Wednesday, August 10, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Over and over again, despite Bush's party running the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, he can't pass his far right wing picks so he resorts again and again to putting people in during vacations. This refusal to cooperate with the rules that ran our nation is a clear sign the Presidency has become a dictatorship.

If the rule was split, one could understand trying to keep the government running but this isn't the case at all.

From Bloomberg News:
President George W. Bush today named Eric S. Edelman undersecretary of defense for policy, using his power to make temporary appointments while Congress is in recess to overcome potential Democrat opposition to the nomination.

Edelman replaces Douglas Feith in the No. 3 position at the Pentagon. Feith helped plan the war in Iraq and the postwar occupation, and those roles made him the target of criticism from opponents of the March 2003 invasion.

Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee led by Carl Levin of Michigan, their ranking member, stalled Edelman's nomination to force the release of documents related to a specialized intelligence unit Feith set up before the conflict. Levin said the unit produced assessments alleging still unproven links of Iraq to terrorist groups to justify the invasion.

The committee sent Edelman's nomination to the full Senate July 29. Republican John Warner of Virginia, the panel chairman, was unable to organize a floor vote and asked Bush Aug. 1 to make Edelman a recess appointment, said Warner spokesman John Ullyot.

Bush's appointment puts Edelman in the job until January 2007, when a new Congress convenes. A recess appointment, one of the executive powers in the Constitution, is typically used when a president believes a nominee can't get a fair hearing or a vote in the Senate.
The nominees got fair hearings. The deaf people here are the Bush people. The Republicans. They won't allow the Senate to "consult" but rather, want it to rubber stamp all choices of the dictator without question.

This is why they won't turn over any Roberts papers. They want to control access to all information so they can lie when appearing at the rubber stamp hearings. Roberts' paper trail as well as Bolton's and Edelman's, is what is at issue here and the three of them don't want us to see the information.

The previous choices by Bush for these positions were all disasters...except for the Supreme Court, this is his first chance to wreck that institution. The free flow of information is vital to all democracies and this is what is in full collapse here. When the GOP shut down the government fighting with Clinton, they did that for ideological reasons, not because Clinton was refusing to follow our ancient customs and rules.

These violent reactionaries want to turn by the social and political clock to pre-civil war times. The anti-ante-bellums.

Edelman, like Boulton, will be allowed to rule the roost until 2007. This is not some stop-gap appointment. After reading about all those do nothing goof-offs in today's Washington Post, it makes me wonder.

How long will it take for all those "drown the government in the bathtub" to drown so they can leave us alone? Eh?

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