Tuesday, August 02, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Atrios put up a posting from Devtob at the Daily Kos:
by devtob

Tue Aug 2nd, 2005 at 12:09:14 PDT

Limbaugh went all out against Hackett today, including calling him a "staff puke" because he served as a civil affairs officer.

Midway in the third hour, Limbaugh was talking to an active duty Navy officer from Houston and asked what "civilian" affairs officers do. The Navy guy said they are liaison with the local authorities.

"So he wasn't in combat," the anal-pimple chickenhawk asked.

The Navy guy said yes, then Limbaugh said Hackett was just a "staff puke," several times.

Made me want to puke all over the steering wheel.

BTW, Limbaugh was probably following the Rove plan for a last-day slime of Hackett because it is SO CLOSE. Update [2005-8-2 18:44:14 by devtob]: The transcript from Limbaugh's Web site is now below the jump.
As the online money poured into Ohio to help long shot Democratic contender, Paul Hackett, the GOP was forced to unload every weapon they had.

And this is what they unloaded.

Readers of this blog know I consider the entire leadership and the mass media operators working for them to be a singular class of traitors. Back when they laughed off Reagan running off to Japan to collect a huge amount of money after mindlessly waving to people who could barely understand a few English phrases...I knew that the game was up and it was only a matter of time before everything would fall apart for no empire lasts long when the emperors and their hanger-ons tirelessly destroy all patriotism and good things.

Right now, these same criminals want you and me and my son to sign up to support the stupid war in Iraq. They won't sign up, they want you and me to sign up. They are too cowardly to fight even mice but they want us to fight. Then they openly insult us.

They insulted a Democrat who was a parapeligic. They insulted one that was awarded purple hearts. They insulted one that flew many missions over Nazi Germany! They insulted a captain of a nuclear sub who was sent undersea to watch on the Russians, a very dangerous mission.

There is no Democrat they won't smear in particular, if they went into tremendous danger. Nixon, who fought WWII behind the lines like Reagan, smeared McGovern who was the hero who survived more than fifty missions flying over the deadliest parts of Germany. Nixon and his crew mocked Kennedy who was nearly killed in the Pacific. They smeared Gore who went to Vietnam, like Kerry, as a volunteer. They made every excuse in the book for AWOL Bush and deferment Cheney.

The demon who is death that these men worship whispers sweet nothings in their ears. Rush, a notorious coward, gets all bloated with glee at the thought of tearing down and smearing real heroes. He hates them.

He wants them all destroyed for their very existence is a slap in his fat, cowardly face and he can't stand it anymore than the entire leadership of the GOP.

The fact that he was compelled to commit this outrageous act of treason, for it is treason to attack our hard fighting troops, at least, this is what the media screamed at Durbin when he accurately pointed out that our Gitmo based gulag system is an outrage, they yelled that he was demoralizing the troops and they made him apologize over and over.

You can bet, we will see no yapping pundits screaming at Rush. Not one. Not even their weasels they keep in their back pockets will make a sound.

Dead silence. As more than 25 soldiers got blown up in the last 7 days, the dead more than 1800, the wounded countless since they won't give traditional casualty figures, who knows? 50,000? And the suicides? And the many dead in Afghanistan which is collapsing?

I can't get our rich people to fire these clowns running their goofy party. All I can say is, may the gods dish out the deserved desserts for Rush and all his buddies.


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