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Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

No sooner did I post the story about the refugees struggling to flee New Orleans only to be shot at by sheriffs blocking the exits, clearly showing America has no intention of saving the cities in a nuclear war when I went off to the Chinese newspapers to read the usual diplomatic dispaches.

I read them faithfully because this is where the hidden power struggles show their outside shape. Who meets Hu and when they meet Wen matters a tremendous amount. Knowing this information, one can make predictions and projections as to what will happen next and why. I used to worry about WWIII a great deal. I wondered if we would even survive it.

Well, it looks like WWIII is receding rapidly. We already lost it.

This month, the surrender talks will be intense and rapid. Just last month, after China patiently put together talks over North Korea only to see America suddenly and capriciously ditch the whole thing, now we return to them like wet rats, shivering and begging them for cheese. So now they will play a tad harder ball with us.

Look at who they are visiting and who is visiting them: Xinhuanet:
EIJING, Sept. 8 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao left here Thursday morning for state visits to Canada and Mexico at the invitation of Canadian Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson and Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Hu will also attend the United Nations summit marking the 60th anniversary of the world body in New York from Sept. 5 to 17 after the above two-nation visit.

Hu's entourage includes his wife Liu Yongqing, State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, and Minister in charge of the State Development and Reform Commission Ma Kai.

Hu and his US counterpart George W. Bush will meet in New York, and exchange views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common concern, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang.
Being superb Go players, first, the Chinese communists are going to set up their black stones so our white stones are very much surrounded. Two chief territories to firm up and dominate are Mexico and China. Just this week, Bush was trying to tamp out fires of discontent within our borders by promising 8 states he will stop the Mexican illegal immigration tidalwave. He even declared a state of emergency for them so they could patrol the border. Bush has been insulting Canada's Prime Minister to the point that they haven't even had a "get to know you" private visit! This infante terrible thinks his personality charms people and he can capriciously do whatever he wants because he is so fabulous (his favorite word).

Only after friendly visits with future clients, the Chinese will visit Bush. From Xinhuanet:
BEIJING, Sept. 8 -- US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld will visit China next month, Admiral William J. Fallon, commander of US Pacific Command, said in Beijing yesterday.

 It would be Rumsfeld's first visit to China since assuming office in 2001, but the specific timing and schedule has not been decided yet, Fallon said.

Fallon is visiting China for the first time since taking over as Pacific commander in February.

He held talks with Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing yesterday afternoon before heading to Shanghai and South China's Guangdong Province.

Rumsfeld's visit is expected to add momentum to the increased diplomatic exchanges between China and the United States.
Ahem. These "exchanges" are very simple. America imports Chinese goods and gives them IOUs in return. They buy these IOUs and hold them. The exchange of goods is right now pretty well hidden and unwritten but will emerge into daylight slowly and relentlessly. Manchurian Candidate Bush and his merry band of traitors don't want us to know about all this and neither do the Chinese. They don't want insurrections or a military coup from a desperate general who understands at last exactly how badly we have been manipulated into defeat.

So they will quietly go about their business while the flat earthers at places like the NYT will carry their water, screaming at us about "free trade".
President Hu Jintao and his US counterpart George W. Bush are scheduled to meet in New York next week during the United Nations 60th anniversary summit.

Their meeting will cover a wide range of topics including the Six-Party Talks, trade, anti-terrorism efforts, energy, human rights and UN reform.

The two heads of state agreed last Saturday during a phone conversation to postpone Hu's official visit to Washington because of Hurricane Katrina.

According to Fallon, Bush will visit China following Rumsfeld's trip.
The Chinese are prepped for Rummy to be guided firmly along the military reviewing stand and he will salute the proud Chinese military. He will even smile and joke with Hu and Wen and the Chinese generals who will chortle, my god, I wonder if they will die laughing. Anyway, Bush will come and salute, too. He will lick boots in private. Beggars can't be choosers, can they?
Fallon hoped that not only the top leaders but also people at various levels could get to know each other well through increased exchanges. "It will be helpful in reducing the tension," he said.

Asked if he views China as a threat, Fallon raised a half-empty glass and said that people have a tendency to always look at things one of two ways - it is either half-full or half-empty.

"I choose to take the positive, optimistic view that we can make almost anything we want of relationships," he said.
Fallon, being a tool and a traitor, is perfectly happy to long as he gets to be viceroy or Gauleiter or whatever. So long as his own life is comfortable and happy, he is happy to turn the keys of our nation over to the Chinese. He will pretend we are ordering them around but anyone reading diplomatic cables can clearly see this isn't true.

From Xinhuanet:
The Chinese government will consider providing further aid for the United States hit by Hurricane Katrina if it is needed, Qin Gang said.

Qin said at a press conference that both sides need to consult on details.

Qin announced on Saturday that China had decided to offer disaster relief up to 5 million US dollars along with emergency supplies to the US people victimized by Hurricane Katrina, and that if necessary the Chinese government would send rescue workers to help in medical treatment and epidemic prevention in the US disaster-stricken areas.

China will keep close contacts with the United States on the disaster relief work and join the international community in assisting the local people restoring their homeland, the spokesman said.

Hurricane Katrina hit the southern part of the United States onAug. 29, causing heavy casualties and damages.

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Aug. 31 sent a telegram to US President George W. Bush, expressing sympathy and condolences to President Bush, the US government and people for their suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina, on behalf of the Chinese government and people.
As I have noted more than once, China has been hit by floods and typhoons this summer, over and over. Our response was to ignore this. Yet now, here they are, holding out hope and help. If we think this is because the Chinese government feels sorry for us is sheer insanity. What they are doing is demonstrating to the Chinese people and the world just how incompetent and foolish and hateful towards each other that we have become. The USA can't tell the Chinese to shove their aid like we told Cuba. Nope. We will receive this aid and kiss them for it. So with great fanfare, the first jets land in America. "Made in China" stamped in big letters on everything.

Our once great industrial nation is being eaten away by natural events and thanks to traitors lying about trade matters and international politics. These liars have done their dirty work and they are happy to stand there, salute their real rulers, hands out for goodies. Our VP is buying a $3million mansion this week, all of it blood money, gotten via Halliburton which was going bankrupt until 9/11 saved them and now they are rolling in dough and Halliburton is getting contracts for rebuilding New Orleans already and the VP will roll in dough.


Don't forget this. We are signing papers saying we will pay all this back and even now, the traitors running America are planning even more tax cuts, all aimed at helping only rich people, the very same people who are making all these deals with China. They won't pay taxes, they won't hire Americans and they don't want us to be able to survive their mess ups. This is the deal, everyone.

Swim or die.

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