Sunday, August 21, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bubble Boy's cleaning crew are desperately trying to explain why they can't ever meet with angry mothers of dead soldiers:From the Washington Post:
Some of Bush's aides acknowledge now that they did not anticipate the reaction to turning Sheehan away, but they also are not expressing any regrets about it. These aides maintain that one of the strengths of this White House is a willingness to resist "what appears to be the easy PR route," as one aide put it, and to have the discipline to stick to long-laid plans.
Yo, long range plan according to the Pentagon is for at least 4000 more troops blown up as we try to occupy Iraq for at least four more years! That will make over 6000 possible angry moms of dead soldiers banging at Bush's front door! He will show strength by telling them to shove it, he is fit and healthy and wants to get on with his life unlilke them.
A former White House official said the Sheehan decision reflected a policy that Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. has enforced for five years on everyone from donors to governors to top aides. "If you want a meeting with the president, you will never get it," the official said. "If you need a meeting with the president, you will get it 100 percent of the time. Otherwise, he'd have a thousand meetings a day."
Earth to anonymous official: Cindy not only needs a meeting, she deserves one! She has paid the dearest price for a meeting with the man who recklessly and foolishly and illegally sent her son to his early grave! I can't imagine anyone having more pressing need to meet with this booby than she.

Bush could bike with a bikerider who refuses to sign up to fight in this war. Bush ate dinner with money baggers who bagged him with money. So what was their needs?

Oh, yes, tax cuts!
Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said Bush's focus on the long term rather than the immediate is "part of what, to his supporters, is steadfastness and, to his critics, is stubbornness."

"If you allow those who are the most vocal and most antagonistic to get a meeting with the president for fear that publicity will hurt you if you don't, you're creating incentives for your critics to become even more antagonistic and more vocal," Fleischer said. "Then, you're forever stuck in: Will you or won't you meet? You'll no longer lead. You'll just wrestle with meetings."
The Fuehrer who leads has no time to meet with people who object to the direction he is leading us quaint. Straight out of the Hitler playbook.

So, booby bubble boy thinks that if he acknowledges there is opposition, it will only grow, but if he spits in our collective eyes and makes funny faces and laughs at us behind a screen of armed assassins, then he is a leader? The Washington Post wanted to host the 9/11 Run for Rummy celebration and they support the war even now so I suspect they genuinely, in this stupid article, think they are persuading people that bothering the Fuehrer von Booby Boy is uncalled for and just plain wrong. One shouldn't petition to talk to der Fuehrer. They should only follow orders they read in the Washington Post!

This is probably why the WP hasn't done a poll lately. Heh.

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