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Meet our real rulers, #4: Ambassador to the UN for China, Mr. Wang Guangya.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As usual, as I scan the news, a single line jumps out at me and makes an impression. The official news services of the communist Chinese are like an orchard, the branches hang low with juicy fresh fruit. From Xihuanet:

The United States and China have agreed to work together to block a plan tabled by Japan, Germany, India and Brazil, to expand the powerful United Nations Security Council, China's U.N. ambassador said Wednesday.

The Associated Press quoted Chinese Ambassador Wang Guangya as saying he reached the agreement with John Bolton during a meeting Tuesday, which was the new U.S. ambassador's first full day in his new post, because both believe the proposal by Brazil, Germany, India and Japan would divide the U.N.'s 191 member states.

Washington and Beijing are already on record as opposing the so-called Group of Four resolution for different reasons, but the agreement would mark a new joint effort to prevent its approval by the U.N. General Assembly, which requires a two-thirds "yes" vote.
Now, I have been tracking this obscure topic for quite a while. Just recently, the USA lured Japan into thinking they could be put on the Security Council then China suggested Germany should and then it was pulled to and fro while all the diplomats pretended to be doing things when they were really positioning themselves for quite different things.

The only way to track them is to keep your eye on the individuals involved. Who are they and what are their plans?
Wang and Bolton, who have known each other for about 15 years, met again Wednesday outside the office of General Assembly President Jean Ping, part of a round of courtesy calls the U.S. envoy is making to Security Council members and senior U.N. officials.

"There's a lot of important work," Bolton said. "It's a very busy schedule in the first couple of days, and I think it's been productive and I'm certainly enjoying myself."

He wouldn't discuss his meetings with Ping or council members.
Haha. You can bet your bottle caps Mr. Bolton isn't going to tell us anything about his private discussions with his Chinese masters! Gads, they are so open about China. This does amuse the Chinese, I suppose, letting us know just how far they own our own leaders and negotiators. Thanks.

The Chinese know who to cultivate. When they watched with amused astonishment as Reagan openly collected bribe money from the Japanese and was cheered for this crime, they knew who to target.

When Clinton unexpectedly (no Diebold machines!) won the Presidency, they tried to buy him but do note, they snarled at him, a lot. The Chinese people were very charmed by old Bill Clinton which caused the Chinese communist leaders to scowl and frown.

But now, all is well. The purchases are finished.

Of course, China and America and Russia do not want to dilute their power over the Security Council. Nothing will change. But the movement for change allowed them to have excuses for secret meetings. The triangulation of power between these three giant empires is now going ferociously forwards. The USA is now led by a group that is more interested in making money for themselves despite how bad this is for their home base.

Here is Wang's biography.He studied in Britain during the Cultural Revolution years (none of the present crew running China have fond memories of that time!). He went to the London School of Economics. You can bet, since this isn't a legacy venue, he is extremely smart and understands the fundamentals of economics better than most of us and certainly, more then those negotiating with him at the top levels.

He then went as a translator to the UN and then to John Hopkins University (at government expense). He then bounced back to the UN. I gave him a lot of grief when I was helping the Chinese students demonstrating in front of the UN. He was not at all pleased with us.

The chummy relationship of our negotiators with the people we are in a very grave economic/political struggle with, should frighten and concern everyone, absolutely everyone. Even as our Pentagon plans for WWIII possibilities with China as our opponent, we see our rulers glad handing and goofing around, in private with these very same people.

Let me explain something about the Chinese: every conversation, every visit, every encounter is carefully recorded and examined. They do this with an open mind, studying the mannerisms, the tics, the language, the emotions of those they want to "bag". Like lions studying zebras.

The Chinese prefer private meetings and they smile and offer drinks and smile more, all very friendly. But trust me, not a word passes their lips that isn't vetted carefully. The intelligence level of Mr. Wang is extremely high. Look at his face. It shows great intelligence.

Bolton is out of control. The Chinese do not admire him, they probably trade stories about him and laugh. They desperately wanted him to sit at the other side of the negotiating table. They will play him like a fiddle.

Here is a slightly unrelated story but revealing in its own way: From Xinhuanet:
sco Systems' China chief will leave his current post but continue to work for the firm, the world's biggest computer networking equipment manufacturer, a company source said yesterday.

Duh was the first president of Microsoft China before joining Cisco China as the country president in 1998. Prior to that, he also worked at Hewlett Packard for more than ten years.
Duh, born in Taiwan, is said to be one of the most successful Chinese executives working for the China operations of major global technology giants. With a keen understanding of western corporate management as well as Chinese culture, Duh has helped turn China into the fifth largest market for Cisco.

In June Duh said he hoped for a double-digit growth of Cisco China for this year, and expected to move 40 per cent of Cisco's outsourced manufacturing to China by 2006.

But Cisco's global operations later backed away from the estimate, saying in a statement that it will maintain "geographically balanced" production.
He almost sucked into China all of Cisco who backed down, but only for the time being, and the result was, this guy jumps ship and continue elsewhere. Note how he hits on one vital sector after another.

And note how jobs here in America dry up.

There is a connection, you know. You got to admire them all, they certainly are slick. And smart. But then, America wants to admire blunt stupidity.

What a mess.

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