Friday, August 12, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

We had those stupid pictures of Bush driving around Putin's estate, waving his arms out the windows as if he were a five year old driving daddy's car for an indulgent grandpa. We had more driving pictures whenever anyone visits this infant, out trots the drive around and off they go, in circles.

Then, when bubble boy has to leave and go into the real world, he ain't driving anymore. He goes into his armor plated car and with his dark windows cranked all the way up, he roars off, avoiding all human contacts.

From the Houston Chronicle;
President Bush and his motorcade passed the growing camp of war protesters outside his ranch today without incident.

As Bush passed on his way to and from a political fundraiser, law enforcement blocked two intersecting roads where the demonstrators have camped out all week. Officers required the group to stand behind yellow tape, but no one was asked to leave.

The motorcade didn't stop.
You know, bubble head could have rolled down his window and waved. He loves to wave at photographers when he drives his toys around on various estates. He knows how to use the window electric open button. Press and presto! It opens.

But he drove by, hidden in Mommy Condi's lap.
Today, Bush arrived before noon at a neighbor's ranch for a barbecue that was expected to raise at least $2 million for the Republican National Committee.

About 230 people were attending the fundraiser at Stan and Kathy Hickey's Broken Spoke Ranch, a 478-acre spread next to Bush's ranch. All have contributed at least $25,000 to the RNC, and many are "rangers," an honorary campaign title bestowed on those who raised $200,000 or more for Bush, or "pioneers," those who have raised $100,000 or more.
All those oil people! They are happy. Very, very happy. The world price of oil shot up even more today. Happy, they are. Broken Spoke Ranch. How appropriate. Broken promises, broken speeches, broken brain. As America breaks down, just remember this: Bush can drive in circles if he is supervised.

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