Thursday, September 01, 2005


Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

On 9/11/1, by 8:55 I (and of course, many police and firemen and people in Manhattan) was running around, frantic, yelling, "This is an attack just like they promised!" and I desperately wanted to go to DC and do something fast. I tried to call the FBI but my husband stopped me.

"They want this to happen. They won't do anything," he said. And so it was. Bush learned about the same first attack while driving to the elemetary school in Florida and when he learned about the second attack, he knew this was the expected attack the CIA warned him about a month earlier. "Bin Laden Determined to Attack In the USA" the memo said. He then smiled and went back to reading "My Pet Goat" and then he used a magic marker to write his speech that his aide dictated to him. All the while, thousands died hideous deaths.

Rumsfeld didn't let the first attack interrupt his meeting. He then went back to his desk to doodle. He then looked out the window when the third attack happened. My, look at that. He then went outside to see if he could do something. This dummy was supposed to be protecting America, not rubbernecking.

Then they dwadled along for several days while Manhattan burned. If NY had the same sleepy headed fools running it, there would have been riots and insurrection.

Which are happening right now! In New Orleans.

Again, the exact same sleepy response to obvious danger. As the hurricane reached a catagory 5, the President should have summoned the military and sent the right ships to follow in the hurricane's wake. They should have set sail last Sunday! It takes time for them to come. All catagory 5 hurricanes cause tremendous damage without fail. There is no guessing here, we know what they do. Ditto catagory 4 hurricanes! So why didn't they do a single thing to prepare for the aftermath?

I posit here the real reason: Bush literally worships the Devil that is Death. Unlike his fellow Skull and Bonesers, he literally loves this Devil personally. His grandfather, when joining the Skull and Bones, brought with him Geronimo's skull which he pilfered from it's grave in Oklahoma. Grave robbing in the West is a common crime. I have personally known grave robbers. They use the skulls for various ugly things connected with black magic. I am their foe. I hate them for doing this which is the ultimate root as to why I hate Bush so much.

One grave robber I knew in the sixties, a man who I went after a lot, he robbed graves in Mexico so the authorities in America couldn't stop him. So I went to a Hispanic priest in the Catholic Church to warn him. The Mexican police arrested him.

When the Geronimo's skull story broke in the news for one microsecond before the first Bush election theft, I was one of the top people involved in diseminating that story. The former head of the Apache tribe contacted me and we tried desperately to force the press to ask Bush about Geronimo's skull which we suspect is at the Bush compound in Texas.

Aside from the NY Observer, no one, no one wanted to examine this story. John McCain, on behalf of the Arizona tribe, went to Bush back in 1994 to ask for the skull's return and they got this skull back but when the University of Arizona examined it, they discovered it was a child's skull so it was returned to Neil Bush Sr!

I demanded to know how the Bushes got a child's skull and what did they do with it. They stonewalled me and the media attacked me for being a nut case.

I am not crazy. The Bushes are satanists which is why they were flashing the sign of the devil so much when they stole the latest election! Bush gave Yalies the sign of the devil several years ago, making fun of them during a speech. They claim it is the Longhorn salute but then, remember, grave robbing in the West is a big activity. I know. I grew up there!

The slack jawed response to death and evolving destruction in a city that votes Democratic isn't a surprize. This is their modus operandi. Do the minimum possible to help people. Watch the ants struggle. Look at the photos of Bush in the plane looking down on the victims! He is smiling. Like his happy face flying about on 9/11.

The utter lack of inplementing any plans is killing people. I crunched the numbers way back on Monday, and declared that 1200 National Guards for all of Louisiana is insanity. They need another zero to bring it to a minimum. 12,000 is still hopelessly inadequet. Bush announced today they will activate 30,000 for four states when this number is needed for New Orleans alone! The city is now in a riot situation and buildings are being torched and all is falling apart and there are still thousands needing to be rescued from rooftops! There are many thousands to be evacuated. Some are ready to riot because prisoners are being bussed out while they are left to their own devices on a highway overpass! The stadium is now unihabitable but no one can leave!
The Four Horsemen are riding hard now. War, pestilence, disorder. Great. The born again Christians must be in pig heaven.

The military should have been activated on Sunday and be pouring in today. Instead, they are floundering around, trying to find odds and ends of our scattered military that is demoralized and without proper equipment, all the big heavy stuff is in Iraq! Being blown up. Note how many died there this week. Gads. Hellfire and water!

Bush cut funds to the Army Corp of Engineers. He has cut them ruthlessly for four years and this year, nearly destroyed them as an effective group. FEMA has been decimated, too.

Today, the far right wingers on World Net are calling for Bush to be impeached! When the left and the right start demanding the same thing (for opposite reasons, of course) it happens. Bush won't last another year. Allowing another attack to happen while the Bush people snore away at their desks won't make them popular again. Too many people now know what happened on 9/11.

God help the people of New Orleans. There is no plan, none for a million refugees. They are living here and there and their homes are gone. Period. For a long time if not forever. Gas rationing should be implimented today. Not next month. The price gouging is ferocious and will get much, much worse after today. Bush said he doesn't want to control the price of fuel and he is stubborn about this.

So we must immediately impeach him. Get him out of the way. If things collapse, we might see a coup. The military doesn't love him. They support him because he gave them huge pay raises but he is killing them and now is cutting up their home bases while increasing their occupation of bases in war zones. Their families are collapsing and their homes are being destroyed back in America and Bush doesn't care.

And they can't afford the fuel at this rate. We may see some action sooner than even I expected. I didn't want to see a major city dissappear like this.

The refugees being sent to Texas are going from one terrible hell to purgatory. There are no plans to find them homes and jobs and help. They are supposed to sit in a huge stadium and wait until what?

Arbeit macht frei?

God help us all.

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