Monday, August 08, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Tonight it is very dark. No moon, no star. Alone at my laptop, I contemplate Fate.

From Newsweek:
The departure this week of Deputy Attorney General James Comey, who has accepted the post of general counsel at Lockheed Martin, leaves a question mark in the probe into who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Comey was the only official overseeing special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's leak investigation.

With Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recused, department officials say they are still trying to resolve whom Fitzgerald will now report to. Associate Attorney General Robert McCallum is "likely" to be named as acting deputy A.G., a DOJ official who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter tells NEWSWEEK.

But McCallum may be seen as having his own conflicts: he is an old friend of President Bush's and a member of his Skull and Bones class at Yale. One question: how much authority Comey's successor will have over Fitzgerald. When Comey appointed Fitzgerald in 2003, the deputy granted him extraordinary powers to act however he saw fit—but noted he still had the right to revoke Fitzgerald's authority. The questions are pertinent because lawyers close to the case believe the probe is in its final stages.

Fitzgerald recently called White House aide Karl Rove's secretary and his former top aide to testify before the grand jury. They were asked why there was no record of a phone call from Time reporter Matt Cooper, with whom Rove discussed the CIA agent, says a source close to Rove who requested anonymity because the FBI asked participants not to comment. The source says the call went through the White House switchboard, not directly to Rove.
A small problem, no? The man who is tracking down the nest of traitors who betrayed America so they could punish a whistle blower now must report all his efforts to one of Bush's coffin laying, the Devil is death buddies.

So much for the Plame investigations.

As we go wailing off the cliff, we should celebrate the fact that this organization, the Yale Skull and Bones, did a great job of destroying America. Whoopee.

I feel rather rotten about all this. You see, one of my ancestors is one of the earliest members of the Skull and Bones and he brought in a great deal of the really dark black magic. Sigh. The fool.

I hold the world record for being struck by lightning directly while indoors. Not only that, but my illustrious family on the Steele side have rather a few deaths from lightning bolts, odd, no? Our history and the history of America intertwine in ways that are rather charming for we came here fleeing religious persecution and the last place we wanted to be was anywhere near Boston.

They kill witches.

Today my whole family spends a great deal of energy trying to be good Christians. I don't bother. I can't hide. I know too much.

One thing I do know is that the Skull and Bones isn't a mere fraternity that plays pranks like using a crypt for a meeting hall or kissing skulls they steal from graves of prominent people like Geronimo and chant to devils. They are a religion. And like all religions, they believe things about their god and themselves.

Since their god is the Devil that is Death, this pretty much sums up what they are and where they will take us all if we are dumb enough to follow them. It matters little to myself, I have no pet beliefs in any one god so I can deal with them in my own way.

But their followers, the easily duped Christian community, they are in woefull trouble. When I was a child, I pestered the pastor over dumb things like, "Why would the Christians follow the antichrist? Wouldn't they be able to see he is the exact opposite, an executioner rather then one executed, just for example?" He would assure me that no one would be so foolish.

Well, the Fool rules.

And this really worries me because it is so painfully obvious that the Skull and Bones are conspiring with each other and pulling us hither and yon, playing tricks on us, laughing at our dupery, grasping and stealing us blind, all while assuring us with a straight face that they are all Christians.

But then, the Pope is a former Nazi who coddles child molesters. Gack.

What does the Skull and Bones plan to do to us all? They, held on a short leash by their master, the Devil that is Death, rush to war and rush to foolish actions that will kill many humans. Will they realize this and stop?

When I was a child, I assumed people would stop. But now, a cynical adult, I know they will not only not stop but, sneering at me, plunge off the top of the building without a parachute.

Anyone who thinks the Devil that is Death doesn't enjoy the sight of Americans dying for His minions needs to visit Hell and take a good, hard look.

He is laughing. To death.

I ain't.

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