Sunday, August 14, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Archeologists have recently dug up this original painting done right after the British surrender to General Washington. The artist thoughfully recorded what was said that memorable day.

Because our Constititution was written at bayonet point by William Pitt and signed by King George, we now understand why we don't have a real democracy and never really had one, right? After all, putting people in prison without trial or going on imperial war adventures without voting for war, dispossessing people of their homes so favored courtiers can build marinas for their pleasure craft, we now understand our true status vis a vis the Throne.

After surrendering to the King (God save the Queen! Long live the Queen, yadda yadda) we are now working as mercenaries, forcing other people to sign constitutions against their will.
fFrom the BBC:
The militants have also warned they will kill any Sunni Muslims working on the new constitution - a threat apparently carried out during Tuesday's attack in Baghdad.
In the firestorm of what used to be Iraq, the effort to ram through a constitution continues. We don't have enough robots or long range missiles to work on corralling these pesky people into writing what we dictate. But we will grimly go forwards with this effort. More soldiers of ours were blown up today. A heap of corpses, American Redcoats and Iraqi Whigs, pile up all around Baghdad. But we will get that document out or else.

Our ruler, King George the Dimwit, threw a temper tantrum yesterday, demanding the Iraqis finish the stenography. But do they?

Noooo. Instead, they complain! From Yahoo:
"The Americans say they don't intervene, but they have intervened deep," Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish member of the constitution committee, told the paper.

"They gave us a detailed proposal, almost a full version of a constitution. They try to compromise the different opinions of all the political blocs," Othman said.

"The US officials are more interested in the Iraqi constitution than the Iraqis themselves, because they promised their people that it will be done August 15."
It has to be done while the King is in Waco so he can trot outside his castle and wave it in front of the bereaved mothers besieging his home. He wants to dismiss these pesky people who dare to remind him about those he has killed.Via
From the NYT:
For the second time since the Iraq war began, the Pentagon is struggling to replace body armor that is failing to protect American troops from the most lethal attacks by insurgents.
And how many armored plated ships did we churn out during WWII each month? 30? 50? Of course, the Pentagon hopes to have six robot killer Humvees in a couple of years. 50 dead soldiers a month times 36 months=1800 more dead. So, the real question is, will 3,800 angry mothers be able to change King George the Insane's mind?

A King George mind is a terrible thing and is wasted, too.

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