Monday, August 22, 2005


Editorial by Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like everything our Bankrupt Midas, Bush, touches, Iraq has devolved into the opposite of what we claim we are doing there. Like Afghanistan, when we "freed" them they immediately enslaved the women there. Iraq was the most liberal, free Muslim country for women under Saddam but now, thanks to USA interventions, they are eliminating women's rights ruthlessly.

This reminds me of our own Supreme Court: Bush is replacing the first woman judge with a far right wing ass who hates women's rights up and down and all around. He is a Mulberry Mullah. He wants to come in under the radar but note, this anti women's rights monster is replacing the only other woman on the Supreme Court.

Another reason to impeach Bush. This backward bubble boy is very destructive for us. Maybe he really hates his mom? Gack. Whatever psychology this pathological pyromaniac thinks, it is obvious that he, the man who kisses Saudi men and holds their hands and gooses them on the rear is a danger to all women all across the planet.

Not only has he cut birth control funding, internationally as well as at home, he reduces our influence and powers except for Condi, his mistress, who gets to mess up the world with her lover.

The Iraqi constitution which we are trying to ram down the throats of the city dwelling Sunni women is a regressive document that unlike our own which clearly states the church and state must be utterly seperate, they want to mimic Israel's way of doing things where one religion is favored above all others and the others can be dispossessed or removed or killed with impunity.

This model, the "Our clan is better than your clan" is followed in many places on earth and always is a catastrophe over the years. India struggles mightily with this, the religious/clan clashes burning down whole cities sometimes. China has dealt with this matter by becoming "modern", ie, merit and effort can get anyone ahead. They brutally suppress religious activity in order to maintain this modernism. But here in America, many want to kill modernism and replace it with glorified gang wars, namely, the women are either sluts or old ladies and outsiders can be killed or robbed and everyone sticks to their buddies on Harleys and kill all opposition.

What a mess.

This is gravely weakening America. Texas, the heart of the "gang/clan" rule ethos, just tipped the scales and there are more minorities there than gang/clan members of the ruling junta. The "white" people in Texas are already reacting to this news in unpleasant ways which is why they are forming crews to patrol the borders and keep "those people" out.

To make the war for oil popular, the anti-women right wingers had Laura Bush visit Afghanistan and Iraq and proclaim the victory of women's modernarity. But she was lying just like she lies every night in bed, letting her husband sleep wherever he wants, saying nothing so long as she has her booze, her servants and her drunken wild daughters nearby. She doesn't need modern civil rights because she can literally run over whoever she wants and drink whatever she wishes and no one is allowed to interfere, stop her or even note that she is a lush who has killed in the past.

Like the rulers of old, the women had many rights and could bugger whoever they wanted and live however they wished, the fight for women's rights is alongside the fight for worker's rights or civil rights for dispossessed clans/religions. Namely, everyone becomes a Queen. This is what equality is all about.

Roberts is a disaster and he should be filibustered out. He is bad for America, bad for the world, bad for women, bad--bad---BAD. Our attempts at foisting a fake constitution on Iraq is bad--bad--BAD too. And Afghanistan, like Iraq, is burning down because we are imposing on them, too. We don't want to fight to save women, we are there to kill people and they irritate us as they contend with our masculine military might.

When we go to DC in September, and I will post the bus information as it develops next week--one of the things we will be demonstrating for is for our feminine civil rights.


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