Monday, August 22, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The biggest, fattest, ugliest lie of this young century has got to be the American excuses for invading a helpless country the UN disarmed. Right on the hells of the UN team certifying that there were no WMD, Bush and Blair conned their people into allowing them an invasion. They claimed there were hidden WMD and we would find them.

There were none.

This grave crime was buried under the fiction that we were freeing the people of Iraq. Well, we reopened and reoccupied Saddam's prisons and we replicated every one of his odious tortures. So much for that. We also claimed he was killing Iraqi civilians.

Well. Welcome to the "Kill and Iraqi Child" sweepstakes!

Then we pretended we were freeing Muslim women from hardliner religious bigots. Scratch that.

So here is Bush, today, trying to answer Cindy Sheehan and the other Gold Star Mothers Against the War. According to today's message, "We went into Iraq to make America safe." Yup. Before we went into Iraq, the number of Americans killed by Iraqis of any shape, color or size, for the previous 12 years was zero. The number of attacks on Americans abroad and at home by Iraqis of any sort was also zero. They didn't kill anyone, anywhere, that was American. The number of Iraqis participating in or around or about the 9/11 attacks were also exactly zero.

Today, they kill a dozen Americans a week. Week after week, they fight us. Of course, we attacked their homes! But the VFW guys don't care about that! They still think this is WWII and we are saving people from foreign invaders. Only we aren't. We are the foreign invaders!

Wherever we went in WWII, everyone cheered because we were expelling hated foreign invaders. Now wherever we go, everyone wants to get rid of us except for the prostitutes, pimps and our puppets. They love us. Everyone else thinks we are a blight. Unless they are making money off of us like Eastern Europe. We pay them and plenty of other despots, money so we can park our armies over in their countries.

Bush won't explain why closing a great number of bases here in America is going to make us safer. I still remember the fumblebums laying about, open mouthed with flies inside, glazed eyed as the Saudis successfully attacked us right at home without Bush even pausing in his book reading with kids or Rummy's solitaire game on his computer. It doesn't astonish me that Bush went after the wrong guy after 9/11.

From the NYT:
Defeating the "hateful ideology" of terror-mongers in Iraq will not only make Iraq and the Middle East safer, Mr. Bush said, but it will make the United States more secure - if not yet safe - in a world whose new dangers were brought home to America on Sept. 11, 2001.

"Terrorists in foreign lands still hope to attack our country," he said. "The lesson of Sept. 11, 2001, is that we must confront threats before they fully materialize."
The hateful ideology of terror is what the USA is all about. We even boasted about how "shock and awe" from our bombs and depleted uranium bullets would dismay and break the will of the Iraqi people and force them to bow to the Christians!

Well, that was one fat dud.

How our continuing to kill them will impress them into not fighting us, Bush refuses to explain. Nor will he offer his charming, drunk daughters to participate in this slaughter, either. Stubbornly, he and his hausfrau keep the wayward twins at home. They gad about, doing as they please, sticking their pink little tongues out at the rest of us.

Cindy Sheehan's son didn't stay home and lollygag about, drinking and laughing at others. He went to war and died. The continuing refusal of all the GOP children of draft age including the Congresspeople and others, to sign up and fight, is a victory for the "terrorists" because there is nothing less terrifying than a childish, weak kneed right wing kids trembling with fear because he or she might be blown up by someone they antagonized.

Bad news for Bushie: even in far rightwingland, Utah, about a thousand protestors showed up and some of them were the greatly feared Gold Star Mothers. The mayor of Salt Lake City joined the protest. It is growing, it is real, and it is terrifying Bush. He quakes with fear at the sight of the demonstrators which is why they are kept far, far away.

The distance grows smaller each week. Join us on Sept. 24 for the great demonstration in DC!

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