Saturday, August 13, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

On 7/7, in London, the authorities were playing "war games" in the subways to see if they could deal with a terrorist attack. The same morning the attacks really happened. Lady Luck, at work. The Pentagon was running "war game" on 9/11, pretending airplanes were hijacked just as real hijackers did the exact same thing.

We lost both of those fake wars, didn't we?

Well, hold onto your knees and put your head between them: From NORTHCOM headquarters:
Exercise to focus on nuclear terror scenario
Posted Jun 29, 2005 at 1:00:PM MDT

FORT MONROE, Va. -- Here’s the scenario…A seafaring vessel transporting a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, S.C. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it. Is this really a possibility?

Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) here is planning its next exercise on the premise that this crisis is indeed plausible.

Sudden Response 05 will take place this August on Fort Monroe and will be carried out as an internal command post exercise. The exercise is intended to train the JTF-CS staff to plan and execute Consequence Management operations in support of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IV’s response to a nuclear detonation.

Some of this year’s objectives for SR05 are to refine nuclear incident Concept of Operations, produce a CM Operation Order, refine command post set-up procedures and maintain situational awareness of multiple CM incidents.

The Sudden Response exercise has been held at Quantico, Va., in the past, but has been moved to Fort Monroe to maximize command post training time. The senior leadership felt that it was more important to accomplish training instead of losing up to a day and a half in travel time, said Paul Deflueri, J7 Lead Exercise Planner. “This will allow us to still meet our training objectives,” he said.

Some external participants may work with JTF-CS during the exercise.

“We’re trying to get representatives from FEMA Region IV as well as representatives from South Carolina Emergency Management Division and active duty soldiers from the (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) Consequence Management Response Force to play the role of task force units,” Defluri said.

“Each time we do one of these internal exercises, we try to make it more robust and try to add in fidelity,” Defluri said. “That’s what we’re trying to do for SR05: create a good scenario and be able to replicate the effects as best we can. That way we can give the command a really good CM exercise.”
More real? What is it with terrorist attacks happening the same time as the exercises, anyway? Is this creepy or is this suspicious or do the gods hate us or all three?

This is the scariest one of all. I was talking to a neighbor about this and he volunteered that the time is ripe for Bush to scare everyone again. So obviously, even ordinary people are getting suspicious and fed up.

Nuclear war is in the air. Bush scuttled the treaty talks with North Korea, infuriating the Chinese who arranged the whole thing very carefully. Hu and Wen do not like to walk away from a negotiation with no signiatures on documents. They pushed very hard on our behalf and we not only shafted them in NK but with the Unocal oil deal. So they are not in a good humor today. Neither are the Germans or the Russians. From the BBC:
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has warned the US to back away from the possibility of military action against Iran over its nuclear programme.
His comments come a day after President Bush reiterated that force remained an option but only as a last resort.

Iran has resumed what it says is a civilian nuclear research programme but which the West fears could be used to develop nuclear arms.
note the timing here, right on the heels of America screwing up the nuclear negotiations in Asia, Iran kicks us in the nuts. They aren't doing this blindly, either.

They have oil to sell. And since we are sucking up massive amounts of oil, filling our oil reserves and driving up the price of oil across the planet, oh, did you know that Bush is filling caves in the ground with oil? Heh. Squirrelling it away in hidden stashes, at taxpayer expense.
Mr Bush's comments about the military option came in an interview on Israeli TV.
Note that our so-called President goes off to a foreign nation to talk about WWIII and nuking enemies of this nation....and not telling us, directly. This is how little we control our own government. It is owned by the Saudis, by the Zionists, by the very rich, the Queen of England, by the Chinese and Japanese who squabble over who gets which officials as private pets.

They certainly don't serve us.

From Al Jazeera:
Credit card-sized reactors that pump out potent toxins could render international chemical weapons bans impotent, a US military weapons expert has said.

Efficient "micro-reactors" make it easy for stockpiles of chemical weapons to be secretly produced, according to Tuan Nguyen of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Centre for Global Security Research.

"The inherently small physical size of the equipment and small space required make it attractive for clandestine operations," Nguyen wrote in a paper to be published in the 12 August edition of the journal Science.

"The ability to produce chemicals of interest in a safer and more feasible manner, with little signature produced, could encourage their application for malicious intent," he explained on Thursday.

Reactors ranging in size from a notebook to a credit card produce inexpensive, high-grade toxins, according to Nguyen.
Whoopee. This reminds me, the anthrax killer got the anthrax from an American military top secret lab that only a tiny handful of people had access to...and no one has been arrested. You can bet, they will improve their underhanded attack abilities. The anthrax attacks were very successful and the media cover up of the miserable, amazingly inept and obviously thwarted investigation was a ringing success--most Americans don't even remember there were any attacks in the first place and if they do, they think it was Saddam who did it, in between launching those WMD and playing gin rummy with bin Laden, his dire enemy.

From Xinhuanet:
US Department of Homeland Security announced Friday that it will lower the terrorism threat level after evening rush hour Friday for mass transit systems, which had been placed under extra security since the July 7 bombing attacks in London.

The color-coded threat level will be lowered from orange, or high risk, to yellow, or elevated risk, at 8 pm local time for transit systems, according to a statement issued by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.
Chertoff is a neocon serving two masters only one of which is nominally American. He wants us to relax and enjoy the NORTHCOM nuclear war games.

But, lo, what light in window yonder? From Xinhuanet:(the Chinese are laughing at us, you know)
Terrorists could attack New York, Los Angeles and Chicago around Sept. 11, using fuel tanker trucks to cause mass casualties, Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) experts warned.

The warning grew out of intelligence developed from an overseas source indicating that terrorists might seek to stage an anniversary attack by stealing fuel tanker trucks to explode gas stations, The New York Times on Friday quoted the experts as saying.

Although it is unclear whether the attacks will occur simultaneously or be spread out over a certain period of time, the goal of the attack is very clear -- to collapse the US economy, according to the experts.
Rummy is planning a "Freedom Walk" this very same day. To show we love our wars and we love our neocons and we want more wars! Either he wants us to be flypaper for terrorists or the possibility of attacks are nil.

Want to know how coyotes hunt dogs, their favorite dinner item? They look enough like dogs to fool them and the domestic dogs follow the female coyote down the river until they are away from humans then the pack, for they now run in packs, attacks. This happened this morning down by the river here. My dogs and I heard the dog barking excitedly as it followed the female coyote upstream and then...shrieks and the war whoops of the coyote pack. My dogs went bezerk, barking and growling but they stayed home.

The coyotes are hunting us. They pretend to be friendly.

They aren't.

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