Sunday, September 04, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From Overspun::Click on this website and watch the video of the President of Jefferson Parish, LA. The interview starts out with the usual blather and the thanking of everyone but then goes off the rails when Mr. Broussard starts talking about how FEMA turned back a Coast Guard vessel that was trying to give him diesel fuel for the generators then turned by the Walmart tractor trailers then cut off his communication headquarters forcing him to post armed guards to shoot any FEMA people trespassing. O'ReillyRussert (they are all from the same wombat womb) tries to close the interview which is beginning to hit the Bubble Boy harder and harder but the man refuses to stop but rushes his words onwards, relentlessly, voice rising, tears falling faster and faster: One of his top managers had a mother in a nursing home. Each day since Monday, she would call and say, plaintatively, "Son, when are you picking me up?" and each day, this poor man, working day and night to save everyone, would tell her, "Mom, help is on the way!" and she called him Tuesday and said, "Son, the water is rising, when will you save me?" and he said, "We are coming!" and Wednsday and Thursday she called and he said the same thing.

Friday, she didn't call.

The water passed her neck and she drowned.

At this point, the Beast, O'ReillyRussert (sort of the Batman to O'Reilly's Robin), may he roast where our Supreme Court Opus Dei dude is, imptiently tried to stop the story, he was visibly angry with his guest and couldn't wait to hurry on to the next one set up to praise our overlords. He didn't yell, "Shut up, shut up, pass me a falafel and a loofa" but he looked abrasive and stupid, as per his kind.


I wept as I watched this tape. So much to cry over this week, isn't it? But then, this is why Condi and her ilk isn't looking.

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