Tuesday, September 27, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From Associated Press:
An angry Michael Brown blamed the Louisiana governor, the New Orleans mayor and even the Bush White House that appointed him for the dismal response to Hurricane Katrina in a fiery appearance Tuesday before Congress. In response, lawmakers alternately lambasted and mocked the former FEMA director.
At several points, Brown turned red in the face and slapped the table in front of him.

"So I guess you want me to be the superhero, to step in there and take everyone out of New Orleans," Brown said.

"What I wanted you to do is do your job and coordinate," Shays retorted.
Nothing nastier than a spoiled frat rat trapped by responsibilities. I have had to deal with such in college. On the very last day of lab, they show up, "Can I do the semester's worth of lab today?" they plead.

"Sorry, you failed," I say, shaking my head. "Better luck next semester." Once and while, one goes home and calls mommy to get her to hassle the dean. Never worked with my boss.

Bush wants to keep Brownie happy. After all, he has helped kill more people than Laura.

&spades From the Washington Post:
After weeks of prodding by Republican lawmakers and the American Red Cross, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said yesterday that it will use taxpayer money to reimburse churches and other religious organizations that have opened their doors to provide shelter, food and supplies to survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

FEMA officials said it would mark the first time that the government has made large-scale payments to religious groups for helping to cope with a domestic natural disaster.
Well, I'll be goddamned. Excuse me, but the entire crap about shrinking the social safety net was because the damned churches would fill the gaps and volunteers and charity would take care of things!

And now they are trying to steal taxpayer money! The GOP runs America and it is running us into the ground and is funnelling tons of money into the voracious maw of the religious bigots who do a half baked job of things since they are all amateurs.

Good grief. But it doesn't end with that end run around the Constitution separating church and state!

&spades From Journal Sentinel Online:
The estimated $47 million in damage wrought by tornadoes in southern and west-central Wisconsin last month doesn't warrant federal disaster assistance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency declared Friday.

In its decision to deny Gov. Jim Doyle's request for a disaster declaration for counties struck by the Aug. 18 tornadoes, the agency said, the damage "was not of such severity and magnitude as to be beyond the capabilities of the state and affected local governments."

"Furthermore, we have determined that supplemental federal assistance is not necessary," said a letter to Doyle from R. David Paulison, acting undersecretary for emergency preparedness and response.

Reaction to the decision - which FEMA announced while grappling with the Gulf Coast destruction from Hurricane Katrina and the emergency preparation for Hurricane Rita - ranged from dismay to disappointment to resignation.
So, we will have to fix the damn south over and over again as they build crappy, cheap, lousy designed junk but when winds in excess of 250mph hits the Midwest and Northeast states, we have to fix everything ourselves? And on top of that, pay the vast majority of taxes?

Want to see what a real nasty thing can happen if we all tell our fellow Americans to go to hell?

This la-de-dah attitude towards our states or should I say, "blue" states, is pissing me off. If the south wants help, they damn well better extend it to us, too. Having a lopsided government that pours tons of money into only southern states will be stinky beyond words.

The southern coalition better change their tune, fast. At this point, I feel we shouldn't pay ANY Federal taxes if the money is only for right wing southerners. No way. Split our country in two. Let them sink or swim.
Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk said she was especially disappointed at FEMA's decision in light of the state's effort to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"We certainly have been doing our part on every level to help those in Southern states," Falk said. "But we would have hoped the federal government would have been helpful here in Wisconsin with the severe damages we've suffered."

In a statement, U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), whose district includes the Stoughton area, said the decision was another example of the Bush administration "failing to respond to the needs of Americans following a disaster."
See how polite we are in public?

I will never ever forget a Democratic political candiate in Texas literally screaming at me that "No one talks about 'the nation' in Texas during an election!" Well, guess what?

Eventually, no one will call this joint "a nation". Thanks a billion, dudes.

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