Friday, September 09, 2005


Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Headlines this hour: the military is moving to forcibly seize Americans and remove them from their homes. Your home is NOT your castle anymore. Even the Supreme Court says so. Further: they are seizing the firearms of everyone and anyone. As I warned those stupid right wing NRA clowns, their pop guns will be utterly useless when the military comes in to disarm them which the military has plans for in an emergency. They are implimenting these emergency plans right now.

You may not stay at home and defend it. Period. This is how we know we are now a peasant society at the mercy of war lords. Right now, the increasingly unpopular Bush is our war lord and boy, he has got to be even more incompetent than Saddam at this profession.

The NRA wouldn't allow taggants in explosives or keeping gun purchase information for more than three days but they are silent when fellow citizens lose their 2nd Amendment rights! I am watching to see if they attack Bush for this. Har. Yeah. In a rat's ass.

For they are hypocrites and liars. They really don't believe a word they mouth. They say things only to get more power for the real rulers but as usual, being a bunch of panty waisted ninnies, they bow to the rulers when commanded. Fools.

As a multi-gun owner not to mention swords and English longbow, I say, fie on them all. Cowards.

From the NYT:
s New Orleans descended into chaos last week and Louisiana's governor asked for 40,000 soldiers, President Bush's senior advisers debated whether the president should speed the arrival of active-duty troops by seizing control of the hurricane relief mission from the governor.
According the New Orleans newspapers, she was given an ultimatum to hand over all power to Bush and she refused. As a govenor, she should have National Guards working for her and under her command! This is how it has been since 1879! Especially in the deep South! Geeze!
For reasons of practicality and politics, officials at the Justice Department and the Pentagon, and then at the White House, decided not to urge Mr. Bush to take command of the effort. Instead, the Washington officials decided to rely on the growing number of National Guard personnel flowing into Louisiana, who were under Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco's control.
According to what I read in the past, her intransgence forced Bush to retreat so he went off to pout. Other alarmed govenors stepped in to offer troops to her which she accepted but FEMA tried to prevent them from going in!
The debate began after officials realized that Hurricane Katrina had exposed a critical flaw in the national disaster response plans created after the Sept. 11 attacks. According to the administration's senior domestic security officials, the plan failed to recognize that local police, fire and medical personnel might be incapacitated.
Arrest these people. All of them. People can't be this stupid, this incompetent. They can't be running things, and I know Chertoff is very smart. He and his wife protect their homelands very carefully, unfortunately, this isn't America.

Look, I am a New Yorker. I remember 9/11. The main thing that happened that day was the Feds didn't even do squat diddly to protect America, not even protecting the damn Pentagon and everyone could see that our fire/police were overwhelmed totally. Luckily, there weren't any nukes so we survived on our own but anyone alive back then knows assuming the police and firedepartments will cope with huge emergencies alone....ARREST THEM. This is moronic if it weren't actually them deliberately deciding to ignore all history including very recent events! They defrauded us tax payers by recieving pay for work they didn't perform!

Arrest them all.
But just as important to the administration were worries about the message that would have been sent by a president ousting a Southern governor of another party from command of her National Guard, according to administration, Pentagon and Justice Department officials.

"Can you imagine how it would have been perceived if a president of the United States of one party had pre-emptively taken from the female governor of another party the command and control of her forces, unless the security situation made it completely clear that she was unable to effectively execute her command authority and that lawlessness was the inevitable result?" asked one senior administration official, who spoke anonymously because the talks were confidential.
Damn anonymous sources. Why anonymous? Because that person is sane? Hell, the govenor was losing control because her tools were shipped off to Iraq! If she had the normal number of people, she could have evacuated the elderly and infirm before the hurricane. I remember pictures of NG units removing people even as a hurricane blows ashore. They usually have been heroes not zeroes like Bush!

But there were no trucks to go in. They are in Iraq!

Now to the right wingloons' response to the looting of America by energy companies et al: From Media Matters
Consider this scenario: You are thirsty -- worried that your baby is going to become dehydrated. You find a store that's open, and the storeowner thinks it's immoral to take advantage of your distress, so he won't charge you a dime more than he charged last week. But you can't buy water from him. It's sold out.

You continue on your quest, and finally find that dreaded monster, the price gouger. He offers a bottle of water that cost $1 last week at an "outrageous" price -- say $20. You pay it to survive the disaster.

You resent the price gouger. But if he hadn't demanded $20, he'd have been out of water. It was the price gouger's "exploitation" that saved your child.

It saved her because people look out for their own interests. Before you got to the water seller, other people did. At $1 a bottle, they stocked up. At $20 a bottle, they bought more cautiously. By charging $20, the price gouger makes sure his water goes to those who really need it.

The people the softheaded politicians think are cruelest are doing the most to help. Assuming the demand for bottled water was going to go up, they bought a lot of it, planning to resell it at a steep profit. If they hadn't done that, that water would not have been available for the people who need it the most.
A perfect Nazi. Seig heil.

Even 1000 years ago, kings and emperors knew that price gouging was dangerous to the social order. This is why price gougers were either massacred or hung or ran Venice. You know, when Venice told the crusaders the price of passage to the Holy Land, they blanched but the Doge said, "No problem. We will loot Constantinople first. That will pay your passage to fight the Infidels!"

So they merrily went off to butcher and rob fellow Christians and never really got around to fighting in the Holy Land which was taken over totally by the infidels who then took Constantinople and much of Eastern Europe, stopping at the gates of Vienna.

Gads. Stupidity breeds stupidity, doesn't it?

A smug, well to do poodle working for a rich guy thinks he won't be eaten by cannibals. Well, he is their dessert. And that will be his just desserts.

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