Tuesday, August 23, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

They had a fair sized protest in the reddest of the red states and now the chimp chump show is up in super right wing White Powerland, Idaho, and guess what?

The Cindy Sheehan effect is still a powerful pull even up there! From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
As the names of the nearly 1,900 American soldiers who have died in Iraq were read over a microphone, Melanie House hushed her 8-month-old son.

"Nothing is going to justify my husband's death," said House, whose husband, U.S. Navy medic John Daniel House, was killed in a January helicopter crash. "Why are we there? What is President Bush trying to get out of this? Why must my son be fatherless?"

House was among more than 100 protesters who gathered at a park across from the Idaho Statehouse on Tuesday, on the eve of President Bush's speech in nearby Nampa.

The protesters want the soldiers to come home from Iraq. Bush's address is expected to focus on why the administration wants them to stay.
And how often did he mention Israel and oil? Not once? Heh. Cindy wants to chat with him and since she went on line and learned from the non mass media masses of bloggers and researchers here, she can chat about Halliburton and the Saudi/bin Laden/Bush crime family connections and all sorts of PNAC goodies the media goes to great lengths to hide. But of course, according to Bush, we are fighting for a constitution in Iraq, one that apes...Iran! So. And who was part of the Triple Entant? Or was it the Evil Trifecta? Or was it the Triad of Terror? Anyway, Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Seems they are all doing pretty well, kicking our political asses, aren't they?

The Terrible Enfant, Bush, feels that if we just stay the course and curse the dark and light our asses on fire, we will prevail. Of course, he and his toadies still aren't volunteering anything to this war. Their children are still goofing off. I wrote a fine fettle lady, Kathleen Parker the barking bat lady of Florida who attacks Cindy Sheehan, saying,
On Saturday, a caravan of military families who support the war in Iraq is scheduled to arrive in Crawford. The backlash battalion, which is calling itself the "You Don't Speak For Me, Cindy" tour, started in San Francisco Monday and is composed of parents whose sons and daughters are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Among those leading the caravan is Deborah Johns of Northern California Marine Moms, whose son, William, is a Marine in Iraq. Her sentiments are typical of other military families who sympathize with Sheehan but feel she's hurting others.

"I am deeply sorry for Ms. Sheehan's loss," said Johns, who also is starring in a commercial she is producing. "However, Ms. Sheehan's actions are only causing pain to those of us who have loved ones serving in the war against terrorism."
Ah, the calvary of outraged pro warriors! They already are being bogged down in California, ambushed by outraged Gold Star Mothers and Fathers as well as bereaved widows and orphans. What commercial is this right wingloon mother going to film?

"My only son is dead and buried forever and he was blown up by unknown people in Iraq and I think you should go there too, and join him in being blown up!"

Or how about this: "My son came home in a casket and I got a pretty flag to hug. You can do this too! Sign here and get a free funeral, at night, of course."

Or this: "My son is dead. Why is yours alive. Tell him to haul ass out here now! Sign up to fight."

I can see the recruiting stations filling with eager responders.
In practice, of course, it means that people lost in their emotions get a pass from the usual standards of debate and fair play, as Sheehan has. That's about to change. As others arrive in Crawford who share Sheehan's grief and her moral authority — but not her politics — her free pass expires.
Oh, that emotional mother, ticked off over a monkey mad war! Her free pass, honey buns, was bought at the most precious of prices: her beloved son is gone forever. I wrote to the newspaper whore begging her to join up and fight, she is, after all, ten years younger than the mother that was blown up last month at the age of 48 years old. Of course, she won't fight. Her free pass stays at $0.00.

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