Monday, August 01, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once again, Bush rules without consulting the Senate. This reminds me of the Roman Empire. Luckily, or from Sparky, my horse's view, unluckily, Bush won't make his favorite horse a Senator. Actually, appointing my proud and now bereaved gelding to the UN might be a smarter thing than putting this ugly, irritable, hostile and to my eyes, demented man in the international spotlight.

But then, this is how America wants to be seen. The Ugly American 2.0.

From the Voice of America:
President Bush is putting John Bolton in the job of United Nations ambassador without a Senate confirmation vote. The move came at a time when the Bolton nomination stalled on Capitol Hill.

Under the U.S. Constitution, the president has the right to install nominees without a confirmation vote during a congressional recess.

Shortly after lawmakers left town for their month-long August break, President Bush did just that. He said, because of partisan bickering, John Bolton was denied the vote he deserves.

"As a result, America has now gone more than six months without a permanent ambassador to the United Nations," he said. "This post is too important to leave vacant any longer."

The Bolton nomination proved extremely controversial in the Senate. A favorite of conservatives, he was seen by critics as too brash for the crucial diplomatic post. They alleged that during his tenure as head of the State Department's arms control office, he intimidated subordinates, manipulated information, and voiced disdain for the United Nations.

The White House denied those charges, calling Mr. Bolton a tough talker who speaks his mind.
Go to any insane asylum and you will meet lots of people who speak their minds, too. Ever play poker with a Foghorn Leghorn guy? Heh.

Diplomats who blurt out whatever is popping into their vastly underfunctioning brains are easy prey for real diplomats who weigh their words and carefully craft their sentiments and who are cold fish like, say, Mr. Tang who learned to be cautious while cleaning pig stalls during the Cultural Revolution. He hides his mind behind a very carefully built mask. Just look at his eyes.

And he can afford to smile these days. If the Chinese put in a puppet at the head of the USA so that the puppet would ruin this great country, this is exactly how it would unfold. Even alarmed people within the government can't stop this Manchurian Idiot, Bush will do what he will do when he will do it and he was told by Mr. Tang and his daddy that spitting in the world's eye is good. It will teach them all a lesson and they will cower in awe and fear.

Like the Iraqis.

And the Afghani peasants. Shivvering with terror at the tread of this Infant Terrible.

Hail, Caligula!

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