Tuesday, September 20, 2005


More pictures of the British attack on police station in Basra

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The activities in spookland sometimes erupt in public. This is such a case. Evidently, the "soldiers" who were arrested assassinated police in Iraq. They were disguised as Sunni? The murky doings here have just gotten much, much murkier.

From Breaking News:
British forces in tanks and helicopters stormed an Iraqi jail tonight to rescue two service personnel who were arrested after allegedly shooting dead a local policeman and wounding another, the governor of Basra said.

The two men had been taken to the Basra jail after violence erupted earlier today in the southern Iraqi city.

Photographs of the two – thought to be special forces officers – were taken and released to the media, showing them bandaged and bloody.

British troops had arrived at the police station where the two men were being held and encircled the building.

They were attacked by demonstrators with rocks and petrol bombs.

One soldier was seen engulfed by flames tumbling from his tank and gunfire was exchanged between the two sides, leaving three soldiers injured and two civilians dead.

Later, more than 10 tanks and helicopters broke down the walls of the jail in the rescue operation to release the two arrested servicemen.

It was also reported that 150 Iraqi prisoners escaped in what Mohammed al-Waili, the governor of Basra, described as a “barbaric, savage and irresponsible” act.

The MoD refused to comment after officials said that the two men were undercover officers dressed as Arabs.
Attacking a legitimate authority like this means the Brits (and the Americans!) were desperate to prevent these men from talking about their activities were were 100% illegal, in violation of the Geneva conventions and according to the rules of Bush, the Iraqis have the right to TORTURE them and to hold them for life without trial.

They were not in uniform!

This desire for our side to do whatever they want while tribal people with little money or arms must toe the rules of war according to European Great Powers is exactly why we are doomed. They would rather kill civilians, destroy police property, release hundreds of dangerous criminals, all to forcibly remove two obvious criminals who are operating outside of the law! Incredible.

One suspects these men were out to create friction between tribes and religious sects, weren't they? They were conspiring to cause trouble, weren't they?

What a horrible mess.

Give it up already, guys.

Here are the pictures:
This soldier and the other one who was on fire, poor chaps, probably was lied to about this matter and thought he was saving a buddy falsely accused, not a war criminal who was doing dirty work.
As soon as the crowd saw the Brits were attacking their protectors, the police, they fought back. The Brits then actively engaged the civilians in hand to hand combat.
A helicopter makes a get away with the two murderers who violated the Geneva Conventions.
Police car crushed by British tanks.
Police building completely destroyed.

Another day, another crime.

The war in Iraq grinds on.

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