Monday, August 08, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like the miners trapped underground in China, our soldiers are trapped in the cul de sac of Iraq and all attempts to rescue them seem futile. It looks like the Chinese leadership is finally figuring out that they have a responsibility for protecting mine workers but the soldiers in Iraq are not so lucky.

It seems the leaders in Washington remain clueless and deluded.

From Associated Press:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the insurgency in Iraq is losing steam as a political force, even as Democratic congressmen warned Sunday that violence jeopardizes plans for withdrawing some troops.
The 30,000 troop withdrawl keeps popping up in the news every few months. Thanks for all the Ohio troopers who died trapped down a dark mine shaft trapped in Iraq, once again, the mythical troop withdrawl is resurrected.

The Pentagon, PNAC and Bush have gone from "the generals don't want more troops" to "the troops will come home when hell freezes over--- Bush gets impeached--- when demonstrators burn down the White House--- Iraq is stabilized."

Iraq can't be stabilized. We are trying to impose Saddam 2.0 there but we won't put in this person because Saddam is still alive and no one wants to surplant him if there is even a faint possibility of him surplanting them. The lunatic kangaroo trial we plan for Saddam recedes as quickly as the mirage of Iraqi stability thanks to the fact that there is precious little difference between Saddam and us. Our war crimes are now so great, so various, so complete that we look like fools, trying him for killing villagers.

Just yesterday, our jets were straffing peasants and bombing their hovels in Vietnam style raids on the countryside. We have leveled whole cities and put the population to the sword, so to speak, such as Fallujah. We have allowed the civil rights of women to seriously degrade to the point of despair over there. From Kurdmedia:
Thousands of Kurdish women marched in northern Iraq on Wednesday against an interim Governing Council decision to repeal long-standing secular family laws, once the most advanced in the Arab world.
The alarm in Iraq rises. Like Afghanistan, American triumphalism coupled with deals with really horrible people=loss of significant civil rights for women and minority religions. In other words, our policies extend the power of fundamentalist Muslims. Back to the AP article about Clueless Condi:
"It's a lot easier to see the violence and suicide bombing than to see the rather quiet political progress that's going on in parallel," Rice said.

"If you think about how to defeat an insurgency, you defeat it not just militarily but politically," she said, adding that she believes the insurgents are "losing steam" politically.
I bet poor Powell, living in GOP obscurity, is glad he let her take over. Imagine him being forced to mouth such insanities.

All the pandering to the reactionary Muslim men continues to backfire. From the BBC:
The United States has closed its embassy and two consulates in Saudi Arabia for two days in response to a terror threat, the embassy has said.
US citizens in the country have been urged to keep a low profile, in the embassy's second warning in a month.

Australia and Britain have also revised their travel advice because of "credible reports" of terror attacks.

But the Saudi authorities say they have no information of an imminent attack in the oil-rich kingdom.

The warnings, in what is the world's largest oil exporter, have helped push crude oil prices to a new high.
We will all feel this in our wallets. This is probably why it makes nearly no major headlines in America.

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