Monday, August 15, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

When I protested against the war during Nam, I was taking my life into severe danger, the possibility of being beaten or shot was fairly high before 1969. We were relentlessly attacked and I used my considerable fighting skills (training helps) to keep alive.

One thing, though. The police and the courts were our enemies. They did nothing to protect us, they joined in the attacks.

From Yahoo:
A man fired a shotgun into the air as about 60 anti-war protesters held a religious service on the road to President Bush's ranch.

Sheriff's deputies and Secret Service agents in the area of the demonstration site Sunday rushed to the home of Larry Mattlage after the shots were fired but did not arrest him.

"I ain't threatening nobody, and I ain't pointing a gun at nobody," Mattlage said. "This is Texas.
Yeah, this is Texas, all right. OK to lynch blacks or drag them behind trucks. OK to terrorize and harass liberals. OK to shoot at people praying if they aren't praying for money and power.

Excuse me, but this is fake. If I were to go to Texas and shoot guns over the heads of people praying in those mega churches, I would be arrested if not shot. One of our readers was visited by three SS agents because he wrote about how he would like to see Bush put on trial and executed. But right next door to a whole nest of SS agents, a man can threaten people praying in the road and they show zero interest in arresting him.

This attitude that it is OK to shoot guns at people praying is bizarre as well as insane. The peaceful protestors anger cowards like this Texan white male because they are a challenge to his private delusions which are carefully cultivated by the rulers who need creeps like him to protect them from protestors who want to stop the death machine they are building.

The fact that he wasn't arrested really riles me because it is illegal to discharge a gun on a public road for any reason. If a hunter shoots over a road, he is arrested. Period. It is totally illegal. If this man didn't shoot his gun on his property, he shot it on a public road. Even if he shot over the people there, he could have shot anyone near by. His violence is like that of an abusive husband who doesn't hit his wife but terrorizes her by breaking the furniture right next to her.

His goal was to shut down a legal demonstration. He should be arrested. The fact that he isn't is a crime. I want the sheriff arrested for not keeping the peace. Peaceful demonstrations are just that: peaceful. They aren't stopping traffic. They aren't blocking abortion clinic doors.

They are on the side of the road, protesting, protected by the Constitution. That thingie the right hates so much. The thingie we are supposed to be encouraging the Iraqis to write. I hope the authorities reconsider. This criminal claimed he was preparing for "dove hunting" which is code for shooting antiwar demonstrators.

NEW INFORMATION: Here is the transcript and pictures of the incident. From the Lone Star Iconoclast Pictures show the man had been drinking. And it is obvious he was being very hostile. The Sheriff was hostile to questions about how they coddled this obviously deranged man.

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