Friday, August 12, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Looks like Viggo Mortensen, aka, Aragorn, visited Cindy Sheehan. I'll tell you what, I would happily camp in front of Viggo's home for a month to meet him! Except my husband won't let me.

Indeed, the meeting with Bush is just a front. Except for a chance to humilate him, the last person Cindy wants to see is Bush. On the other hand, meeting voom! Lucky! We have the really cool guys on our side! We got the power! Ah.

I must say, Cindy is doing really well. According to the news, some stay at home tough guys are beginning to harrass her, honking horns continuously and speeding by, raising dust. As if that will stop this brave Hobbit woman! She isn't big but like Gandalf used to say, "tough as tree roots" not to mention, incredibly brave, going to the Gates of Mordor itself to protest!

By the way, where is Gandalf? Hmm...must contact him.

Today, the sheriff of Nothingham told our fair Maid Marion that she needs proper toilets in her camp. So of course, people like Viggo show up to assist her in the quest for port-a-potties.

This is serious business. I remember when the Chinese students, protesting the student massacre in Beijing, were camping in front of the UN. I had my own private toilets and the Organization for African States let us use their indoor facilities during business hours. But thousands of Chinese showed up to protest and I was on the phone on the corner, arguing about getting enough toilets and the city wasn't helping me, they wanted the police to clear the square. A man tapped me on th shoulder and said, "Can I help you?" and I turned around and yelled, "I need fifty port-a-potties!" and then dropped the phone because it was Gov. Mario Cuomo, laughing. He got on the phone and got me my toilets. The protests rolled on.

Gads. Now there is a man. Unlike Bush.

Bush isn't Sauron. He is Gollum. Jappering in odd turns of the tongue, hiding from everyone, wailing about his ring of power, he took over Mordor somehow, with the help of Rove/Cheney as Saruman the Fat. Anyway, they all are evildoers.

We are supposed to be at war to end the reign of terror of evildoers. Go, Cindy!

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