Monday, September 19, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My friend, Richard at At This OLD Brit and posters there have been discussing the deteriorating situation in Basra, Iraq. Supposedly "peaceful". Not only are the casualties mounting, look at today's picture above! They are now shooting demonstrators who are blowing up tanks, yes, tanks.

Ask any revolutionary. Tanks in cities=sitting duckies, my dears. I know from personal experience gained during the 1968 uprisings in Germany and France.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has had to abandon plans for a sharp reduction in its troop numbers in Iraq next year because of fears the country is sliding toward civil war, the Sunday Telegraph newspaper said.

Britain's Ministry of Defense (MoD) disputed the report, saying it had never set a timetable for withdrawing its 8,500 troops and that any reduction in troop numbers would depend on conditions in Iraq.

But it confirmed that soldiers from the 7th Armored Brigade, better known as the Desert Rats, would be redeployed to Iraq before the end of the year, suggesting thousands of British troops will remain in the country well into 2006.

"The formal announcement of that redeployment will be made during the autumn and they would be scheduled to go out around the end of November," a MoD spokesman said.

Britain, the main ally of the United States in Iraq, has frequently said its soldiers will stay there "until the job is done" and until the Iraqi government asks them to leave.

However, a government document leaked to a newspaper in July suggested London hoped to cut its forces in Iraq to 3,000 by the middle of next year.

The Sunday Telegraph said that plan had now been scrapped amid "growing concerns that Iraq is heading into full-scale civil war."

It said 6,000 Desert Rats would go to Iraq in what it described as "an unexpected redeployment."

The MoD described the figure as speculative and said the redeployment was part of a rotation of troops and did not mean Britain was increasing its presence in Iraq.
Remembering that Britain had an election around when we had one and Tony lied just like Bush lied, boy, they certainly are twins, aren't they?

A dog leading a poodle on a leash. Both trying to run from the foxes who chase them.

&spades From the Mirror, UK
By Inspirational former Iraq War commander Colonel Tim Collins

THE death last week of Major Matthew Bacon brought to 95 the number of British servicemen killed in Iraq.

Yesterday, Defence Secretary John Reid said more British troops were ready, if needed, to go to Iraq to bolster the 9,000 already fighting the insurgency.

Here Colonel Tim Collins, who commanded the 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment during the invasion of Iraq, and gave a stirring eve-of-battle speech of his troops, argues that the time has come for the West to get out.
Blair wanted to revive the empire and have imperial adventures as if he were in a Victorian boy's book. Hoorah for the Queen! Charge of the Light Brigade!

Too bad Tony is a coward like Bush. Can't we ship them off to either Iraq or New Orleans or both?

&spades Hot off the wire, MSNBC:
British soldiers used 10 armored vehicles to break down the walls of the central jail in this southern city Monday and freed two Britons, allegedly undercover commandos arrested on charges of shooting two Iraqi policemen, witnesses said. But the British government said the two men were released as a result of negotiations.

The different versions of events came on a chaotic day that raised questions about how much sovereignty Iraqi authorities really were granted when the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority handed over power to an interim Iraqi government in the summer of 2004.

The arrests of the two Britons on Monday appeared to have been the first real and public test of how far that sovereignty extends. There have been no known incidents of Iraqi authorities arresting U.S. soldiers operating in the Iraqi heartland.
A lie. This is the SECOND test of soveriegnty and of course, the Iraqis have none. Duh. The first test was when the Iraqi army tried to run the airport because the British company went on strike. They were shooed out and told it wasn't theirs.

Gads, this is going to be fun. We armed and trained the Iraqis to fight and now they will. Unfortunately for our soldiers who are stuck there by Dumbo and Dumberbo.

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