Monday, August 29, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush has handed out the Medal of Freedom and other top awards and pay bonuses and promotions to anyone and all who fuck up. He is single minded in this. Mess up an invasion? Use too few troops? Spend a fortune of taxpayer money?

Get promoted and awards! Or let bin Laden attack America and kill many people? Become Secretary of State! Fall on your sword to prevent public anger at Bush? Get more awards!

There are those who serve America. They get attacked and pay cuts, are driven out of service. Today's Golden Scapegoat awardee is the woman who exposed Cheney's chums as rip off artists. From Wimpling Wings:
The Army finally got around to firing Bunnatine Greenhouse, the principal civilian responsible for awarding contracts on behalf of the Corps of Engineers. She raised a lot of dust by questionning why Halliburton, the Vice President's former employer, was awarded - over her objections - billions without competitive bidding. This generally is the fate of whistleblowers: unemployment. Here is someone who was responsible for spending our tax dollars, and she took her responsibilities very seriously, too seriously, of course, for the inbred, old-boy, back-slapping parasites who view the U.S. Treasury as a rewards programs for political pals.

My guess is that the boys in charge consider her inflexible. That's the term they always use when someone insists on following the rules the old boys themselves put in place. She could be said to be lacking in vision, because that's how the crooks rationalize their thievery: they have vision. She'd also be derided as a bureaucrat, which translated means anyone who isn't in on the superliner gravy train.
One previous recipient of this award, FBI agent Coleen Rowley, is now running for office after she was shoved out the door for writing reports complaining about the FBI supressing her investigation of one of the potential 9/11 hijackers. From Outside the Beltway:
"I'm concerned about the direction of the country," Rowley said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "We have done things that have made us less safe, among them the Iraq invasion and the loss of our allies and the moral high ground in international affairs."

Rowley, 50, was named one of Time magazine's Persons of the Year for 2002 after writing a critical memo on FBI intelligence failures.

She had sought a seat this year on the new Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, designed to ensure that government actions in the war on terror do not infringe on people's rights. But when President Bush appointed members of the board earlier this month, Rowley's name was not on the list. She said that was a factor in deciding to run for Congress.

Rowley will face an uphill campaign in a conservative district that Kline won by 16 percentage points last year. Also, Kline's opponent in that race, Teresa Daly, might run again. Daly did not return phone messages Tuesday, but her 2004 campaign manager, Darin Broton, said, "If I was betting, I'd say she will run."
At least, unlike the FBI top investigator of bin Laden, O'Neill, she wasn't killed on 9/11 (possible oversight, this!).

It strikes me more and more that the Golden Scapegoat awards are nearly exclusively for women! One after another. Of all the pro-torture people running our gulags for Muslims, the only top official punished was a woman general! And of course, good old Lynndie English. A dual award, for sure.

Greenhouse irritates the Bush/Cheney crime duo the most because she is interfering with their looting the Treasury. Maybe we should alert old Skull and Bones Greenspan about this! Heh. He yapped about budget deficits just last Saturday! He wants fiscal responsibility. Time for him to attack these free spending free booters.

Eh? Do I hear the sounds of complicit silence? Yooohoo. Greenspannie! Hellllo?

I am very angry about Halliburton. I believe this stupid war was launched to save Halliburton's ass because they were going bankrupt right before 9/11 due to asbestos lawsuits. Note that Cheney and Bush want to limit class action lawsuits against companies!

Then there is Ken Lay. Here is an obvious criminal. And he isn't being swatted around by the press, is he? He is nearly as invisible as good old buddy boy, bin Laden, friend of the Bush clan. Hi ho. Where do they park all these men?

In the YMCA?

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