. If it were, there would have been quadruple or more deaths.

We can't keep 30,000+ people in the Astrodome in Houston forever. During the Great Mississippi Flood, Hoover organized the food and shelter for everyone but for blacks, it became yet another punitive prison where they were put to work doing the dirty work under armed guards on horses with orders to shoot to kill.

But then, Hoover ordered those vets camping outside his house shot, too. Hmmm....Bush and Hoover have a lot in common, don't they? Yikes.

I don't see the Texans allowing all the minority males to run around Houston unattended with no jobs and no hope of jobs. This is going to get nastier and nastier. Displaced populations don't created happy outcomes.

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