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Photos of DC demonstration courtesy of On the Left Tip

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Take a look at these headline stories: From CNN:
Towns near where Hurricane Rita made landfall have had all but a handful of buildings destroyed, including nearly all homes in Cameron, Holly Beach and Creole, officials said Sunday.

Though less destructive than Hurricane Katrina, Rita's extensive damage became evident a day after the storm struck near near the Texas-Louisiana border with 120 mph winds.

Along the state line, Louisiana's Cameron Parish was under as much as 15 feet of water, and thousands of homes were destroyed, said Freddie Richard, the head of emergency preparedness for the community of 10,000 residents. (See video of hard-hit area in Rita's aftermath -- 2:29)

About 45 miles south of nearby Lake Charles, every home was destroyed in the town of Holly Beach, Richard told CNN.

In the parish seat of Cameron, 90 percent of homes were destroyed, he said.

In Creole, 70 percent of residences were destroyed, with little more than the courthouse and an elementary school still standing, according to Richard. (City-by-city impact)

Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad Allen told CNN that no deaths had been reported in Louisiana, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry reported no storm-related deaths in his state.

But a Rita-spawned tornado killed one person in Mississippi, and 24 people died Friday when a bus carrying evacuated nursing home residents caught fire and was riddled by explosions on Interstate 45 south of Dallas.
This morning, everyone was crowing about how there were no deaths. Of course, no one pointed out that with many houses missing or underwater, there is no way of knowing if anyone died and no way of accounting for everyone and so it is much too early to tell. Just like while the hurricane was raging, the rulers used the media to lie about everything, pretending it was all OK. Well.

It wasn't worse only because the hurricane hit a very empty part of the region but what it did hit, it utterly destroyed.

Then comes this story! From Yahoo:
Rita, No Katrina, May Boost U.S. Stocks

To say Hurricane Rita wasn't "that bad" obviously minimizes the loss of life and immense damage suffered along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. But from the stock market's point of view, Rita was no Katrina. And that may bode well this week for Wall Street.

That's not to say that all is well and Wall Street is ready to surge forward. The devastation wrought by Katrina and, to a lesser extent, Rita will hurt the economy in the months ahead. There's the concern that high gasoline and heating oil prices will weigh heavily on consumers, which could impact overall spending as the holidays approach.

There's also the concern that high energy prices will pressure businesses to pass along their costs to consumers, sparking inflation.

However, these are long-term concerns. As long as the news from Texas and Louisiana stays relatively positive by Wall Street's standards, the week could start off well. Oil prices dropped significantly in rare electronic trading on Sunday, and as more refineries restart, stocks are likely to move higher.

Short-term, however, could mean a few days, at most. Economic data out this week will gauge consumers' optimism, or lack thereof, after dealing with nearly a month of $3-per-gallon gasoline. And earnings season is a few weeks away, and will give investors a look at how the hurricanes and resulting jump in energy prices hit corporate America.
Major but not catastrophic destruction! Whoohoo. Party, dudes!

The reason stocks will go up is because all the vultures there expect a tidalwave of Chinese yuan to flood into America and give us more fun times.

From CNN:
Heavy downpours sent rivers over their embankments, killing at least 56 people and forcing the evacuation of thousands in southern India, officials said Wednesday.

Helicopters plucked people from danger in the worst hit areas of Andhra Pradesh state and delivered thousands of tons of food, medicine and blankets to camps for the displaced. Boats rescued hundreds of others.
Guess how many Americans will notice this?

Once again, the collapse of systems, the destruction of property and the shattering of several million lives is...good for business! Isn't that loverly? Just swell. Like, they make money on war, they make money when things fall apart so when they run things we get wars and things falling apart. Great.

On Saturday, a very massive anti war, anti Bush demonstration happened, peacefully. The ruling elite didn't dare totally ignore it for we snapped their heads off, online, last time and forced them to revise their lies a tad. So this time, they gingerly handled it especially since most Americans are both anti war and anti Bush at this point. This irritates them but the exercise to see exactly how unpopular a selected ruler can be while still keeping the population at bay, continues.

Bush's bubble isn't for him. It is a test of the new security system that will be used to protect our future despots. The fact that Americans cheerfully submitted to being registered and signing loyalty aggreements to the "President" in order to see him, the White House closed to all Americans except invited visitors, the secret fireworks display on 9/9/1 that Bush put on for the Mexican President without telling a single American citizen that it was going to happen, the two men laughing on the balcony, hahaha, funny, that. Waking up all of DC with a private show.

The Pentagon's recent "Walk for Freedom" was a fascist parade under armed guards with uniform shirts, sign up sheets, ID checks, all sorts of unamerican things designed to control and manipulate people.

The last three elections ticked off our ruling junta. They spent a billion dollars, manipulating voting machines, keeping out voters, running ads on TV, all sorts of expenses. This is too costly. It is pissing them all off. They want peace and quiet. The voting manipulations are now being catalogued, parsed, traced and litigated. Despite buying off most of the Democratic Party leadership, the voters themselves are getting very angry and very restive.

At Home Depot, I was with a customer, helping him buy materials when we chatted with a white, middle class man. He introduced the topic of Bush and then layed into him, filled with fury. Wow. Bush is losing his base, badly.

But that doesn't matter because Bush has someone holding his hand. A very powerful group of people, in fact, none of whome we control or have any say over. Bush's deliberate tax cuts ran our government into the ground. We now owe $8,000,000,000,000. This is amazing. The stock market will jump because they expect the financiers from dictatorships overseas to give generously yet again, but of course, the pay off is, they and our own rulers will clamp down hard on us all, making us pay punishing taxes, high energy costs, little or no medical care and privatization of all services which effectively will end them in most places.

From Atlanta:
Gov. Sonny Perdue asked Georgians late Friday to remain calm as a hurricane again threatened to disrupt the state's gasoline supply. It didn't work.

Within minutes of his canceling school for two days next week and asking Georgians to conserve fuel in anticipation of a repeat of the Hurricane Katrina gas crunch, motorists began queuing up at gas stations, and anxious parents wondered what to do with their children on Monday and Tuesday.

Cars were 10 deep Friday afternoon at a Sam's Club in Marietta, where regular unleaded gasoline was sold out by 5 p.m. Gas manager Steve Stephens predicted that the rest would be gone within hours.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Wilburn See, 70, of east Cobb County spent about $150 to fill up his Cadillac Escalade and his wife's sedan.

"They told us they were going to stop the buses, so I figured I'd better come on and get some gas," See said. "We're worried about a shortage."
As usual, panic sets in and everyone rushes to hoard. To prevent price hikes and hoarding, governments in the past have imposed rationing and restrictions. Our present government won't do this because they fear the backlash and besides, the oil barons running America love this! Money is gushing out of the ground, as far as they are concerned. Which takes us back to Iraq.

The neo cons and the Bush supporters have told us over and over, Iraq is the crucible for the New World Order. Bush Sr. crowed about the New World Order in his speech at 9/11/91 (super magic number date for him!) when fighting Iraq was the big thing that month. Many of us on the net have a very good idea what this "New World Order" will mean. It is the military occupation of America.

We hate democracies. The NYT and WP attack Chavez nonstop because he not only gets elected in carefully supervised elections, he is popular! And he is a smarty pants. And he evaded a coup! Bad, oh so bad! Haiti, on the other hand, we got rid of the elected President in a coup and cut him off from all help. Now Haiti is a total mess but we are happy with it. The list of democracies we kill is long and bloody. But the prize is here in America. Slaying our own democracy is the Holy Grail for the rich and powerful. They can't wait. They are sick and tired of pandering to voters. They want to have their cake and starve us in peace and quiet.

This is why they work hand in glove with China. Here is the NYT talking about President Hu. Total insanity. From the NYT:

Three years after becoming China's top leader, Hu Jintao has solidified his grip on power and intimidated critics inside and outside the Communist Party with the help of the man once seen as his most potent rival.

Goh Chai Hin/Agence France-Presse
President Hu Jintao of China, center, and Vice President Zeng Qinghong at a conference in Beijing in March. They have sought a "smokeless war" against "liberal elements" that they have said were backed by America.
Mr. Hu, China's president and Communist Party chief, and Zeng Qinghong, vice president and the man in charge of the party's organizational affairs, have tackled the most delicate domestic and foreign policy issues as a team, governing as hard-liners with a deft political touch, former Chinese officials and scholars with leadership connections said.

Their bond is a surprise because Mr. Zeng was the longtime right-hand man of the previous No. 1 leader, Jiang Zemin. A skillful backroom political operator considered to have strong military ties, Mr. Zeng was long viewed as the only person capable of challenging Mr. Hu for power.

Instead, Mr. Zeng and Mr. Hu joined forces last year to push Mr. Jiang to retire and to give up his position as leader of China's military, party insiders said. That cleared the way for Mr. Hu to become military chief and weakened the formidable political network Mr. Jiang had constructed in his 13 years at the helm.

Their alliance has shored up the Communist Party as it faces enormous stresses, including simmering social unrest and an uphill struggle to curtail corruption. They have quieted talk of serious factional splits and paved the way for Mr. Hu to impose his orthodox, repressive stamp on Chinese politics.

Mr. Hu and Mr. Zeng made back-to-back addresses at a secretive party conclave in May to promote a "smokeless war" against "liberal elements" in society that they contended were supported by the United States, said people who said they had been told about the speeches. They have also clamped down on nongovernmental organizations, tightened media controls and forced all of the 70 million Communist Party members to submit self-criticisms as an act of ritualistic submission to their authority.
President Hu is a superb diplomat. Don't expect any peeps about that in this article. Not only that, he and his upper group who run China are very, very, very cozy with the Bush family who they own, and our entire corporate elite as well as media moguls. All in bed together, wining and dining and whatever else they do at night. Grrr.

Hu isn't afraid of the American government. He is a part owner of it! He is worried about you and me. Especially me. He wants to shut us up. He wants to shut up our mirror images in China. He wants to control the internet. Duh. So do our rulers who fret about the same liberal sphere and work day and night to demonize and antagonize liberals on line (we exist no where else at this point except for a few nonprofit radio stations here and there!). The "smokeless war against liberals" in China is a full flaming conflagration here in America! Several years ago, I was on a right wing radio station. I was allowed to speak for exactly three minutes before the smoking blazing idiot running the show cut my mike and spent twenty minutes calling me names and mocking me and pretending I ran away.

This happens to all liberals who show some sense and presence of mind. This is what America has become. The NYT will print "liberal" stuff but only if they carry equally trashy, stupid commentary or clueless analysis like this dumb story which is useless to read. It is all diversion to keep semi-liberal readers petted, "Oh, those bad Chinese rulers are so mean, they aren't like...oh, never mind, we won't talk about the police state of America, we didn't mention how Frist was denied entry for political reasons nor will we speculate as to why the antiwar train was stopped by Amtrak for several"

And so it goes. Will we have an election in 2008? I am on pins and needles.

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