Saturday, September 24, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The destruction of America is happening as fast as I predicted. The night the Supreme Court, at near midnight, announced their bizarre, unconstitutional ruling in Bush vs Gore, I was very gloomy and said, "Thousands if not millions will die because of this ruling." And so it is.

Bush and many of our rulers love to play with Black Magic. One doesn't have to believe in this magic to still recognize that if a leader and his gang believes in this and do the rituals connected with this, they are dangerous, for the rule is "do what you will" and Hitler, a black magic person, always was yammering about "Der Willen" and obsessed about it and he believed, like the Bush fascists, that one makes reality, reality doesn't make oneself. Namely, it doesn't matter what is happening, it is what you desire to happen that counts.

This is why, when cornered, Bush talks mysteriously about systems and appearances and protocols. He isn't out to make things work, he is trying to explain to us how we can imagine the impossible by deluding ourselves like he deludes himself.

Lyndie England is on trial for torturing prisoners. The Pentagon and the courts still refuse to release the truly sickening photos of guard after guard, interrogator after interrogator, torturing, raping, abusing humans. So far, 240 soldiers have been put on trial for this and still, the black magician Bush and his court pretend they are all accidental and out of control.

Padillo sits in prison, in defiance of the Constitution, Gitmo has a hunger strike going and more and more prisoners are in the hospital being forced fed, defiant to the bitter end, dying. Another black eye for us. Bare mention in the news. More oil pipelines blown up, no point in linking all the articles, we know the drill.

What was Congress doing last night? Terrified, frightened to death by today's demonstrations, this is what they did while Galveston burned, New Orleans flooded, half a million stuck on highways and in tents in the middle of one of the worst hurricanes in our history, and this is what they were busy doing last night.....From the Washington Times:
As Congress this week honored parents whose sons or daughters have been killed in Iraq, some families said Cindy Sheehan and her anti-war group do not represent them and are disrespecting the fallen soldiers.
"You can't call into question the integrity of the commander in chief without having it call into question the integrity of those under his command," said Diane Ibbotson, whose son Army Cpl. Forest Jostes, 21, died in April 2004 outside Baghdad.
"Let's talk about the things they've accomplished," she said, listing the end of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, Iraq's first free elections, and the building of schools and hospitals.
Mrs. Sheehan lost her son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, 24, in the same battle as Mrs. Ibbotson's son, and both women became part of American Gold Star Mothers, a nonprofit, apolitical group of families whose children have died fighting in wars.
On Wednesday, the House passed a resolution, 416-0, honoring the goals and ideals of the American Gold Star Mothers, which began in 1928. House lawmakers held a bipartisan news event yesterday to honor them.
Why don't they stop everything and vote on apple pie? Eh?

The terrified mice in our government are not sending their children out to die in hurricanes or wars. All of them sit in this big bubble and they sieg heil everything in sight even as everything spirals out of control. Like Nazi Germany, Bush and they send in non-existent troops to stop the Red Army. Moving markers on maps and sending out notices and pumping each other up, waving their flags and shouting salutes louder and louder as the destruction rises, so does America's rulers.

Yesterday's Washington Post editorial was such an exercise. Instead of examining the collapse of our civil defenses, they simply pretended everything was jim dandy! Today, thousands are dying. There are nearly 500 in tents being pounded this very minute by 100+mph winds, tornadoes and record rains. How many are alive? God alone knows. I do know, they are probably clinging to trees and screaming. Since the hurricane is going to stall right over the camp, they will tire after 12 hours and let go.

America is drowning, burning, melting, shaking, our rickety system going down.

What is Homeland Security doing? Read this: From the New Mexican:
U.S. immigration officials refused Tuesday to allow Robert Fisk, longtime Middle East correspondent for the London newspaper, The Independent, to board a plane from Toronto to Denver. Fisk was on his way to Santa Fe for a sold-out appearance in the Lannan Foundation’s readings-and-conversations series Wednesday night.

According to Christie Mazuera Davis, a Lannan program officer, Fisk was told that his papers were not in order.

Davis made last-minute arrangements Wednesday for Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica Radio’s daily news show, Democracy Now!, to interview Fisk via satellite from a television station in Toronto. He appeared on a large screen onstage at the Lensic Performing Arts Center.

The controversial British journalist, who is based in Beirut, filed many eyewitness reports on the U.S. invasion of Iraq and criticized Western reporters for “hotel journalism ,” a phrase he coined to describe correspondents who covered the war from heavily fortified hotel suites and offices.
So, while hurricanes stomp us into the ground, grinding us to dust, our protectors are busy keeping reporters who report the truth out. Despite the fact that his presentation was sold out by people hungry for truth and reality, the morons manipulating reality stopped him from coming in but not from appearing via video.

Of course, we never ever see this person on TV here. Our media still works hard to manipulate reality which is why they glide over their lies gingerly, hoping no one notices they lie. To keep panicky world markets quiet, they all lied, up and down, about the conditions of the refineries and oil rigs in the Gulf. I said they would be clobbered but everyone thought otherwise because they all wanted to believe the black magic lies, imagining that if they pretend Santa Claus is real, he will show up and shower them with goodies!

It didn't work. At all. Now the hurricane is busy tearing apart major refineries and no one knows the status of the broken drilling rigs. I said they would be annihilated in the last storm, this one, ditto, DUH. 49 rigs inoperative or completely gone from Katrina. Guess what?

There isn't going to be much left if this hurricane does what several forecasters are saying: it will go backwards into the Gulf and become a hurricane yet again. This is no time for playing games. When reporters, egged on by liberal bloggers, ask the top GOP leaders in Congress to cancel bridges to nowhere in Alaska and game farms in Ohio and so on, they yell at the reporters to shut up. They want the pork. They won't cut pork to save Americans. The financial bind we are in is already costing us power. We just surrendered to North Korea who is busy kicking us in the shins over this, openly laughing at us while the Chinese struggle to keep a straight face.

Iran has told everyone they will do as they want because they don't fear us anymore. A correct assesment.

&spades Back to the Iraq mess, read this. From Xinhuanet:
A deputy mayor of the Iraqi town of Dhuluiyah, some 100 km north of Baghdad, and two police officers were killed by US forces there on Friday, local policeand witnesses said.

"A group of US soldiers stormed the house of Brigadier Jabar Atiyah Saud, the deputy mayor of Dhuluiyah and dragged him out of his house before they shot him several bullets in his head," asource from the Joint Coordination Center in Tikrit told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, the US soldiers also killed two local police officers, Captain Amir Yousif and the 1st Lt. Jasim Khalaf, the source added.

The US troops have sealed off the town of Dhuluiyah since Tuesday, imposing curfew and preventing people from leaving their homes as US snipers deployed on roofs of high buildings, local residents told Xinhua by telephone.

"The US soldiers shot the drinking water containers above houses and many families are suffering from shortage in watersupplies," a local resident, Ammar al-Jubouri said. The wounded people or even deaths were not allowed to shift to the medical center outside the town, Jubouri said. On Wednesday, the US troops had detained the police chief of the town and hundreds of people, including dozens of policemen, after insurgents in Dhuluiyah attacked a convoy of trucks carrying military supplies for the US troops.

The attack damaged three trucks in the convoy guarded by the US troops and killed their three drivers, probably Turkish nationals, According to the source.
Thank you, Communist China. for news that is censored here. Like the startling news about Basra, the government there has asked the Brits to leave now and the Brits are attacking the authorities there and the top cleric has declared the constitution null and void...oh, remember that? It was supposed to solve everything.

Well, we are going down the drain. Or rather, the drain is blocked up and we are bobbing with turds and toxic wastes and no way of flushing this mess.

Except for one: Arrest them all. Arrest them. I couldn't go to the demonstrations because my husband's condition, even yesterday, I had to spend a good part of the day, at the neurologist, dealing with his problems. I wanted to go so badly.

There will be virtually no news about the demonstrations from our media. It will be blacked out as much as the hurricane news is being blacked out right now.

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